New Trailer for JENNIFER’S BODY

     July 9, 2009


Yahoo! Movies has just thrown up the green-band, all-ages, fun-for-the-whole-family trailer for “Jennifer’s Body”.  While it lacks the gore and naughty language of the red band trailer, it’s really tying its hopes on Megan Fox and that she has the star power to get folks into the multiplex.  Of course, there’s already the inevitable backlash because she’s pretty and famous and that’s fine for about five minutes and then it’s completely unacceptable.  So it doesn’t really matter to some people how much fun Fox looks like she’s having or that she knows how to deliver Diablo Cody’s dialogue (although this new trailer doesn’t really highlight that dialogue or even that Cody, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, wrote this film).  All that matters is that she’s pretty and famous so we have full license to hate her and all of her movies.  Hopefully, saner folks will use common sense and check this flick out.

Watch the new trailer after the jump.  “Jennifer’s Body” hits theatres on September 18th.

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