Netflix Renews ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK for Season 2; ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND Order Extended

     June 28, 2013


Netflix is certainly hitting the ground running with regards to its foray into the original series game.  House of Cards was the big gamble earlier this year, and it paid off in spades.  The new season of Arrested Development was subsequently a success as well, and now Netflix is ordering a second season of the comedy series Orange Is the New Black before the first season has been released.  From Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, the show stars Taylor Schilling as a Brooklynite whose decade-old relationship with a drug-runner (Laura Prepon) lands her in a federal penitentiary.  The first trailer was incredibly promising, and Netflix has announced that a second season of the series will debut in 2014.  All 13 episodes of season one will be available on Netflix starting July 11th.

Additionally, ABC has extended the order for its spinoff series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland from 13 episodes to an unknown quantity that’s less than 22.  Originally intended as a one-off limited series, the network is now mulling over the idea of turning Wonderland into an anthology.  Hit the jump for more.

once-upon-a-time-in-wonderland-8Per EW, ABC is poised to order additional episodes for the first season of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  The show is a spinoff of the network’s fantasy series Once Upon a Time, and centers on the adventures of Alice and her visit to the titular world.  While season one will tell a complete story from beginning to end, executive producer/creator Adam Horowitz tells EW that they are now mulling over the idea of turning Wonderland into an anthology of sorts:

“If the audience responds and people love these characters, the plan would be to bring it back next year and tell a whole new story.”

Unlike American Horror Story, this anthology would retain the same characters.  However, the plan is for each season to tell one close-ended story a la 24.  All of this is assuming that Wonderland is a ratings hit and ABC has reason to order more seasons.  We’ll find out for sure when the show debuts this fall.

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  • joe

    I don’t get it why you call shows like House of Cards and the bridge “original” that these shows are RIP-OFF of the original shows that aired them (house of cards based on that BBC MINISERIES in the 1980 and The Bridge on FX is based on a Danish/Swedish show that will also have a British/French of the bridge).

    • NathanArizona

      lol take a breath sir, the “original programming” comment is in reference to the fact that Netflix has started paying for and distributing its own shows, making them original to the brand. Also your definition of “rip-off” is wrong. A rip off is when something is identical to something else, but does not acknowledge that it’s the same. House of Cards and The Bridge both openly advertise their relation to the original series they have been based on.

      If your world is too small for a British and an American House of Cards, pick one, watch it, love it, and spare us your unproductive comments about the rest.

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  • Curious Little Bird

    I just finished Orange is the New Black, and I seriously cannot wait until Season 2 is available!!!!