Come and See These 14 Character Posters for Lars Von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC

     October 10, 2013


Fourteen character posters have been released for Lars Von Trier’s erotic epic Nymphomaniac. The two-part, five-hour film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who recounts her life story to Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard), an old, charming bachelor who finds Joe beaten up in an alley. These posters the cast giving the camera their best O-face except for Shia LaBeouf, who’s character is apparently too cool for such orgasm shenanigans. These posters don’t feature any naughty bits, but they come awfully close.

Hit the jump to check out the posters but be warned: a nearly naked Stellan Skarsgard can’t be un-seen. The film also stars Uma Thurman, Stacy Martin, Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen, Christian Slater, Willem Dafoe, Mia Goth, Nicolas Bro, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Jens Albinus, and Udo Kier. Nymphomaniac will be released in Denmark on Christmas Day and is heading towards a full premiere at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

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  • Nathan Ellis Miller

    Christ! This movie is gonna be fucked up!

    • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

      And somehow, I think that is an understatement!

  • Mars

    Hilarious. Lars has to be the most pretentious filmmaker in the history of pretentious filmmakers.

    • Greg

      Also, pseudo-intellectual hipster torture porn. Sophomoric.

      • chaos…reigns

        I mean at least the first part is apparently a farce.

    • JohnnyRotten11

      I remember sitting through Dogville and wondering what act of neonatal genocide I had committed to be subjected to this.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        I don’t know why Lars Von Tryer created 2 accounts just to thumb you down
        Dogville was one of the most pretentious and boring movie I’ve ever seen
        Jesus, if I wanted to watch a play, I’d go watch a play… I watch movie for the art direction, the setting and to transport me to another place
        Jesus dogville was sh*t, I couldn’t even finish it
        By the way, how the hell do you start a movie grieving for their dead son, then make it about horror
        What the hell does grieving for someone has to do with horror ????
        Jesus !!!!!
        I couldn’t finish antichrist
        What the hell was wrong with the camera in the Kirsten dust movie
        Why the hell does he keep operate the camera if he can’t even keep it straight???
        In recap, I tried to watch three Lars Von trier movie, and couldn’t finish either one

      • Cassidy Robinson

        It was a big day for internet commenters when they learned the word ‘pretentious’. Go watch Spiderman.

      • chaos…reigns

        Wait either one implies you only saw two movies? But wait blackbox is a form of art direction. Why can’t you make a horror film start with grieving? The film involves the supernatural so that doesn’t seem like a terrible route? Ok. Severe depression. Plenty of directors use handheld camera work, you get used to it. Ok. Also your status makes me want to vomit, anyone who’s net handle identifies themselves as a rich person is pretty nauseating.

      • ZAR

        You know, Oancitizen makes educational videos for the likes of you.

        But I still think this won’t help much with ignorants, bigots and morons.

    • chaos…reigns

      Did you just fill in a madlib with pretentious? Again, you have to prove that there is something wrong with pretense.

      • Arthur Dent

        Whatever, Lars …

      • chaos…reigns

        I think Lars is a bit busy with his vow of silence at the moment. There’s just not anything innately wrong with holding some pretense.

    • lordjim

      the only pretentious thing here is your use of the word pretentious, watch melancholia and shut up.nicolas winding refn is pretentious.

      • Cassidy Robinson

        Can we just put a moratorium on the word pretentious for a while. How bout instead of just dismissing something with a lazy short-hand, you actually try and unpack what the hell you mean by it.

      • lordjim

        calling a movie pretentious usually means that it pretends to be a unique piece of art by stealing artistic means from movies that actually accomplished to be unique pieces of art without coming close to their substance, and because of that without any reason to use these artistic means at all.and while von trier is indeed a very unique director who always stays true to his vision what makes his movies interesting even when he doesn´t accomplish what he aims for, refn is just an elegant thief of styles, who may know what movies he likes, but doesn´t have anything to say by himself – stolen style over substance, and the style he steals comes from far better directors like melville, so i think i can call him pretentious and wouldn´t know why i shouldn´t use this word (by the way i still watch his movies because nowadays one has to be happy to find a movie that is not a blockbuster about superheroes, nothing against that but i prefer movies that are made directed by directors and not by studios)

  • Matt

    I mean, clearly this bit has to be tongue and cheek. Or one would hope. Obviously everyone knows what they movie will be about but the “O” faces humor couldn’t escape even Lars.

  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    There is nothing worse than something that tries so hard to be controversial, shocking, etc. It’s one thing to create something that really is those things, but let it happen naturally. Shock value just for the sake of it is lame.

    • chaos…reigns

      You realize that these aren’t self-serious right? The Skarsgaard poster alone proves this is a bit of a marketing lark.

  • TheMattedScreen

    I Never…EVER wanted to see that face on Udo Kier!!!

    • KryptonianWarrior

      Not only that, but who the fuck names their kid Udo? I mean, were the parents drunk while playing UNO?

      • TheMattedScreen

        Udo is an off shoot of Otto which roughly means “wealth and power” considering the career this guy’s had going back to the 1960′s I’d say he’s lived up to the namesake

  • Chodeberg

    I will only see this if F gives Jerome a Cleveland Steamer.

  • Jordan O’Hagan

    …I gotta be honest: I was interested, but these pictures just completely killed it for me. Don’t think I’ll be seeing this movie.

  • Liderc

    Wtf lol, this movie just went from interesting to fking weird. One of those O faces looks like the guy is dead.

    • Victor Pleitez

      Lolz I know right I can’t stop laughing.

  • dungeons and draccus’s

    These posters are technically brilliant and amazingly acted, by undoubtedly extremely controversial. I’ve never liked Lars, but this looks too f*cked up and epic in scope to ignore. Just don’t look for these posters at your local bus station.

  • ScratStitch

    Finally, a wholesome family film from Lars…

  • tarek

    When I watch Udo Kier’s face it reminds me of my face when I go poopoo

  • cineast4

    Great idea as a museum exhibit or something (though don’t know if its funny or just a little bit embarrassing for some of the participants) however it really leaves it up to the audience to figure out on what genre does this fall into or whether to bother with it or not which is exactly the sort of attitude Von Trier seems to apply onto his film making that hasn’t exactly made me fan of the man in the past

  • Yurine

    These look like outtakes from a really weird photo shoot.

  • nadgers

    Jeez. that put me off my grilled chicken wrap. Crazy.

  • Hippies Stink

    More rubbish from a film maker who is all about himself.

  • Jamie J

    Those are some pretty hilarious faces… but then again who doesn’t look a little funny when they’re in the throes of ecstasy?!

  • ZAR

    Yeah. The first pee in the morning is always the hardest. ;)

  • Sargonarhes

    OH god MY EYES!

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