Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken Join Paul Rudd in Errol Morris’ FREEZING PEOPLE IS EASY; Kristen Wiig May Co-Star

     January 4, 2012


Last July, we reported that Paul Rudd would star in Errol Morris‘ non-documentary feature based on the memoir We Froze the First Man and a This American Life story about Bob Nelson, a California TV repairman who was obsessed with cryogenically freezing humans in order to resurrect them later in the future.  Deadline now reports that Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken are set to co-star, and Kristen Wiig may join the film, which has been titled Freezing People Is Easy, but she first has to wrap her season on Saturday Night Live and she’s also considering other offers.

Zach Helm (Stranger Than Fiction) wrote the script and the production is eyeing a mid-2012 start date.  It sounds like a fun premise, I’m eager to see what Morris brings to the project, and I dig the cast that’s being lined up to star.  Click here to go listen to the This American Life episode about Nelson, “Mistakes Were Made”.

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  • J.G. Pliskin

    Haven’t read the script, but Stranger Than Fiction took itself waay too seriously. I have a feeling that “We Froze The First Man” or “Freezing People Is Easy” or “Mr. Freeze, I Love You” or whatever this movie is going to be called will go down the same path. And why does Owen Wilson do comedies… or movies in general?

    Pliskin, out.

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