Nick Frost Says He, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright Are Hoping to Shoot THE WORLD’S END Next Year

     December 12, 2011


Fans of trio Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost have been anxiously awaiting any fresh developments on the final installment of their “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy, The World’s End.  The first two films were Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and the trilogy has its name due to the presence of bloody violence and Cornetto ice cream.  In March 2009, Pegg said they were planning to shoot The World’s End in the fall, but obviously that never came to fruition.  In June of this year, Pegg said he and Wright were aiming to get started on the script, and now it looks like they’ve completed at least their first draft.  Hit the jump for more.

hot_fuzz_movie_image_simon_pegg__nick_frost_and_edgar_wrightDuring the press rounds for The Adventures of Tintin, Frost (who co-stars with Pegg as the inept policemen Thompson and Thopmson) commented on The World’s End.  Here’s what he told ComingSoon:

“There is a draft out there, which I’ve read, and it’s great, and I think our plan is to crack on and shoot next year. Touch wood. They move and they change but we definitely want to get on with it.”

So what’s the hold-up?  Well, here’s the funny thing about being really successful: everyone else wants you to make or star in their movies.  Pegg will reprise his role as Scotty in Star Trek 2, which starts filming in January.  Wright and Attack the Block director Joe Cornish turned in a draft for Ant-Man, but the project has been quiet for months now.  Frost is also keeping busy and he’s co-starring in Snow White and the Huntsman and Ice Age: Continental Drift next year (his work on both is probably completed on both, but the point is that he’s not just sitting around waiting for Wright and Pegg to write The World’s End).

I would be ecstatic to see The World’s End start production next year for a 2013 release, but I’m trying to keep my expectations in check.

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