October 1, 2010


A new trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 is now available online.  Much like the film’s first trailer, the second makes extensive use of the well-known fact that “babies = scary.”  Unlike last year’s breakout hit which was written/directed by Oren Peli, Paranormal Activity 2 was directed by Tod “Kip” Williams from a screenplay by Michael Perry.  Having enjoyed the theater experience provided by the original, I’ll probably be checking out the sequel as well.  Recycled premise or not, you still can’t beat being surrounded by fellow theatergoers who are legitimately frightened.  It truly makes for a fun midnight showing.

To check out the trailer, hit the jump.  Paranormal Activity 2 opens October 22nd with said midnight screenings beginning October 21st.

Here’s the trailer [click over to Apple to watch in HD]:


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