Nick Cassavetes Replaces Liam Neeson in THE HANGOVER PART II Cameo

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With just weeks to go before the release of The Hangover Part II, director Todd Phillips has announced that Liam Neeson’s cameo performance as a Bangkok tattoo artist has been cut from the film.  Back in October Neeson was called in to replace Mel Gibson, whose appearance in the sequel “did not have the full support” of the Hangover cast and crew.  Details on who will replace Neeson are after the jump.

nick-cassavettes-imageLiam Neeson completed work on The Hangover Part II months ago but, as Phillips told Variety, during editing the director had to remove a scene which directly followed Neeson’s cameo which made a reshoot necessary for continuity purposes.  With Neeson currently filming the Clash of the Titans sequel in London, the actor was unavailable for those reshoots which is how his cameo ended up on the cutting room floor.

In terms of the film, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms will still be visiting a scary, white, tattoo artist while visiting Thailand.  Phillips has already re-shot Neeson’s scene with actor/director Nick Cassavetes in the role.  Cassavetes certainly does not have the notable-cameo appeal of Mel Gibson or even Mike Tyson (who famously guested in the first Hangover film) but hey!  Ticket sales were never dependent on the sequel’s caliber of guest star anyway.

The Hangover Part II hits theatres on Memorial Day weekend, May 26, 2011.

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  • darrin

    no one will understand that cameo

  • Droncz87

    Okay why the hell would anyone care to see Nick Cassavetes in this? Off the top of my head I could not name ONE thing he was in.

    • David

      Other than the god awful story line in Entourage?

      How about Face / Off! He was great with Cage.

  • dryer

    Betcha they’re cursing themselves over letting Gibson go now.

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  • Nate

    I’m sure plenty of people will (and have every right to) disagree with me here, but my interest in this movie, or any other Galifianakis project, left with Gibson’s cameo. Gibson just might be a real shitty person, racist, theologically insane, whatever. Mike Tyson is a pretty easy target as well, but his cameo was funny. ZG’s morality litmus test over who he would ever dare sully his presence with to me just left a sour taste in my mouth. I sure hope he doesn’t have any horrifying secrets that could come back and bite his newly minted (and a bit overrated) career in the ass someday. Reprisal is one mean bitch.

    • Miles Bennett Dyson

      I agree with you, from the hollywood point of view. You just don’t make enemies in Hollywood… it really comes back to haunt you. Well said, nate.

    • Andrew

      I’m with you, Nate. I’m definitely not going to defend Mel Gibson’s actions, but to have Z.G. throw a tantrum about Gibson’s potential cameo definitely made me think a bit less of him. I mean, everyone makes mistakes and most every Hollywood actor has done some crazy morally questionable or abhorrent thing. It’s hypocritical to work with a once drug addled Robert Downey Jr. (whom I greatly respect for his turn-around) and then put up a fuss with a guy like Gibson who, I believe, has put himself through a lot of crap but is trying to turn himself around.

      As for the Cassevetes cameo. I mean, respectable guy I’m sure, but not the type of cameo that’s gonna make people think “Whoa! They got that guy to do this?!?” Should have come up with someone better.

    • Matt

      Ah, so ZG throws a tantrum and you write him off. How many has Mel thrown now but you judge ZG for writing HIM off?

      I agree the guy would’ve been perfect for a cameo. He is very talented and has great screen charisma and proven comedic chops.

      Without knowing Zach’s story, however, how can we really judge? What if Mel’s tirade(s) against Jews greatly offended and/or upset people close to him and he doesn’t want to support those actions? Mel will get his chances, but he closed plenty of doors on his own.

