Four Minutes of Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit

     November 22, 2010


Editor Harry Hanrahan previously brought us such great compilations as the The 100 Greatest Movie Insults and The 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes of All Time.  He has now compiled a four-minute tribute to Nicolas Cage losing his shit.  I was shocked as well: there’s only four minutes worth of material?  Perhaps percenatage-wise, Cage gives more subdued performances than I give him credit for.  Or perhaps Hanrahan missed some good bits (notably absent is Big Daddy unintelligibly screaming instructions at Hit Girl in Kick-Ass).  Still, if you like your Nic Cage over the top (and really, who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to hit the jump and check out the video.  Hanrahan leaves us with one of the questions for the ages: was Cage crazier in Vampire’s Kiss or The Wicker Man?

Video via Pajiba.


Artwork by Brandon Bird.

  • Joseph Greene

    No! Not the bees!

  • Anonymous

    That’s an easy one. Only in the last twenty minutes or so of Wicker Man does Cage really let loose, but Vampire’s Kiss, from start to finish, is Nicolas Cage going out of his fucking mind. And it’s glorious.

  • Nick

    That is the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen

  • Guest

    Yeah definitely vampire’s kiss. His second best movie. His best being bad lieutenant.

  • Drew

    Killing me won’t bring back your god damned honey!!!

  • sense11

    The Wicker Man is one crazy fucking movie.

  • Anonymous

    I could only stand about two minutes of that, and I’m a big Nic Cage fan.

  • DRMidnite08

    What’s wrong with him? At first glance…I’d say…a lot! LOL

  • Giomets154575

    Epic Epic Epic overacting but i loved it !

  • Reiners5

    A nice “Requiem for a dream” music in the background and f-ing crazy Nicolas Coppola.