Watch “The Story of Creation” Clip from Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH

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Noah was a bit of a surprise hit (I thought it would tank because religious audiences would be upset because it was too liberal of an interpretation, and non-religious audiences would assume the movie was too original), and while I had mixed feelings on the movie, I’m glad people turned out to see it.  Darren Aronofsky made an interesting movie with big ideas, and while they didn’t always click together or were sometimes slightly spoon-fed or softened, they all existed within a memorable landscape.  One of the film’s most striking scenes is Noah (Russell Crowe) telling the story of creation, which allows Aronofsky to blend the biblical with the scientific to form a beautiful and vibrant composition.

Hit the jump to watch the “Creation” clip from Noah.


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  • tarek

    I didn’t like many takes:

    - The Watchers: Stupid idea. How can fallen angels get trapped in lava rock ? Rock men ? Was Aronofky a Star Trek 5 fan ?

    - Noah could have put out a hell of fire to the whole ark when he threw fire on the raft made by Shem to escape him. The ark was coated all around with tar. Is Noah that stupid ?

  • Tritium3H

    NOAH — Filmed in amazing Strob-O-Scope.

    I unfortunately missed the film when it was at the cinema. However, I am curious about this specific clip. Did the studio (or whomever) f&#k up when they uploaded this to YouTube…as the featured clip seems to have a continuous number of dropped frames? Watching this almost gave me seizures. I played it in both IE and Chrome, so I don’t think it is the browser or my computer. Or, is that how Aronofsky actually featured this scene in the film (which I find hard to believe)?

    • tarek

      bad conversion. In theaters it was fluid.

      • Tritium3H

        Thanks. That is what I assumed. Notwithstanding the messed up conversion, the original is obviously quite impressive and beautifully crafted.

      • tarek

        Indeed. Aronofsky introduced the theory of Evolution in a smart move.

    • NORCAL209

      No thats how it plays, like fast images inter cut. Nothing wrong with the “conversion”

      • tarek

        inter cuts yes. but not stroboscopic like this video. I enjoyed watching this sequence in cinema. But this video gave me nausea.

      • Tritium3H

        I love Aronofsky films, and look forward to seeing Noah, and this particular sequence the way it was meant to be seen. I can’t watch this particular clip, again, for fear of inducing a stroke. However, from what I saw, between the aura, flashing lights, strange tastes and smells…it reminds me a bit of the wonderful Creation sequence in Terence Malick’s “Tree of Life”.

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