PACIFIC RIM 2 Release Date Set for April 7, 2017; Guillermo del Toro Returning to Direct

     June 26, 2014


Pacific Rim 2 is officially a “go”.  Though director Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 “monsters vs. robots” film was in no way a box office disaster, the colorful, bombastic epic failed to catch on with general audiences in Transformers fashion.  It just squeaked past the $100 million mark stateside, but fared much better internationally, bringing its worldwide total to $411 million.  Fans (myself included) hoped this would be enough to convince Legendary Pictures to greenlight a sequel, and we’ve been hearing more updates on the follow-up in the past few months.

Most recently, del Toro revealed that he’s writing the Pacific Rim 2 script with Zak Penn (X2), and now the filmmaker has announced that the pic will hit theaters on April 7, 2017 in IMAX 3D.  Moreover, he revealed that an animated series set within the Pacific Rim world will be unveiled sometime before that date.  More after the jump.

pacific-rim-2-charlie-hunnam-rinko-kikuchiUniversal Pictures made the release date announcement this evening, as the studio will be taking over distribution duties from Warner Bros. following Legendary’s split last year.  It appears that WB willingly let the franchise go, as they had the first option on the sequel.  Additionally, it was announced that del Toro will indeed be returning to the director’s chair for Pacific Rim 2, so we’ve got plenty more inventive kaiju vs. robot action on the way.  The April date is a shift from Pacific Rim‘s July release, but I’m hopeful that it will fare better earlier in the year, when audiences haven’t yet suffered from box office fatigue.

Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham will also be contributing to the script, though in a more limited capacity since he’s busy running the upcoming TV series Hieroglyph. Del Toro is currently in post-production on his first “adult” film in the English language, Crimson Peak, but the 2017 date gives him plenty of time to complete that picture and move back into the Pacific Rim world.

And if that wasn’t enough, del Toro revealed that fans will be treated to more Pacific Rim goodness before the sequel, saying they’ll be developing a new Pacific Rim animated series and continuing the comic book series that began with Year Zero, written by Travis Beacham.  Exciting stuff, yeah?  Sound off with your thoughts in the comments, and watch del Toro make the announcement in the video below.


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  • Gispy Danger

    Awesome, glad to see it’s getting a sequel.

  • Gispy Danger

    Awesome, glad to see it’s getting a sequel.

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  • verasgunn

    Thank you China for securing Pacific Rim’s future.

    • Leo Spaceman

      Willing to bet you will also have to thank them for solidifying Michael Bay as one of the most successful directors of all time in the weeks to come.

    • The Flobbit

      You can thank me! I was in China when the movie came out, brought a dozen friends to see it!

      • Werefon

        I remember that.)

    • Georce Miller

      China needs better taste in movies.

      • Werefon

        Mad Max 3 wasn’t good! So fuck off!

      • Django9000

        Are you saying americans’ Oscar bait & Bay-splosion car commercials somehow account for good taste?
        Or were you referring to … Twilight?

  • Gypsy Danger

    Wonderful! My only request is that Del Toro spend more than a weekend writing the screenplay.

    • The Flobbit

      Del Toro does not write screenplays. He boils them up in a giant cauldron with squid tentacles, vampire blood, black beetles, and Ron Perlman’s eyelashes.

      • Sweet Pea

        I’m pretty sure he writes them, badly in Pacific Rim’s case. Wish he’d do Hellboy 3 instead of a sequel to this boring pile of horse sh*t.

      • Doug

        You think Pacific Rim was badly written, yet you want more Hellboy? H2 was not inspiring.

      • Sweet Pea

        I enjoyed it. Alot more than Pacific Rim.

      • Doug

        Fair enough. I liked the first Hellboy a lot, but the sequel fell flat for me.

      • Werefon

        It had better script and story than PACRim. But the thing is PACRim is Fucking Awesome!

      • Werefon

        As he said, if someone will give him $150 mil. He will do it. But looking at box office returns nobody will give him that much money. So, Hellboy 3 not happening any time soon.

      • Grendal Sven

        Del Toro was unabashedly unapologetic when he made Pacific Rim, he wanted to make a love-letter to fans of kaiju films, and he accomplished exactly what he set out to do. Plot? Giant fucking robots fighting giant fucking monsters was the plot, everything else was irrelevant and I had a hard-on from the opening sequence to the end credits role.

