Watch Super Bowl Spot for Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH Starring Russell Crowe

     January 29, 2014


Paramount has released the Super Bowl spot for Noah online ahead of the Sunday ad extravaganza.  The tagline that punctuates the clip is a bit silly—”Witness the untold story of the world’s most epic event”—but gets to the point of what I’m looking forward to in Noah: A darker version of a very familiar story that would naturally be horrific in the moment, told by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) in his biggest sandbox to date.  The 35-second clip is packed with big moments, including a brief shot of celestial beings hurtling toward Earth.

Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, and Logan Lerman star.  Noah opens March 28.  Watch the spot after the break.

Official logline:

Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe stars as Noah, a man chosen by God for a great task before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world.


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  • The Flobbit

    That has got to be the clunkiest tagline I’ve ever heard.

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Once again epic religious movies are the big thing in hollywood. With the success of duck dynasty and the bible series, the movie industry is trying to get in the pockets of the religious crowd.
    Paramount is really taking a risk with this movie which will backfires. It’s directed by non-commercial director whose biggest success was the black swan. Audience paying for this movie will not get the Noah they’re accustomed to. Test screenings has been worrisome among the religious crowd whose this movie was initially intended for. Latest trailers and posters had alienated those religious crowd and instead focus on the non religious, young and hip crowd. That might be a mistake because those demographics might not be interested in Noah imagined as an action hero/ white prophet to save the world. The young hip crowd might want to instead wait for captain America coming the next week. Paramount had made a big mistake by not marketing to the older and conservative crowd. The trailers could have been for a marvel movie for all they know !! Look at the poster. The white young prophet saving the world ??!! It screams action, excitement !! Anybody who was awake in Sunday school knows that the Noah story is not that simple. Darren Aronofsky wasn’t interested in making a Noah movie anyhow. God knows what he wants to do with the movie. His filmmaking style doesn’t suit those kind of epic movies. His styles fit small ADHD art house crowd.
    Anyway, this movie will flop because its targeting the wrong crowd, a crowd waiting for the next marvel movie !!!

    • spongefist

      a make believe movie about a make believe story from a make believe book… sounds just like a marvel movie to me !

    • pinkincide

      I see you managed to inject race into this…for some reason.
      FYI, genetically we’re all mixed race.

    • cezar211091 .

      is flop the only word you know?

    • Bee

      The movie co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother is Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is just Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.

  • orianalianna

    Religion is not entertaining.

    • Nerdgasm

      You obviously have no idea where this story is coming from and what else is in store in this movie. They are following the graphic novel pretty closely. Even though it’s slightly my blatant this movie is to religion what The Matrix was as well. So i guess you didn’t find the Matrix entertaining either.

      • orianalianna

        No I didn’t actually and watching it today it hasn’t aged well at all in terms of special effects. Graphic novel or not, 100% accurate or not – it’s about religion. And in a region where I come from the last thing I want to do when I go to a movie – is watch religion.

    • cezar211091 .

      this has nothing to do with religion.

  • mannnb

    Pretty sure this will be a success just due to Russel Crowe acting badass and epic.

    • Norrtron

      Or more likely because Darren Arronofsky is directing.

      • Nerdgasm

        Darren Arronofsky at least for me is the bad side of this movie. Ray Winston and Russell Crowe is why I’ll be in the seats. Arronofsky is the reason why I’ll be weary at how I’ll think the movie will end up. He’s extremely overrated in the world of movies. His stories all strike the same chord and it’s made his movies boring. You see one you see them all.

      • Norrtron

        Really? The Fountain is the same movie as The Wrestler? Interesting…..

  • LEM


  • booger boy

    always nice to hear the hate from all the liberal pajama boys.

    • milo

      So if someone has anything negative to say about this movie, that automatically makes them “liberal”? Sure, that makes perfect sense.

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  • Johnny209

    As a man of faith, I’m fully excited about seeing this film. Although I know it won’t be 100% accurate to the actual biblical story I’m willing to give it a shot. Darren Aaronofsky is a great director and this cast have all been apart of great films. The Bible is filled with some truly epic stories, unfortunately I think Christians in general have watered themselves down to try to make everything, Sunday school friendly. This movie I think will help Christians grasp the Bible in a new way, and hopefully intrigue others to maybe look into it. In the end the story of Noah is about faith, believing in the impossible, family, and the will to survive.

    Noah was told by God to only save his family, from an emotional aspect can you imagine what that must of felt like knowing everyone is going to die but you were chosen to survive? There are some great things this movie could hit on, which I’m sure it will.

  • Colin Christian

    Looks like fun! I had took it to be an illustration of an old fairy story,that goes back to Gilgamesh,not a factual account of what happened.Those who want to believe in such nonsense as fact are welcome to it,but I will use my brain instead and concentrate on things that are facts,like those that believe in talking snakes,getting two of every animal in a boat built by a 500 year man etc are clearly delusional.