Collider News: ‘Orphan Black’ Renewed for Fifth and Final Season

     June 17, 2016


It’s a big day for fans of the BBC America series Orphan Black. Not only is the Season 4 finale airing tonight, but news just broke that the show was renewed for Season 5, which will be it’s last.

For those of you who’ve missed out, I can’t recommend the show enough. It’s all about conspiracies and clones and stars Tatiana Maslany as a whole bunch of characters including Orphan Black favorites and centerpieces Sarah, Cosima, Alison and Helena.


Image via BBC America

Here’s what BBC America president Sarah Barnett had to say about the show wrapping up:

“Orphan Black is a thrilling, genre-bending ride that’s captured our fans’ imaginations and hearts like no other show … Tatiana has been and continues to be a complete revelation, hers is one of the most remarkable performances on television, and she is joined by an extraordinary cast. We can’t wait to take our incredibly passionate audience on one final gobsmacking clone adventure.”

It’s tough to think of parting ways with a show that I’ve grown very attached to over the years, but Orphan Black does such an exceptional job juggling a number of key characters and some pretty complicated science so perhaps it’s better off that the show go out strong rather than run the risk of having the core concept spin out of control.

If you’re not a member of Clone Club yet, you better get on it, but if you are caught up on the show, brace yourselves, because tonight’s episode is a big one!

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Image via BBC America