New Trailer for PACIFIC RIM Underscores Destruction with Idris Elba Speech “At the Edge of Our Hope”

     June 24, 2013


Warner Bros. has released a new Pacific Rim trailer with the heading “At the Edge,” taken from the Idris Elba speech that structures the clip: “At the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.  Today there’s not a man or woman in here that shall stand alone.  Today we face the monsters that are at our door.  Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!”  You know the rest: the music swells, the people unite, and giant robots battle giant sea monsters to cancel that apocalypse.

Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, and Ron Perlman star alongside Elba.  Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim opens July 12.  Watch the trailer after the break.

If you missed any of Steve’s set visit coverage, be sure to check out his video blog recap and 20 things to know, plus interviews with Guillermo del ToroCharlie DayRon Perlman, and executive producer Callum Greene.  Also see the 57 high resolution images we posted earlier today.

The phrase “neural handshake” is said three times here.  I am really curious how much time will be spent on exposition to explain the operation of the “Jaegers,” not to mention background on the monster invasion.  Here’s the official synopsis:

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end.  To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge.  But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju.  On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes—a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi)—who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past.  Together, they stand as mankind’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.


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  • tonymatthews

    Poor marketing for this film. I can’t wait for it but if it’s a box office fail, I’d blame it on WB.

    • peter

      seriously? i think the marketing is brilliant! they’re giving people exactly what they want without giving too much the posters are brilliant and the trailers are excellently executed (and this is coming from someone who studied marketing) if you ask me about poor marketing I’d tell you The Lone Ranger for example awful trailers, bad posters,zero hype, a gigantic budget a failure just waiting to happen. This on the other hand is doing the job.

      • Liam_Ho

        I’m hyped for this movie but I agree marketing has been poor so far. As of now Grown Ups 2 is tacking higher…ponder that fact.

      • Ozweego

        There’s a Lone Ranger movie coming out?

      • mbmarquis69

        I’m also looking forward to this movie, but I’m not sure I agree that the marketing has been great. I have disliked that poster featured in this article from day 1. Speaking as someone who works in marketing and graphic design, it has some pretty terrible Photoshop going on. But to be fair, I doubt it’s meant to appeal just (or at all) to graphic designers.

  • rhizomeman

    How come Idris Elba is all of a sudden in every movie? Is he a good actor? Aren’t there other good actors that could do the job? I mean, I don’t dislike him – he just seems kind of meh.

    • D

      Idris Elba is phenomenal, and riding the wave of support for actors established in the recent spate of top-notch television series. Between the Wire and Luther, Elba has shown his dramatic potential and gotten some face recognition, plus he has the physique to carry roles in action films, but his star hasn’t gotten big enough yet to drive his price tag into the stratosphere. Basically he’s right in that sweet spot where people are starting to really recognize and appreciate him, but he hasn’t blown up enough for people to turn on him (as they tend to do). He’s just very fashionable these days, not unlike his Prometheus costar MIchael Fassbender, or Bryan Cranston post-Walter White. I know that for me personally if Idris Elba is in a movie, that’s a major addition to the pros column of why should I see this movie.

    • goop

      Idris is a fantastic actor! He doesn’t get many lead roles in film (a combination of age, his general gruffness, and a lack of leading roles for African Americans/blacks in general), but he really is a very talented guy. With that being said, I don’t know why he seems to be in literally EVERY movie. The things they tend to have him doing (in Prometheus or Ghost Rider, for instance) seem to be the type of things that most actors could do. I agree with that. He isn’t really given room to flex his acting muscles in movies.

      • A-Man

        I’m sorry, I don’t think Idris Elba is an “African American”…

      • goop

        Hahah fair enough

    • Nathaniel Haywood

      I think he’s a good actor (you should watch Luther on Netflix – amazing!), but I understand where you’re coming from. It happens with a lot of actors – once audiences bite, studios go crazy to capitalize. It’s just like how Ryan Gosling had a period recently where he was in like 3 movies a year. So did Michael Fassbender after X-Men: First Class. Johnny Depp was like that for a while a few years ago too. They just latch onto someone and ride the popularity wave until a better one comes along. I say good for him, though (and better than a truly mediocre actor getting all these roles).

    • Dallas

      He was considered the role of James Bond before Daniel Craig. So obviously hes a good actor and if you haven’t seen The Wire then you are missing out.

    • poppincherry

      You sound like a hater. Tell me, are you really Paula Deen?


    That speech “At the edge of our hope…” it’s not doing it for me, feels forced, too cheesy…IMO

  • andi

    the new trailer underscores stupidity

  • Dan

    Battleship anyone? The dialogues looks so lame…

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  • Pingback: New Trailer for PACIFIC RIM Underscores Destruction with Idris Elba Speech “At the Edge of Our Hope”()

  • Ozweego

    Still wondering how the tech is there to build giant mechs to Rock’um Sock’um but not there to develop a weapon to just shoot godzilla and mothra?

  • axalon

    The #PacificRim” on the bottom is extremely distracting to me. Who thought that was a good idea?

  • rocky728

    These trailers haven’t gotten me excited.
    I like GDT but I think like his Hellboy films this won’t live up to expectations at the box office.

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    The idea doesn’t really make sense, but I’m excited for the visuals. I can’t help but notice, though, that in all of the trailers the Jaegers don’t seem that effective. Conventional weaponry doesn’t work so they build these huge robots instead…and the monsters still beat the crap out of them. Guess I’ll just have to watch it to see how they manage to win!


    You all know what’s going to happen to Elba after he makes “The Big Speech”, don’t you?
    And if “that” does happen, I’m going to be PISSSSSSEDDD!!!