Exclusive: Oren Peli on PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2; Does he Think it Can be a Franchise Like SAW and What is He Working on Now?

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Before getting to speak with writer-director Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) on the red carpet at this year’s Scream Awards, I was told he was pretty guarded when talking about future projects.  They were not wrong.  That’s because while Peli was more than happy to talk about his involvement in Paranormal Activity 2 and whether or not the films could become a franchise like Saw, when I started asking him questions about his follow up film, Area 51, he immediately started to stonewall me.  I’ve interviewed a number of people over the last few years and most are willing to at least acknowledge their next project…not Peli.

However, while he wouldn’t tell me anything on Area 51, we did talk about whether or not he’s willing to direct something he didn’t write, is he going to only work in the studio system, could he see a Paranormal Activity 3 next Halloween, and is he writing other projects.  Hit the jump watch what he had to say.  As usual, I’ve time indexed the interview so you can watch the parts that interest you.

Oren Peli

  • What was it like for him with the way the film took off
  • :25 – What was it like producing the second film and how involved was he
  • :53 – The Easter Eggs of the trailer
  • 1:12 – How much are they thinking Paranormal Activity can be a franchise like Saw
  • 1:50 – Could he see Paranormal Activity 3 next Halloween
  • 2:05 – I try and ask about Area 51
  • 2:25 – Is he writing other projects right now
  • 2:37 – When can fans look forward to seeing footage from his upcoming movie
  • 2:55 – Does he see himself only making studio funded movies from now on
  • 3:20 – Will he direct something he didn’t write
  • 3:35 – What can fans look forward to on the Paranormal Activity 2 DVD/Blu-ray



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  • Didisdman

    placing my money on area 51 teaser with PA2

    • Fred Kelm

      Sorry, i built the film today at the theatre i work at and no teaser for “Area 51″ attached to the first reel or enclosed with the movie

    • Fred Kelm

      Sorry, i built the film today at the theatre i work at and no teaser for “Area 51″ attached to the first reel or enclosed with the movie

  • Wood

    Someone told me SeekingAffluent.COM. It ‘s where you have the opportunity dreaming about dating a millionaire and make it true *^o^*


    watch the film lasst night… no spoliers here, but it was bloody brilliant. very well done.

  • The Rapist Tribune

    The Area 51 movie was supposed to come out this year, its October now and there’s still no trailer or recent news of the movie anywhere, it doesn’t even exist on Paramount Pictures. He’s willing to talk about his, I would assume small contribution to Paranormal Activity 2 and how excited he is about its theatrical release, yet he’s not willing to talk about his own Area 51 movie at all, which tells me that the movies production is obviously not going very well at all.

  • Shsst

    u cant compare PA2 with SAW two complete different goals.
    but yes PA can continue , great job!

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