      • Django9000

        Here’s hoping the sequel has Waaa-aaayyy more Ron Perlman in it.
        Charlie Hunnam- my apologies- did not carry this film so much as it’s supporting cast bolstered it up, by more than a few notches. *cough* (Day Man) *cough*

        Zack Penn … I dunno. This could be your moment of redemption that makes X3 go away forever.

        It’s already been written out of continuity. Consider this a fresh start. And while you’re starting things fresh, couldn’t hurt to look at the comics. They’re actually pretty damned solid & staying loyal only means half your job’s already done for you.

        If this script sucks- then you are Satan incarnate. Godspeed.

  • Person

    Thank the movie Gods! (and China)

  • Aaron Sullivan

    Long time to wait, but I really get a kick out of the first one. Sweet.

  • Hunter

    Such a shame. I thought Pacific Rim was alright, but I hear him dropping out of other projects that I personally would much rather see.

  • Huey

    FUCK YES! GdT is my favourite writer/director. Can’t wait for this, and especially for The Strain!

  • World’s Finest Comments

    Sometimes fan passion and home video sales really do make a difference.

    Now let’s do the same thing and get Dredd 2 going!

  • fechu1922

    yes!!!!!!!!! fuck yeah!. Best news of the day. Fuck you “transfarmers”!

    • T

      How dare you steal my thoughts word for word. Man…..I’m so happy with this news. And yes, as a child of the 80s- Fuck “this” Transformers.

  • yrulaughing418

    Wonder if it’s just a coincidence, that they announce what will likely be a -good- giant robot/destruction porn movie, the day before an absolute garbage one is released



  • Frank


    • Frank

      I’m glad to hear about an animated adaptation as well… one of my first thoughts after seeing the middling box office receipts was “I hope it’ll at least get an anime movie or something.” Give this to a good anime studio (Studio 4c) and I’m sure it’ll be a real treat.

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  • Tyler

    I think M. Bison said it best when he said, “YES! YES!”

  • The Flobbit

    Marshall Stacker Pentacost is weeping somewhere. He cancelled the apocalypse and now its getting a sequel.

    • Werefon

      Canceling is not ending. And Marshall will be in animated series.

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  • FrancesChetteriky

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    • Werefon

      You have a stupid name.

  • Migz13

    The kid in me just stood up and cheered! :D

    • Sweet Pea

      Lol! That comment sounds so wrong. That poor poor kid.

  • Johnny_Mook

    The Golden Army was an undeniable improvement on the first one, therefore looking very much forward for this one. Also great to hear that this franchise gets an extension, I’d like to watch stories of Black Omega, Crimson Typhoon and that jaeger piloted by Pentecost in Mako’s dream.

    • Aquartertoseven

      Seriously? I thought the Golden Army was absolute crap, nearly unwatchable.

  • The Skins Factory

    Awesome news. Hopefully they give the animation production to an anime studio like Madhouse.

  • Cpt Rex Kramer

    I like GDT and all, but no one really wants a Pacific Rim sequel. What we really want is for him to finish the Hellboy trilogy! THAT should be his priority! Then he can go play with big robots and poorly lit creatures and that drifting nonsense………… BUT HELLBOY FIRST!

    • Moo Moo I am a cow

      According to the box office, you have your facts entirely backwards about what people want. I know how much it sucks to be the only person you know that likes something, but that’s no reason to plug your ears and start yelling “LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU”

    • Django9000

      Pac Rim sequel= Mo Money , in theory, leading to the kind of cred that gets us Hell boy 3. Or Mountains of Madness. Or something good-er.

  • Martin

    I am really ecstatic about this. I hope the script is better written, hopefully with the help of Zac Penn and Guillermo spending more time on it. The dialogue was the major problem with the last movie, including the badly written characters. If they just fix those, I’m sure it could be an amazing film.

  • paul h

    Looks like he’s lost some weight… prolly a good thing.

  • Grendal Sven

    so he’s gonna make an anime based on a movie, that was based on anime.


  • Mike

    STOP SAYING “AFTER THE JUMP” YOU F—–G SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mhyder1

    Let sleeping dogs ( and not so great movies) lie. Do Hellboy 3 instead.

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