New SHERLOCK HOLMES Movie Poster – Mark Strong as Blackwood

     August 4, 2009

Mark Strong as Blackwood - Sherlock Holmes movie poster - slice.jpg

Warner Bros. has released a new movie poster for “Sherlock Holmes” and it features Mark Strong as Blackwood. If you’re keeping count, this is the 84th poster for “Sherlock Holmes”. Seriously, unlike most studios that release just a few posters for a movie, Warner Bros. has gone a different direction as they’ve started releasing character posters for a lot of their films. Anyone remember how many “Harry Potter” movie posters they released? By the end, I think they had over 20 posters. And I’m not exaggerating that number. So with “Sherlock Holmes” still months away, I think we can expect a lot more posters. Take a look at the latest one after the jump:

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Mark Strong as Blackwood - Sherlock Holmes movie poster.jpg

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