Lars Von Trier’s Next Film Entitled NYMPHOMANIAC; Shooting Slated for Summer 2012

     August 1, 2011


Before today, if I were forced to take a wild guess as to what the subject of filmmaker Lars Von Trier’s next project would be, there is probably like a 60 percent chance that I would have said nymphomania. As it turns out, I would have likely guessed correctly. It’s believed that the controversial writer/director/producer has began researching his next film, currently entitled Nymphomaniac, with a mind to begin shooting the pic during Summer 2012. If you’re at all familiar with Von Trier’s previous work and the compulsive condition sometimes referred to as nymphomania, there’s a great chance you can already fill in the blanks regarding the film’s plot and its inevitably graphic nature. Nevertheless, for more on the project, hit the jump.

lars-von-trier-01Screen Daily spoke with Von Trier’s business partner and producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen who confirmed that Von Trier’s next project will very likely be Nymphomaniac. According to Jensen, the film will center around “the erotic life of a woman from the age of zero to the age of 50.” Per the report, the film will be shot in English and the filmmaker is planning two cuts. One will, as you may imagine, push the boundaries of censorship via graphic depictions of intercourse whereas the other will be tailored to play in “more mainstream cinemas.”

The qualifier “more” is definitely important here as I can’t imagine any truly mainstream theater company (at least here in the States) coming within ten feet of a film that follows the sexual exploits of a woman beginning with age zero. Especially not one from Von Trier who seems to cause fear and trembling from censors simply by getting out of bed in the morning.

In terms of the film’s arrangement, it is believed that it will play out over eight chapters while relying heavily on dialogue. Jensen expressed his outlook for the pic saying he expects it to be “a very amusing film, very erotic but very funny also.” While I can’t claim to be a huge fan of Von Trier’s previous output, I will say that I’m usually interested by his work if for no other reason than its uncanny lack of regard for what people (namely, censors) will think of it. Von Trier’s next film, Melancholia, is set to release in the U.S. on November 11th.

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  • mrbatmatt

    … is Hitler going to be in it?

  • feloniousmax

    Is this the “porno” Kirsten Dunst is going to star in that they mentioned at Cannes (granted everyone thought it was a joke, but this movie and those comments seem to coincide).

  • feloniousmax

    Is this the “porno” he and Kirsten Dunst were “joking” about at Cannes? Seems to add up.

  • Jon

    Even though he may be a douchebag I love every single one of his movies.

    Can’t wait to see Melancholia!

    • Lana

      I like his movies,but “Melancholia” really sucked. I saw it twicw to see if I missed anythin, believe me you are NOT missing anything!

  • laurabelle

    haha i love how unashamedly demented this guy’s films usually are. there needs to be more fearless directors out there, who are willing to shock in order to get their (sometimes backwards) points and ideas across.

  • Alex-mansy

    If Lars keeps this up I might actually want to see one of his films.

  • danielplainview

    i hope the Five Obstructions with Scorsese is still on!

    damn just the idea of that doc would be a cinephile’s wet dream.

    it’s like Batman vs. Joker. the most challenging person gets to challenge the best filmmaker. i can’t wait!

  • Kim

    i love lars von trier and his films! it will, without a doubt, be shocking, amusing, amazing and disturbing.

    go lars!

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