New Image from Lars Von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC; Magnolia Acquires Film for Distribution

     February 12, 2013


A new image has been released for Lars Von Trier’s upcoming two-part drama, NymphomaniacCharlotte Gainsbourg stars as Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who recounts her life story to Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard), an old, charming bachelor who finds Jo beaten up in an alley.  Joe then recounts to him the story of her erotic life, from birth to the age of fifty.  The film will be released in hard-core and soft-core versions, and Magnolia has announced that they’ll be distributing the film in the U.S.  However, we don’t know if they’ll be distribution both versions, and how those versions will be distributed.  The standard release plan for Magnolia has become VOD before theatrical, and it looks like Nymphomaniac won’t be playing at Cannes because it missed the submission deadline rather than Von Trier being declared Persona Non Grata after his comments at the festival in 2011 when he was doing press for Melancholia.

Hit the jump for more including the new image. Nymphomaniac also stars Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Connie Nielsen, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Jean-Marc Barr, and Udo Kier.


Producer and CEO of Zentrope Entertainment’s Peter Aalbæk Jensen tells Cineuropa [via The Playlist]:

Four editors were working around the clock to meet the Cannes deadline, but we had to give it up – after 268 script pages, 11 weeks of shooting and with 100 hours of material it would have been [a race] to finish the two films in time for the festival.  But there is absolutely no bad blood between us.

I’m glad Von Trier is taking the time to get it right (I’ll let you form your own definition of what a “right” Von Trier movie looks like), and hopefully Nymphomaniac will be making its debut during the fall festival circuit since I’d rather see it with an audience rather than via VOD.

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  • Jack

    Once you go black.

    • Stefan_san

      you nevaaaaaarrr…

      • the dude

        go back?

    • spongefist

      You try and hide it from your future white husband for the rest of your life….

    • Apu3

      You get Aids?

  • yurine

    You’re in a wheelchair.

    • ed

      thats hilarious, i pictured terry crews’ voice when i read that comment.

  • tarek

    Charlotte getting bumped by two athletic blacks. this is a hardcore porn

    • dogg

      Actual porn has better looking chicks.

      • Stefan_san


      • tarek

        Porn for Anorexics ?

  • JamDenTel

    My most anticipated film of the year.

  • Theo


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  • Marlboroliteman

    Shia LaBeauf has an interesting scene with the two gentlemen pictured above, and as in his most well known movie he screams out “OPTIMUS!!!!”

    • Keegan

      Lol made my night

  • tarek

    Quelle pétasse cette charlotte!


      Elle aime le black-zizi c’ est tout ;)

      • tarek

        Ou alors le zizi des blancs ne lui fait plus aucun effet. ^^

  • Keegan

    It’s not even going to be art. It’s just end up disturbing and disgusting with no further meaning or with any entertainment. I wouldn’t call myself a von Trier fan, but I enjoyed Melancholia and Breaking the Waves. But this just looks unfortunate. He’s just showing us how edgy he can be for the purpose of being edgy

  • sense 11

    Damn Girl

  • junierizzle

    People are just going to watch it for the sex. I hope they know there is this thing called PORN.

  • Marlboroliteman

    Shia LaBeouf says after shooting this movie “Once you go black you scream out OPTIMUS!!!!”

  • tinypony

    For a second there, I thought, “Lena Dunham?”

  • kemo517

    cue up the seventies porn music– (I won’t even try to transcribe) she looks like a natsy seventies porn star

  • gallana

    “Jew sex” is the best sex so I’ve heard, haha.

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