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Bryan Singer has added yet another member to the ever-expanding cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past.  The director tweeted earlier today that Omar Sy, the 35-year-old French star of The Intouchables, has officially signed on to the film, joining Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman, as well as returning X-Men: First Class stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence.  Hit the jump for more on who Sy might play.

x-men-days-of-future-pastIt’s been a busy week for the director, whose long-delayed film Jack the Giant Slayer (read our review) finally hit theaters this weekend.  But he still found the time to keep us up to speed on the progress of his next project.  After landing Dinklage two weeks ago, Singer has now hired Sy to play an unknown character.  The French actor is largely known to English-speaking audiences for his role in The Intouchables, a nominee for Best Foreign Language Film at this year’s Golden Globes.  Speculation on Twitter suggests that the actor might play Bishop, the son of Aborigine mutant refugees notable for the distinctive M brand above his eye.  Bishop made his debut in Uncanny X-Men, the same comic the “Days of Future Past” storyline comes from, and is ultimately taken under the tutelage of Storm (played by Halle Berry in the films).  Since Berry recently suggested she’d be returning for Days of Future Past, it seems like the Bishop guess could be a good one.

In addition to Stewart, McKellan, and Jackman, we’ve also got Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, and Shawn Ashmore returning from the original cast.  Much as I love the casting thus far for the film (particularly Dinklage), I have to wonder if the movie will feel a little bloated.  There are a lot of big names in there and I’m worried some of them will get lost in the shuffle, especially since it seems as though we’re adding a new cast member every other day.  On the other hand, maybe Days of Future Past will just displace The Avengers as the most epic gathering of superheroes of all time.

Who do you think Sy will play?

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  • Lob Taylor

    Doubt he’s playing Bishop, apart from being black and bald hes not tall and buff like Bishop, Who’s a bad ass

    • Sander

      The guy is just under 6’4”, and as for the whole “not buff” thing…by that logic Christian Bale could have never gained the muscle required for “Batman Begins,” especially after “The Machinist”…while in reality he actually gained about 20 pounds too much muscle for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

      • Rahuldravid

        ^^^Coz it was christian of the determined actor in this industry!!
        If omar plays bishop then that would really be an awful idea..bishop is like bane except the fact that he uses weapon in a combat(correct me if i am wrong) and if some one is portraiting he should be atleast like tom hardy dont even come closer!!

      • Andre M.

        90% of the x-men movies are totally inconsistant with the comic books, just on characters alone. Wolverine is short, Storm had blue eyes and probably an accent, Colossus has a Russian accent, Gambit has an accent and red eyes, the Juggernaut is not British, etc. So why does anyone think this guys shouldn’t/couldn’t play Biship?

      • Saloom

        He’ll probably be playing Fantomex, a brainwashed Pyrokinetic clone of Rogue’s father who can turn into an ice robot and who is also secretly Jean Grey’s younger brother.

        Man, I love my 21st Century FOX-Men movies.

        Also, is Laura Schuler Donner secretly Chuck Austin?

    • Andre M.

      Bishop is a time traveler from the future, so it makes the most since that he would be in the movie (even though he was not in the “days of futures past” story line)

  • Dan

    It’s ether Bishop or a black version of Gambit.

    • JW.

      Dan, what r u doin? Dan, SHTAP

    • Hank

      black Gambit! actually I thought the same!… If you just need to hire a black actor there are plenty to choose in Hollywood…but if the character have to be French…well

  • Tommy

    Omega red or Apocolypse

    • anonymous

      Please explain your reasoning. Omega Red is a Russian villain and has nothing to do with Days of Future Past while Apocalypse is an unfilmable character.

      • Saloom

        Emma Frost ages backwards and Havok is 30 years older than Cyclops, so what’s your point?

  • Singer will mess this up

    nuff said.

  • las


  • Deadpool

    I just watched a video interview from just a few months ago…
    Sy doesn’t speak english very well. He is actually VERY poor at it (he needed a translator for a lot of it). This makes me feel like he wont be playing Bishop. The role would have to be something without much dialogue.

    • Tommy

      Omega red maybe

      • anonymous

        Omega Red is Russian

  • enjaysim

    If I was a cast member from x-men first class I’d be feeling a little worried that the groundwork put in in that film is going be completely discarded in favor of Synger and his old buddies. I know it may only be cameos but all the same don’t take the focus off Fassbender and co.

  • sense 11

    I dont trust Bryan Singer, not one goddam bit

    • E.T.

      plus the guy’s a fag

      • 8ru48u43

        You sound like an expert on the subject.

  • Jose

    This cast is ri-damn-diculous.

  • Peter

    Finally casting a better, more believable actor to play Storm.

  • Omar Sy

    @PeterPan LMAO I believe you wish you were a women. I am a professional actor and so is Halle Barry show me some of your work and prove you can make it in this bisness that has overlooked so many black actors! What have you done on film that can surrpass Her or my self?!! Have fun making movies on YouTube Punk Bitch!

    • E.T.

      Bizness? Surrpass? Well, your obviously a black “actor”…which is code for “live wit his mama while he baby mama go ta work errday”

  • E

    Hopefully this black guy doesn’t die 30 minutes into the movie!

    • E.T.

      Hopefully he does.

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  • duke

    If it is casting for Bishop, Michael Jai White would be much better

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    Fuck white people.

    • E.T.

      Okay, but only if you’re a sexy black man.

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  • kevin

    fuck you

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