      • Nate

        Fair enough Matt. The apparent double standard I’m espousing isn’t lost on me here. Judging situations (and one another for that matter) is sometimes an ugly but necessary part of life. ZG made his call, like Gibson made his, like I made mine. Honestly though, judgement isn’t solely what left me annoyed here. It’s riding the moral high horse that’s too tall for any of us to righteously straddle. A whole lot of very talented actors/musicians/artists of any medium that have excelled beyond their peers by virtue of their talent and hard work have also been, to put it delicately, batshit crazy. They’ve done morally questionable, even unconscionable things. What I was saying about a morality litmus test in my first post however, I think still stands on its own; live according to that rule of thumb and we’ll never enjoy another great artistic moment. TMZ, gossip columns, paparazzi, all of them have made us keenly aware skeletons that steal the whole point of movies. They’re supposed to be fun, to inspire, to scare, to let you escape.
        Maybe ZG was rightly offended by Gibson. I’m not trying to take that away from him. I just kinda thought he would have been really funny in this cameo. A damn sight funnier than I expect Cassavetes to be anyhow. I guess we’ll see.

  • james

    Really? Nick Cassavetes? 95% of people won’t even realize that this is a cameo. Terrible choice.

  • Nick Hart

    the more i see and hear from this movie the less i care about seeing it at all.

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  • Jesus

    Nick Cassavetes <<<<< Liam Neeson. I don't know how to make an ultra less than sign.

  • Miles Bennett Dyson

    there are a million other good stars they can get, Tom Cruise, Damon anyone from that Ocean’s Eleven crew… Deniro???

    but they chose the guy whose only famous line ever is from Face/Off

    “Hey Sean? hows your dead son??”

  • Emjay

    Im not from Europe and America and my grandfather even knows who is Liam Neeson. Replace him with Nick ??

    Who’s Nick ?

    Mel Gibson would have been superb and probably people would come to see Hangover2 just because of him !

  • Migz13

    When they quit on Mel Gibson I was like.. argh that would’ve been perfect, they better find a good replacement! So they moved in Liam Neeson so I was ok.. ok.. Liam’s a fine actor. Now that they’re moving on without Liam too this just made me WTF. I don’t even know this guy! You can’t call it a ‘CAMEO’ with some guy almost everyone in the theater have no FRIGGIN IDEA who is!

  • nom79

    I think the underlining of this comes down what’s ruining the movie business and the world itself…….money. As you can see, they keep lowering the value of their cameo.

    Mel Gibson > Liam Neeson > whoever he is.

    Remember……we’re not on set or at the meeting rooms with these people. Point I’m trying to make is that the first movie was a bit of a gold mine for them so now they want to take in as much from the sequel as possible. Just my take on it…….I could be wrong.

  • Douche

    Nothing against Nick but to have a cameo I’m pretty sure you need to be famous! Gibson would have been awesome. He’s off the wall.

  • Dannyboy3030

    If a bad cameo is enough to ruin an entire film; it wasn’t worth seeing in the first place.

  • jeff

    no one’s going to see this movie for the cameos anyway. the chemistry is, and was, in the leads. the funniest cameo in the first film wasn’t mike tyson anyway, it was that naked korean guy!

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  • Jeff

    It appears that the egos of some of the actors in this movie, who declined to work with Mel Gibson, have come back to bite them. I’m still trying to figure out why they felt it was alright to work with Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, and not Mel, a drunken name-caller. Gibson would have been funny. Liam not so much. This Nick guy…even less. The Hangover movie franchise is so overrated anyway. Funny, yes. Remembered in 10 years, no, but I’ll still be watching the Mad Max series, the Lethal Weapon seies, Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, Signs, etc. then.

  • fred

    Nick Cassavetes, guys? C’mon everyone remembers this guy from his revelatory turn as the villain of villains in the classic, “The Wraith.”

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  • Nick

    Mel Gibson is a racist, homophobic, anti-semitic douche…I wouldn’t want to be within 200 feet, let alone, in a film with him. Good for Zach and Todd Philips. And shame on all of you for saying, “He got enough flack for it, leave him a lone now.” No. F*CK Mel Gibson…

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