First Clip Plus New Footage from Spike Lee’s OLDBOY Starring Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen

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FilmDistrict has released the first clip from Spike Lee’s Oldboy.  The story centers on Joe Doucett (Josh Brolin), a who is kidnapped for mysterious reasons, and is released twenty years later with no explanation.  Once free, he goes on a mission to find his captor and take revenge.  The clip does a good job of showing off Brolin’s intensity, and I look forward to see how it plays out beyond threatening Elizabeth Olsen’s character.  There’s also some new footage of Joe devouring dumplings as way to find a restaurant that could lead him to his captor.  This has inspired FilmDistrict to run a promotion where people should go to their local dim sum spot and tag a photo with #eattheclues for a chance to win the original hammer from the movie (how they’ll prove this is the real hammer and not something from Home Depot is beyond me).  I say the winner should be someone who goes to a restaurant, puts a live squid in his or her mouth, and sends in that photo.

Hit the jump to check out the clip and the additional footage.  The film also stars Sharlto Copley and Samuel L. JacksonOldboy opens November 27th.

Via ET.

Via FilmDistrict.

Here’s the official synopsis for Oldboy:

OLDBOY is a provocative, visceral thriller that follows the story of an advertising executive (Josh Brolin) who is abruptly kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his bizarre and torturous punishment only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torment.


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  • A-Man

    how entirely unexciting!

  • Guest

    That clip was edited very, very strangely. Anyone else notice that?

    • ZladSupersonik

      That’s how Spike Lee does his films. He jumps around, and sometimes places multiple takes of the same thing in.

  • RUDI


  • RUDI

    Min sik choi looks brilliant in this movie…josh brolin looks like a parody to me….

  • LEM

    I’m just wondering how they watered it down.

  • YodaRocks

    The Original Korean movie was awesome. Its Indian remake was horrible. And this Hollywood remake doesn’t look good except for having promising cast.

  • Another Remake

    FU Spike Lee.

    You couldn’t leave the movie alone, you just had to use it as a spring board back into the limelight. What’s the matter, you get bored of tweeting other people’s home addresses to angry mobs?

    • Strong Enough

      get the dick out your ass

    • Strong Enough

      get the dick out your ass

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