August 6, 2009


As I noted in my piece about the “Where the Wild Things Are” Comic-Con presentation, I was brought to tearing-up.  I would have probably gone to tears except I wasn’t comfortable bawling with over 6,000 people around.  When Comic-Con was finished, this remained my favorite presentation of the whole Con.  There is no other film this year that I want to see more.

This trailer has some great new stuff.  It’s similar to the trailer they showed during the presentation but it also offers new introductions that we at SDCC didn’t even see (so now the presentation is ruined and it’s the worst one I saw at Comic-Con; I’m mercurial — UPDATE: There are those who thought I meant this comment and that couldn’t be further from the truth; let me be clear: there is no other film this year that I want to see more than Where the Wild Things Are).  Hit the jump to check it out and keep wishing that it was the film’s release date, October 16th.

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