June 18, 2009

Avatar James Cameron the game logo E3 2009.jpgAccording to my contact at Fox, I have discovered that contrary to previous reports, the trailer for James Cameron’s “Avatar” will NOT be attached to “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”.  When I first heard that rumor, I was highly skeptical.  Why would Fox attach their big 3D movie to a non-3D, non-Fox film?  Clearly, if they were going to attach it to a summer movie, it would be “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”.  Confident in my own speculation, I reveled in my smug superiority.

But since deep down I’m an insecure man-boy, I double-checked with my contact and asked if it would be in front of either film and she responded that the trailer isn’t finished yet and won’t be in front of either film.  This led me to NEW speculation: the first look we’re going to get at “Avatar” is at Comic-Con.  If I had to bet money, that’s when I’d say we’re gonna get our first look at the film.  Of I’m a compulsive gambler.  And speculator.  The Gold Rush would not have worked out well for me.

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