Noam Murro to Direct DIE HARD 5

     February 11, 2011


Die Hard 5 officially has a director, and it’s not exactly someone you expected. Noam Murro, best known for helming 2008’s Smart People starring Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker, has been tapped by Fox to direct the latest installment of the Die Hard franchise. Skip Woods (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has been on hand to write the screenplay since last May. However, earlier today we reported that Fox was unimpressed with Woods’ latest draft of the screenplay and is going back to the drawing board, with franchise star Bruce Willis taking an active role in development. Having a director on board should be helpful in crafting a successful script, but might Fox bring another writer in for some fresh perspective?

Though Murro is relatively unknown, THR’s report points out that he’s a highly acclaimed commercials director, having been nominated by the DGA for Director of the Year five times, as well as having won the Gold Lion at the Cannes Gold Lion awards. Hit the jump for more on Murro.

live-free-or-die-hard-movie-image-bruce-willis-02While it may seem an odd choice to hire someone with little to no action experience for a Die Hard movie, Michael Bay started in commercials, so I’ll reserve judgment until we see what the guy can do (if he’s winning awards, he’s gotta be doing something right).

There’s currently no word on what the plot of Die Impossible Hard 5 will entail, though Willis previously stated that this film will be “worldwide.” However, so many different rumors about the project have arisen in the last year, there’s no telling what the film actually looks like now. The previous franchise installment, the Len Wiseman-helmed Live Free or Die Hard, was a commercial success (thanks to the PG-13 rating) having grossed $383.5 million worldwide, but was met with a mixed reaction from both audiences and critics.

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  • JoJo

    Last time i checked, Live free or die hard got great reviews from critics and the general audience very much enjoyed it.

    The fans were very vocal of it not being R rated, but you know what fans complain all the time.

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  • David

    McTiernan!! Please come back and save this franchise!!!! Only YOU have the power!!


  • Yahzee Skellington

    Mixed reaction? One thing is to say you didn’t liked the film, a completely different thing is generalizing other people’s perception. Most people and critics enjoyed the film. I myself only had trouble with the PG-13 rating, but that is solved somewhat with the unrated version, so for me is another perfect DIE HARD film….

  • Anthony

    Noam Murrow directed the “Deliver Hope” live action Halo: Reach short, that alone was fantastic. Should he bring that same clean action element to the Die Hard franchise we should be in for a treat.

  • Anthony

    Whoops, *Murro* my bad.

  • Jack

    put McClane on a cruise ship.

    Make the movie more like the first and less like the last.

    • tonamania

      then it sounds like ‘Speed 2′…

  • Decado

    Why does everyone think making DH4 PG-13 was some sort of master stroke? DH4 only grossed $20m more than DH3 (not adjusted for inflation, ticket prices etc.) and bucked the trend of each DH movie doing substantially better than its predecessor.

    At best the rating offset the fact that it was a weak action film, at worst it significantly hurt the film’s appeal.

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  • Jazzy Jace

    I actually prefer the PG13 version as it was still violent and retained the funniest lines; whereas the R-rated version has CGI blood and changed lines, WTF??