Does This New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set Photo Reveal Batman’s New Ride? [UPDATED With Video]

     August 11, 2011


To be completely honest, I quietly hope to myself that set artifacts from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will hit when I’m off of work so that I can avoid them at all cost. Up until now, I’ve been pretty lucky to have missed a majority of the images, videos, and/or image/video descriptions. However, tonight my luck has run out.

A new pic snapped around the Wabash Tunnel in Pittsburgh has surfaced and it reveals some sort of new Bat-vehicle. If you simply cannot wait to feast your eyes on the newest detail to come out of The Dark Knight Rises‘ Pittsburgh shoot, check out the set photo after the jump. Also, if more spoils are what you’re after, click here to check out new set videos featuring the first look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film. The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012.

UPDATED with video after the images.

Here’s the new set photo courtesy of Ross Petrocelli’s Twitter [via Batman-News]:

What do you think this wild piece of technology could be? A new Batwing? Some sort of revised version of the tumbler? Discuss in the replies.

Video via @markaduffy on Twitter. Thanks to Max for emailing me.

  • The Observer

    Thanks for circling it. I would have never noticed…

  • LiamH

    The real question is how will Nolan introduce said vehicle in the movie. Of course its not visually appealing just looking at it like that but when the Batpod exploded out of the tumbler in the last movie, everyone along with me in the theater just lost our shit. That instantly sold me. I sure hope Nolan has a great way to bring the thing in.

  • Howard

    Okay, we know there are 3 camouflage Tumblers. One has anti-aircraft/anti-missile guns, which fold out. The second one could have a fold-out tank cannon. The third mystery camouflage Tumbler looked like Batman’s original Tumbler which he painted black…

    But in this picture, we could be seeing what this third camouflage Tumbler’s hidden secondary feature is — IT FLIES!

    • Batmanners

      Not to be rude…but what the hell are you talking about?! The Tumblers are all exactly the same, all camo-colored and probably owned by Bane. I feel like this vehicle is going to be Batman’s key to taking them all out.

  • Jerkreel

    There are two chase vehicles in front of that mystery vehicle. The white FJ cruiser will probably hold the Directors, Directory of Photography and other high leaders of the Production. The 2nd vehicle is obviously a “Russian Arm” camera crane used for chase scenes or following the subject. Looks like they are going through some kind of tunnel with it? Thats probably why they have Grips way up high at the entrance dropping giant Solid backdrops to kill off light for the shot and keep people from peeking through? Maybe that Mystery vehicle(if its some sort of flying vehicle) has a cool scene in which is flys through a busy tunnel highway maybe? Just a wild guess. Seeing as Nolan uses CG to a minimal he’s probably doing a conventional scene with it close up?

  • migz13

    Holy Sh!t!!
    I could just not resist seeing this topic.
    It definitely looks ‘tumbler-esque’ by the look of it, but is definitely more aero-dynamic in design.

    I just hope we get to see it in it’s entirety officially by Nolan and co themselves rather than some stolen pic by a persistent shutter-bug:P

  • timelincole

    I feel the pain of over hype in my chest. kinda scares me.

  • Ya

    Looks like the batplane..err or something to that extent

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  • rbevanx

    I think it’s too small to be a plane.

    I think it’s a boat and the vehicle underneath ejects it like in the 80′s cartoon M.A.S.K lol.

  • JLC

    Looks like some failed “Producer’s Challenge” on Top Gear. “Create a Bat Vehicle using only a Fiat 500 and 500 Quid.”

    • mil


  • dannyboy3030

    It’s a snowcone maker

    • Ruari

      It’s an espresso machine.

  • Mack

    It looks like the armor of the tumbler folding up into a plane or something…

  • WooChoo

    If I screwed up a large piece of paper, or stomped on an origami model of a chicken, this is what ‘Batman’s New Ride’ depicted in that picture looks like.

  • Marco Polo

    Nope, its a batwing. Look at the the center top, those are the engines; beside it on the bottom center on each side, those are the elevator wings; up above, are the sweep wings that go in and out like a Tomcat fighter jet. As far as its size? No biggy, look at the one in the graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’

  • chris penn

    I think is the top part of the tumbler,, maybe batman will jump on top the car in a chase sequence ?

