Actor John Ortiz Developing Biopic Based on Baseball Player and Manager Ozzie Guillen

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Ozzie Guillen was the first Latino professional baseball manager to ever win the World Championship, and that alone is a striking accomplishment when looking at the history of the sport and how discriminatory it used to be.  He’s also a polarizing figure, and actor John Ortiz (Silver Linings Playbook) is working with the former White Sox manager to develop a film along the lines of Moneyball.  Hit the jump for more.

Speaking to Showbizcafe, Ortiz says:

“Ozzie Guillen and I are going to meet when I’m in Chicago. I don’t want to make a straight up baseball movie, but something along the lines of “Moneyball”. It’d be a lot more than just 9 guys on the baseball diamond. I want to do something where we focus on the profession of him being a baseball manager, how complex of a man he is, the culture, immigration, Chicago, Miami, [Fidel] Castro, there is so much there. I’m fascinated with him, I think he’s such a charismatic dude and people seem to love him or hate him. So I think he’d be a great subject for a movie.”

If the time is right to make a film along the lines of Moneyball, it’s now.  We’ve already seen how a general manager operates, and it’s not like Billy Beane was a simple personality.  But if Ortiz is going to make his biopic, it might be a good idea to stop before Guillen’s tumultuous single season as the Miami Marlins manager since it would probably undermine the narrative that came before.


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