Russell Crowe Explains His Task in First Clip from Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH

     March 10, 2014


The first clip for director Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical epic Noah has landed online.  The film is Aronofsky’s take on the Great Flood story from the Bible, with Russell Crowe taking on the titular role.  In this debut clip, we see Crowe’s Noah explaining his God-given task to his family, specifically discussing how they need to round up animals for the ark.  Though Aronofsky had a bit of a push-and-pull with Paramount over the cut of the film, we know that the cut being released in theaters will indeed be Aronofsky’s director’s cut, and I’m excited to see what his take on the classic story entails.

Hit the jump to watch the clip, and if you missed any of Matt’s set visit coverage be sure to check out his full set visit report and interview with Crowe.  The film also stars Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, and Anthony HopkinsNoah opens in theaters on March 28th.

Here’s the official logline for Noah:

Russell Crowe stars as Noah in the film inspired by the epic story of courage, sacrifice and hope. Directed by visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky.

Via TotalFilm.


  • Django9000

    Part of me thinks he should’ve just called it “NOH” like the graphic novel was titled. Then short minded folks wouldn’t be confusing it for a story from their beloved book.
    I’m sure the studios saw Ben Hur potential in it, and tried their hardest to market it that way, since it’s pretty hard to imagine Aronovsky making a full-throated pledge to appeal the religious audiences of the world. They’d do better to simply market this as “Paleolithic Sci-Fi” ~ masses would flock to it, no hesitation for fear of being protested simply by seeing his latest flick!

    • cezar211091 .


      • No more bull

        Religion b 4 foolz bro.

      • cezar211091 .

        religion, is good

      • Django9000

        It’s not as if protests are bad for the film, ultimately. Any press is good press, as they say. It just seems trying to market this as even a pseudo-religious film is courting hurtful backlash toward upping his chances of large visions being realized in the future. . . I like the idea of Aronovsky getting big budgets. I think he operates on a whole other level of myth-making than religious films would tolerate, frankly.

      • cezar211091 .


      • Gerard Kennelly

        hear hear

  • Tyler

    Half of me thinks this movie will be awesome.
    Half of me thinks this movie will be awful.

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Crowe channeling his inner Jor-El here. But it works for me.

  • Mike


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