New Trailer for DISTRICT 9

     July 8, 2009


Yahoo! Movies has just debuted the new trailer for “District 9” and boy is it disappointing.  What should be a film that captures your attention with fierce independence and an intriguing premise (a camp of alien prisoners here on Earth) instead is making itself to be “Transformers”, right down to the abrasive metal bass to punctuate cuts between giant robots.  Ugh.

I know “Transformers” has already grossed $300 million but it’s such an awful film.  Furthermore, “District 9” isn’t going to turn any heads by trying to look like “Transformers” because it’s just going to make audiences think “rip-off” when, if you’re aware of the plot, you know that the two have very little in common.  The most plot we get here is that a guy sprays off some alien cannister into his face and sees things differently.  Before we really understand what’s just happened, we’re treated to just about every action beat the film has to offer.  Like I said, disappointing.

Check out the new trailer below.  “District 9” hits theatres on August 14th.


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