New Trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s ONLY GOD FORGIVES Starring Ryan Gosling

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The new trailer for writer-director Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives is now available.  It’s a much more conventional trailer than we’ve seen previously, but no less powerful for it.  If anything, this new cut should help to sell audiences on the brutal revenge thriller whether or not they happen to be fans of Refn and star Ryan Gosling.  We get a few new looks at the film’s supporting cast this time around, including the antagonist played by Vithaya Pansringarm, but Kristin Scott Thomas still drives the plot forward with ferocity.  

Only God Forgives opens July 19th.  Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.

Check out the new trailer for Only God Forgives below (via Yahoo!):

Here’s a synopsis for Only God Forgives:

Julian (Gosling) lives in exile in Bangkok where he runs a Thai boxing club as a front for the family’s drugs smuggling operation. When Julian’s brother Billy is killed their mother, Jenna (Kristin Scott Thomas), arrives in the city. She wants revenge and forces Julian to find the killer. Julian’s contacts in the criminal underworld lead him directly to The Angel of Vengeance, a retired police officer who knows everything and who is both Judge and Punisher. Jenna demands that Julian kill The Angel of Vengeance, an act that will cost him dearly.


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  • andi

    this looks like such shit. NWR has taken our patience and his accolades for DRIVE too far. We’re not THAT forgiving, my dear.


    • Greg

      >my dear.

      Your opinion’s validation was immediately revoked.

    • Danny

      Uhhh have you seen it? If not, shut up.

      • andi

        honestly, does it look good? I just want an honest reaction, not a wishful thinking reaction. These trailers have been really terrible and if it’s not some meta meta bad movie cum good movie than what the hell are you so excited about? Just be an honest viewer, not some sycophant, please.

      • Griz

        Like people were for The Man Of Steel? This trailer looks 100x better than that POS with awful CGI but everyone was like “Man of Steel” it’s da bomb. 57% on RT. LULZ ontop of Lulz.

      • andi

        I don’t disagree. I’m still searching for your point. As far as I can see, we don’t differ. Did I defend MOS?


      • Griz

        No, but this site is a hive of Nolanites so I did so preemptively. In answer to your well reasoned response. I did find the trailers for this film highly enthralling but now, after the critical backlash it’s hard not to also see the possible flaws, especially the charge that there’s very little action in the film.

      • andi

        For the record, I’m a fan of Nolan, NWR, etc., but in their previous forms. I don’t mind violence or brooding intelligence, but give me story. That’s all I ask. When we get too much action, we beg or story. When we get too much story, we beg for action. I’m not quite sure we know what we want. But I’m certainly not willing to give NWR some mantle of violent realism he doesn’t deserve. I think he’s lost and testing the waters. That’s all.

        but you’ve got a point, for sure.


      • goop

        Not to be snarky or disagreeable, but in my honest opinion I have found the trailers for Only God Forgives to be extremely interesting. Especially the first one which had the tripped out music over it. I also have found that maybe I’m just attracted to “boring” movies. After seeing Drive I went back and really enjoyed all of his previous films, Valhalla Rising being my favorite. I also like other slow “non-action” action films, like The Assassination of Jesse James, The Limits of Control, and so on. That’s not all I like, but it’s definitely within my taste. So yeah, that’s hopefully my non-psychopathic response to your question.

        Just curious, what is it, andi, that you’re not really feeling about these trailers? Just so I can see the other side of things.

      • andi

        i love the films you’ve cited. I very much gravitate to the “slow” film. Patient, contemplative, and, if there is violence, purpose driven violence (although Drive went too far at times; i didn’t need to actually see a head cave in). Going too far undermines the point. Only God Forgives just feels like an exercise in excess, that’s all. That’s my hesitation. I read that NWR wanted to make a film that ended excess violence by creating one so we could question are bloodlust, but I don’t buy it or give him credit for such meditations. I just think with each film, he pushes a bit harder and I hope it serves the story instead of the shock value.

        i hope that answers your questions. Thanks for the measured conversation. It’s nice to have one without all the nonsense.


      • Gerard Kennelly
      • -

        But Only God Forgives has gotten mixed reviews, at best. It has 48/100 on Metacritic, and 29% on RT

      • Gerard Kennelly
    • Gerard Kennelly W-dafoe R-mcadams P-seymourhoffman

  • Nick

    Ehrmagerd gersling!

    No this looks amazing and I can’t wait

  • Danny

    Love the soundtrack. Hopefully the critics are wrong.

  • GrimReaper07

    I’m really curious to see this film and understand why it was so reviled by critics. This trailer looks beyond amazing.

    • Gambit

      trust me, you don’t understand. but you will once you see it. and then you will agree with them.

      • GrimReaper07

        Ugh. I’ll probably see it, if only because the cinematography looks amazing.

    • Gerard Kennelly
  • Strong Enough

    this looks incredible. can’t wait to see it alone on a monday afternoon in a near empty theater. fuckin perfect

  • Andii

    Andi you’re a dipshit

    • andi

      why? why don’t you offer your own debate instead of slinging a random insult? If you truly wish to defend something, then counter with something remotely engaging. I don’t think anything I said attempted to incite vile reactions, just honest debate. I think the film looks bad. I think it overestimates our patience. So what. That’s my opinion. Offer something back. If you can’t, be quiet.

      • Nick

        Incite is used incorrectly here. I hate how people try to seem more intelligent on their e-fights by using clunky or inappropriate words instead of having better points.

      • Andi

        No it’s not.


        Ps: are you for real?

      • Gerard Kennelly
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  • Gambit

    I’ve seen it and it’s utter garbage

  • Gerard Kennelly

    this trailer here is even better

  • Evan

    Most of Refn’s work has been highly divisive. So, nothing new here. Some of the trashing it has received has only peeked my interest more.

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