NOW YOU SEE ME Sequel in the Works; Filming Planned for 2014

     August 9, 2013


One of the biggest box office surprises of 2013 thus far has been director Louis Leterrier’s magician heist pic Now You See Me.  The $75 million film went on to gross $115.6 million domestically, and it’s international total now stands at $119.3.  When you consider that some major studio tentpoles (ahem The Lone Ranger) have failed to cross the $100 million mark stateside, that is an incredibly impressive performance; obviously this means it’s time to make a sequel.  THR reports that Lionsgate and Summit are moving forward with a follow-up film, with production currently “penciled in” for 2014.  Should that plan stick, we could expect to possibly see Now You See Me 2 hit theaters in 2015.  Hit the jump for more.

I’m not exactly sure where you take the story in a further film, but as the studio is looking at a likely worldwide total of $275 million, they’re keen on continuing the Now You See Me brand.  I thought the first film was just fine, but I’ve spoken to many who were big fans.  Again, though, it really felt like the story ended, so whoever Summit sets to write the screenplay will need to find a worthwhile angle to continue the adventures of the Four Horseman.  Per THR’s report, details are are basically non-existent at this point, and it’s unknown if Leterrier will return to direct.  We also don’t know which cast members will be back, but it’s possible that Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, and Mark Ruffalo all signed multi-picture deals.

What do you think, readers?  Is Now You See Me 2 necessary?  Where would you like to see the story go in a follow-up?


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  • Prasanna Rajan

    Looking at Lionsgate’s box office revenue so far this year, this is their highest grossing movie. But seriously, one film is good enough.

  • Gregory

    Here’s hoping its called “Now You See Me, Too”

  • Sam Anderson

    “Now You Don’t”. Come on, this has to be the obvious movie title choice.

    • Gregory

      I actually like yours better than mine.

      • davepeterb

        Now You See Me, Too, is good for the sequel.
        Now You Don’t, would be a great title for a third and final film.

  • Rob

    I felt NYSM was harmless summer entertainment, until the incredibly fucking stupid ending which brought the whole film down. Maybe the extended cut coming out on home video soon will help fill in the plotholes/gaps that detracted from the experience, but I could only recommend the film on Netflix, on a crappy day when you have nothing else to do.

    • Kati

      I was of just the opposite opinion – for me, it was a bit boring movie until the incredible ending. Loved the twist.

      • doc

        I think the writers were chugging along, got to the end, and realized, oh crap, who is pulling all the strings? Quick, get a dart board with all the characters names. Genius!!

      • xxxxxxasd

        Nope, its really simple, i knew that the guy pulling the strings is the magician that drowned or some one related to him, for me it was obvious, but i admit didnt hope it will be that agent. Still awesome movie!

      • doc

        I knew that. What I was commenting on was that making the secret magicician Bruce Banner was just as random a choice as if it was Burt Wonderstone.

      • Josep Mir

        That’s interesting, because the first Bruce Banner was Bill Bixby, who was also “The Magician” in the 1973 tv series. :-D

  • Brian Parker

    I can see where they would go with a sequel. Maybe someone is after the crew, or maybe they are recruiting new members. Either way, there are stories they could tell that would work well. Personally, I’m excited to see where they go with it.

  • Strong Enough

    and still no Dredd sequel! LMAO!

    • Papi

      The movie made NOTHING. Why do fools keep expecting a sequel?

      • Mami

        DVD sales, bitch!

  • Jamesy

    I might need to give this a go again, I just couldn’t get past Jesse Eisenberg so I completely switched off. I can never take him seriously, it’s his voice and mannerisms I just find him too whiny, its like Michael Cera they both just seem far too awkward to be taken seriously, if that was the role they were playing…awkward teen then fine but when they try to go in a different direction it just doesn’t work. But I’ve heard from a few people now that this movie is actually pretty entertaining so might give it another chance.

  • doc

    Maybe the big surprise at the end will be Bruce Banner hulking out. It would make more sense than the end of the first one.

  • Anita

    Honestly, this is my favorite movie of all time, but in my opinion making a second movie would completely ruin the first one.

  • Amy Green

    This film made no sense what-so-ever. I don’t fully understand why they did most of the things they did (I don’t want to elaborate because of spoilers) and the ending sucked compared to the rest of the movie. What bugged me was the flashback scenes that didn’t really have any purpose and I honestly thought the cinema were having problems with their projectors. NYSM isn’t a film I’m going to watch again unless I catch it on TV in the future but if they make a sequel I will watch it.

    • Amy Green’s lover

      Amy Green, I want you to be the mother of my child.

  • Obvious

    if you never walked out of the cinema straight away after the film finished you would of seen the clip where they go to a abandoned place and then there are crates which need the cards what they got to open the crates and seems like they lost them so it could mean in the sequel they have to retrieve the cards


      Saw that part to I just read this after I made my rant comment about that. And I totally disagree with other people how was it a bad ending? No one expected it cause he was the FBI dude who was trying to chase them down. and the flashbacks. would you rather have him just tell you then having him tell you and SEE IT! It helps you understand it more cause if he just explained and they didnt show you how it would leave you more clueless than before (to all the people who didn’t understand the movie) And how do you not understand how you can’t take Jesse Eisenberg seriously yes I get his voice is… Like that and he’s whiny but that’s how THEY MADE HIM! His character is a control freak remember he whines so what isn’t it normal? Okay NOW I rest my case… Maybe…

  • abcdefg

    to the people who don’t understand the movie, i really don’t get what’s not to understand. there are a lot of movies that leave me clueless but this was not one of them. and i thought the ending was very intriguing. i would love to see where the next one will go. this may be one of my favorite movies. i enjoyed it very much. and i think woody harrelson is great so i loved he was in it. very good premise overall. if you don’t like this movie, it’s probably because it’s a twist; so you can just go watch the movies you like (which are probably the kind with the worst cliche movie plots)

  • Theus

    Logic! Best movie of year.

  • ryon

    how about “Now You See Two”

  • Rosanne

    I really hope that their is comming a new movie i’m in love with this one!!!!!

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    I think that a sequel is necessary (If that’s spelled right) because in the end they lost the cards/card. What happens after that? (this happend in the credits) they just stop because they lost the cards? I mean yeah I get how some (person who’s username I can’t find) people say that its better just hanging there and it’s a perfectly good ending but it leaves you hanging. They could’ve stopped because they lost the cards, or they could’ve gone on a journey or something to find them again and then continued ect. I also think that it would be better if they had the same 4 horsemen instrad of just keeping Jesse Einsenberg and leaving out the rest I mean I would be perfectly fine if they didn’t have Morgan Freeman ’cause y’know he’s in jail now (in the movie) but why only keep one of the four horsemen? Long Rant Finished.


  • sundaram golakiya


  • sundaram golakiya

    criss angel cosentino dinemo shold join NYSM 2