New York Film Critics Circle Names ZERO DARK THIRTY Best Film; Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, and Matthew McConaughey Win Acting Awards

     December 3, 2012


The New York Film Critics Circle has kicked the awards race off in earnest, and the love was spread primarily between Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln.  The drama about the hunt for Osama bin Laden took home Best Picture, Best Director for Kathryn Bigelow, and Best Cinematographer, while Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln was awarded Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.  The group also had a couple of left field choices with the Best Supporting Actor award going to Matthew McConaughey for Magic Mike (alright, alright, alright) and Best Actress going to Rachel Weisz for The Deep Blue Sea.  McConaughey winning the trophy was a pleasant surprise, but Weisz’s win is a tad baffling.

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daniel-day-lewis-lincolnBest Film:

Zero Dark Thirty 

Best Director:

Kathryn BigelowZero Dark Thirty 

Best Screenplay:

Tony KushnerLincoln

Best Actor:

Daniel Day-LewisLincoln

Best Actress:

Rachel WeiszThe Deep Blue Sea

Best Foreign Language Film:


Best Animated Film:


Best Supporting Actor:

Matthew McConaugheyMagic Mike

Best Supporting Actress:

Sally FieldLincoln

Best Cinematographer:

Greig FraserZero Dark Thirty

Best Non-Fiction Film (Documentary):

The Central Park Five

Best First Film:

David FranceHow to Survive a Plague


  • jw

    doesn’t surprise me that a ultra left wing radical news media would praise bigelow
    and her ode to obama film. i hope this movie tanks. she and boal deserve it.

    • Nitsuj Relis

      an ode to Obama? i believe the movie is “an ode” to seal team six. they killed Bin Landen. Not Barack. No matter how often he says he did. We know it was the military.

      • TJ

        Ask yourself this question; if that mission went awry, who would YOU blame?
        The military or Obama?

      • mr perfect

        TJ – nice!

      • Nitsuj Relis

        as an active member or the military i know for a fact where the blame would fall. The public may blame the Government but that doesn’t change the truth that it would be those involved’s fault, and we would be the ones to make it right.

    • Alan

      Let me guess, jw: you haven’t seen it?

      • jw

        nope. i didn’t build it either. only read matty b’s book- no easy day. would rather
        get the facts from one of the boys not a liberal puppet. i did see hurt locker and bigelow/boal
        did a disservice to all eod’s- former and currently deployed. imo- hollywood should stay away
        from war movies- they always seem to think they know more than the guys in the sandbox.

      • Alan

        … oh God, this is just intolerable. Between AS on RopeofSilicon bitching about this film’s conservative bias, and jw now complaining about the liberal bias, I am officially sick of message boards posted by people who … haven’t even seen the films they are complaining about and assign motives to the filmmakers based on their own respective ideologies, not the films themselves.

      • jw

        in hollywood there is no such thing as “ideologies” for filmakers.
        they are told by the higher ups – this is the product “we want” and this is “how we want it”.
        plain and simple.
        also- remember how this movie was to come about before the election…..
        and how bigelow and boal got total access at c.i.a. to look at all the documents re the raid……
        fuck- bigelow even got and called the home # of the commander of the seal team who was on the ground for the raid. wonder how that call went and ended?????
        this film is no way an homage to devgru but a puff piece for obama and his admin. pure and simple.
        But Alan your’e right – “no motives here, nothing to see, squirrel”

      • Alan

        Whoa, now you’re just making shit up?

        “in hollywood there is no such thing as “ideologies” for filmakers.
        they are told by the higher ups – this is the product “we want” and this is “how we want it”.”

        Yeah, every single film in Hollywood is made in the EXACT SAME WAY. No variation or shit like that, it’s all exactly the same. Right?

        Actually no. Boal and Bigelow initially worked on a film that focused on 2001, and then changed the project when Bin Laden died. Sony changed the schedule when there was a political shitstorm: no secret studio conspriracy or anything like that. They felt that an earlier date would have cost them money, so they changed the date to make more money. But go on: continue making up about the film, but don’t expect anyone else to eat it up and call it sugar.

  • mr perfect

    Easy does it jw – Obama is not even in the film (although he probably should be since it was not a clear cut decision and his advisers disagreed strongly on if to take action, and what action to take – Obama does deserve some credit, it was a ballsy decision to do the raid)

    Now, my problem with the film is it’s historical accuracy. I’ve read a number of books on the subject and there was not “one woman” who never stopped looking for UBN. There were many, many woman and men who never stopped looking for him and lots of different pieces of info stitched together to find the courier. Hope I’m proven wrong, but right now it seems a bit exaggerated on the single hero side.

    • Strong Enough

      there is one woman that did for 10 years. she actually exists.

  • Sara

    Rachel Weisz’s win was well deserved. Loved her performance.

  • hotdam6

    that picture just reminds me of linda hamilton from terminator 2

  • Nadine

    McConaughey is a pleasant surprise and Rachel Weisz is baffling. I hope I don’t have to explain what’s wrong.

    • Alan

      Explain. An opinion – in and of itself – isn’t sufficient. What is your insight?

      • SP1234

        With Jessica Chastain involved, I highly don’t think so.

      • SP1234

        Reply to junierizzle below, my apologies.

  • junierizzle

    Oh god, already. This better not suck balls like The Hurt Locker.

  • Grego

    How was Rachel Weisz’s win baffling? It’s a great performance that’s been praised in plenty of reviews.

  • BigDickPaul

    Can you touch this? No no no no no no, Can you touch this? No no no no no no, Can you touch this? No no no no no…

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