January 8, 2013


Nicholas Hoult, one of the most in-demand young actors of the moment (most recognizable as a young Beast/Hank McCoy in X:Men First Class), has a bevy of projects coming out.  The former About A Boy child star spoke at the press junket for his most recent film Warm Bodies about a number of these upcoming films.  On Jack The Giant Slayer, Hoult revealed his thoughts on the select clips he’s seen and talked of the pressures of being the lead in a big budget studio tent-pole picture.  On the just-wrapped Mad Max: Fury Road, Hoult discussed working with the great George Miller and what character he plays in the the reboot/sequel.  And finally Hoult spoke about what he’s heard about the X-Men sequel (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and how far along the sequel is to production.  Hit the jump for what he had to say.

Look for our full interview with Hoult soon.  For more on Warm Bodies, here are three clips and 13 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, and Matt’s set visit with on set interviews with director Jonathan Levine, Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, and producer Bruna Papandrea.


  • J.G. Pliskin

    The presupposition that Hoult has acting talent is preposterous to the point of offence. His best film was About A Boy and he should stick to making About A Boy sequels. Hoult’s presence completely detracted from A Single Man and proved the weakest point in an otherwise delicate and deliberate piece of art. He also underwhelmed in First Class, however, in his defence, the entire movie was a yawn.

    I am all for the British/Euro invasion but replacing trash with junk is hardly a sustainable business model, Hollywood.

    Pliskin, out.

    • Jim

      He was great in Skins.

      I mean, he’s not the best actor out there, but is he really so much worse than half of the people we have today? If you can tolerate the cast of Twilight Saga or What to Expect When You’re Expecting or Battleship, why not Nicholas Hoult. I’m pretty sure he can act circles around those guys.

      And I mean, we’re talking X-Men and Jack the Giant Slayer here, not exactly high art… And even if it was, no one’s saying he should be the next big thing. Just an actor doing his job.

      Woah, I have no idea why I wasted so much time trying to defend him… But, whatever.

    • Carolina

      Completely agree. This guy is a dreadful actor and his face doesn’t help him at all he is so creepy and ugly.

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