Nintendo Wii Finally Catches Up with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360…in that It Will Stream Netflix Movies

     January 13, 2010


The New York Times reports that the Nintendo Wii, the gaming console that amuses small children and your parents for about half an hour, is finally catching up to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, at least as far as streaming Netflix is concerned.  The service is due to arrive this spring and will be available to all Wii owners with a broadband connection and at least a $9/month subscription to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service.  The Wii will have to first use a free software disc whenever they want to watch Netflix “Watch Instantly” movies on their home paperweight/failed experiment.  PlayStation 3 owners have to do the same thing, but that system has a Blu-ray player and games people actually want to play.

Of course, while the Wii is finally catching up with the 360 and PS3 with Netflix, the other consoles are trying to bring motion-controlled gaming into the living room like the Wii does(n’t).  It’s a bold movie from Microsoft and Sony to emulate an unpopular gaming innovation for their own consoles, which game developers don’t like and gamers don’t want to use.  But no matter your feelings on any of these consoles, I think we can all agree on one thing: Netflix wins.

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