Morgan Spurlock to Direct 3D One Direction Movie

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Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is tackling an incredibly popular object of interest for his next film.  THR reports that Spurlock will helm a behind-the-scenes 3D movie about the boy band One Direction.  It’s baffling news, honestly, as the subject matter seems odd for the Super Size Me and Comic-Con: A Fan’s Hope director. Nevertheless, Spurlock’s involvement likely drums up interest from fans who would otherwise be indifferent to the prospect of a 3D feature film about the tween-worshipped British pop group.  Spurlock will produce the pic alongside former American Idol judge Simon Cowell, who discovered the band as part of the UK iteration of The X-Factor.

The film will reportedly blend concert footage and scenes of musician life “that purports to give fans a glimpse into the real artists.”  TriStar Pictures is behind the project and a release date of August 30, 2013 has already been set.

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  • b

    what the what?!

  • Jesus

    It’s because The Greatest Movie Ever Sold failed to achieve the box office necessary to keep the sponsors on the hook and it represents the latest in an unfortunate string of flops (undeserved because his films are hilarious) that make him a risky bet for most studios. By taking this on, he restores his credit because it’s kind of a guaranteed thing.

  • alk

    HELLO THIS GUY HAS BEEN SELLING HIS SOUL EVER SINCE HE GOT A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE AFTER SUPER SIZE ME. It was an ambitious and very well meaning project that he undertook, with a good message. i will admit that. But was it a masterpiece, and did it shut down mcdonald\’s and instill in every single person how dangerous fast food was?? NO. But apparently he thinks he\’s godsend for making that and now he\’s automatically a reputable filmmaker…
    this guy has an ego the size of Africa and would be more than happy to put his own life on the line for the sake of being the biggest idiot in the world, just so his name can become a household name! and now, he knows that jumping on anything with One Direction is a safe and easy limelight grab (+the legion of psychotic girl fans)= money and reputation!
    Morgan spurlock is a sellout, plain and simple. i\’m not hating to just hate. really, he\’s a one trick pony. his claim to fame was putting his life on the line, and now he\’s just cruising on way past his expiration date.

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