Infographic: Oscar Fashion Throughout the Years

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Don’t lie: you mute the insipid Oscar red carpet banter and check out the dresses.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  The dresses are one of the finer points of the evening, and you get to see which actresses found the right mix between elegance and originality, and which actresses found what the designer’s fever dream looked like in gown-form.  The people at Dish Network, when not trying to convince us that satellite dish signals can’t be blown out by a gentle breeze, have put together a fun infographic about the dresses worn by the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees from the past 22 years.

Hit the jump to check out the infographic.  The 84th Academy Awards air live this Sunday at 7pm EST on ABC.

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  • Jason

    “Don’t lie: you mute the insipid Oscar red carpet banter and check out the dresses.”

    No, I don’t.

    In fact, I don’t even watch the Oscars.

    But hey, if you are that interested in fashion Goldberg then I think that says something about you.

  • Guy

    Yeah I honestly couldn’t care less about who’s wearing what.

    • Angela

      Guy, I’m going to assume by your comment that you are in fact a guy.

  • Lisa

    I will admit, the dresses really are the only thing I watch for. I appreciate a good film just as much as the next guy, just not watching people make speeches and rattle of a bunch of lists. Awesome job on the graphic!

  • Elitist Prick

    I find it interesting that winners and nominees can be categorized by the type of clothes they wear. You know, like once an actress reaches a certain level of respectability or success, she has to maintain an image that reflects that in the hopes of getting more Oscar-worthy roles. Part of that, weirdly, is wearing $20,000 outfits.

  • Elli

    Meryl wore a floor length, gold Lanvin gown with an up-do last night and WON!!!!!!!!!! She probably saw this infographic…

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