Check Out Olly Moss’ Incredible Poster for the 85th Academy Awards

     February 11, 2013


Even if you hate the Oscars, you’ll love what artist Olly Moss has done for the official 85 Years of Oscar poster.  We previously showed you individual posters by various artists for this year’s Best Picture nominees, but Moss’ work outshines them all.  He’s taken every single Best Picture winner and tried to fit them into the Oscar statue in one image.  Some of these are particularly brilliant (it took me a few moments to figure out how he represented 2001′s winner, A Beautiful Mind), and it’s a fun game to try and guess the each year’s Best Picture winner from Moss’ poster alone.

We know that Gallery1988 is teaming up with the Academy for something big this Thursday through Sunday.  They are giving away 100 of each of the Best Picture nominee posters, and it will be interesting to see if they do anything special with the Moss poster.  More details should be announced in the next day or so.  Hit the jump to check out Moss’ 85 Years of Oscar poster and find out how you can buy it now.  The 85th Academy Awards will be held on February 24th at 7pm EST on ABC.

Click on the poster to see the crazy level of detail, and see if you can guess the winners.  Click here to go buy a digital offset poster of the Olly Moss Oscars poster from The Academy.  You can also click here to see them up close.

Via Moss’ official website.


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  • Monk

    It’s absolutely amazing, i think he is a year off though

    • Nerdgasm

      Nah. Its just that even though The Artist won in 2012 it was for the award for 2011. Just like this year, its the award for 2012 even though its being presented in 2013. next year then in 2014 they will award the 2013 winner. ;)

      • Monk

        Got it ! Thanks :)

  • Bloot

    Look at that. Crash’s Oscar is colored black. Just as subtle as the movie.

  • Keegan

    Could someone please elaborate on A Beautiful Mind (2001)’s statue? I don’t quite get it.

    • AlexHeyNa


      His friend/roommate was a figment of his imagination, and wasn’t really there.

    • Dee

      I believe it’s a reference to the main character’s schizophrenia, as in his best friend was actually imagined and never really there.

      • Keegan

        Thanks guys! I saw that movie a VERY long time ago.

  • adel

    Amazing .. I like it

  • The13thDoctor


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  • thedroop

    yea its really fucking incredible. going through the list of winners made me remember how fucking dumb the oscars are, and how it’s amazing idiots like all of you are manipulated into buying into this popularity contest. oooo im so excited to see which popular mediocre crowd-pleaser will win this year! it’s so exciting! and so significant. HOW THE FUCK IS ARGO CONSIDERED THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR BY THESE ASSHOLES!! really quite unbelievable, the most mediocre, not to mention overrated movie of the last… fuck im having a hard time remembering a movie as- no wait crash! fuck i hate this world, too many idiots in it

    • Wow

      Did you miss taking your meds today?

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  • Sarah

    where can i purchase one of these!?! :