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  • grittymcgritterson

    How much you wanna bet that things “folded up”? What if wings expanded similiar to what he does with his cape? just a thought

  • Lulzatron

    All headlines for TDKR should have a default image preview of the movie poster or just Batman. That way when I come to Collider’s home page I don’t look at the top and say “Not only did I not want to see it, but it looks like that?!?!?”

  • mil

    the more i look at it (especially the video) the more i see the dropship from Aliens. i guess this is the ‘main body’ of a glider/hovercraft and the rest will be filled in with CG?

  • wildcatz

    My guess: It’s already flying, or hovering rather. The car hoisting it will be removed in post.

    I’m getting fed up with these lousy phone-cam spoilers yet can’t help but check everyone of them out. They should change the title from TDKR to “Batman: Deja Vu” since everyone watching the movie will be thinking they already saw something like that before.

  • Banekilla

    Looks amazing. It´s the Batwing or whatever it´s going to be called officially. A few months back there was news Batman is going to have a new aircraft, but there was mention of a bat helicopter, and I wasn´t too sold on the idea. Now this looks more like it. Agree it looks like a dropship, or more like a gunship actually, but I don´t thing they will fill in the rest with cgi. That thing is how it´st going to look and I love the look of it. It´s a natural continuation of the design of all the vechicles in Nolan´s Batman movies. It´s a military grade vehicle that Batman uses to fight crime. Awesome. The only thing I hope for is that Nolan will actually show that thing fire some rockets and other types of weapons and actually blow some real shit up. The Tumbler never did that, nor did the Batpod. Batman only drove around with his cool rides without using them for some real damage on the villains or their vehicles. I hope this time around Nolan will let Batman shoot down an enemy aircraft or even better cut a car in half/ explode a bridge or whatever. He probably won´t because he is not Michael Bay, and he is all about story, but I hope he has written some awesome destruction into the new story.

    • Phoenix

      Both the Tumbler and the Batpod used its weapons in the previous two films. The Tumbler used some kind of rocket to destroy the parking garage railing in Batman Begins and an SUV in TDK. The Batpod destroyed some cars, shot down some glass doors and a trash bin while Batman chased after the Joker. And lets not forget the grappling hooks used to flip the truck.

      While Batman used the weapons of his vehicles it was never the central point of a scene. Nolan will probably utilize the weapons of this new vehicle in some cool little action scene but he won’t pull a Michael Bay and have it be the main focus.

      • Banekilla

        That was exactly my point. Batmans highly weaponized vehicles were only used to destroy non moving objects which didn´t pose any real threat to Batman. The best use was the grappling hook which flipped the truck the joker was driving. And that is what I hope we will se more of in the new bats movie: more offensive use of the vehicles as weapons, and not some way to clear the streets of still standing vehicles or objects that can do no harm to our hero. I don´t want Nolan to go Bay on us and he will never do that anyway, but all I hope to see is more aggressive use of Batmans weapons.

  • Banekilla

    Agree with you wildcatz. The spoilers for this movies have reached insane levels. Earlier today I thought: “well it´s just a pic from the back of the aircraft… so I will still have something fresh to look at once the film is released…” Now there is that video which shows the whole thing which IMO is a thing of beauty, but now it´s totally spoiled for me.
    Only thing there is left to do, is not watch anything until the movie is released, but that will be almost impossible.

  • mil

    I guess if Bane has 3 Tumblers… then Bats needs something that can take out 3 Tumblers. Makes sense that he would need some heavier firepower to do that.

  • nworkman11

    the front of it looks like the cockpit of a stealth helicopter or something. If you pause it you can sort of make out batman driving it…or flying it…or whatever.

  • John

    Perhaps only the top half is real and they’ll CGI the bottom? Maybe something along the lines of Frank Miller’s batmobile design in The Dark Knight Returns?

  • BlackPhoenix

    The lower unit is just a rig to make the vehicle appear to be hovering it WILL be removed during post production.

  • rob

    batman ate a taco and farted. what you see is him letting some air in the tumbler.

    i think the camo tumblers are the enemy’s as well