New PADDINGTON Trailer Goes for Gross-Out Gags and Slapstick

     June 12, 2014


Following yesterday’s new images (and subsequent “Creepy Paddington” meme), a new Paddington trailer and poster have gone online.  The story centers on a young bear (voiced by Colin Firth) who is lost at Paddington Station in London, adopted by a kind family, and then Paddington sets out in search of an explorer who inspired his aunt years before.  It’s a charming story of an adorable bear, and this trailer couldn’t pander harder to children.  Paddington licks his earwax, dunks his head in a toilet, and gets his face smushed in a turnstile.  Hugh Bonneville adds a little bit of comedy that isn’t geared towards kids, but this trailer isn’t an encouraging sign for the overall movie.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and poster.  The film also stars Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Peter Capaldi, and Nicole Kidman.   Paddington opens December 25th.

Via Yahoo! Movies.

Here’s the official synopsis for Paddington:

Adapted from Michael Bond’s beloved books, Paddington follows the comic misadventures of a polite young bear with an endearing talent for comic chaos.

Paddington has grown up deep in the Peruvian jungle with his Aunt Lucy who, inspired by a chance encounter with an English explorer, has raised her nephew to dream of an exciting life in London. When an earthquake destroys their home, Aunt Lucy decides to smuggle her young nephew on board a boat bound for England, in search of a better life. Arriving alone at Paddington Station, Paddington soon finds that city life is not all he had imagined – until he meets the kindly Brown family, who find him with a label tied around his neck which reads ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you.’ They offer him a temporary home whilst he searches for the explorer who impressed Aunt Lucy all those years before.

But when Paddington catches the eye of a sinister, seductive taxidermist, it isn’t long before his home – and very existence – is under threat …


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  • The Flobbit

    The bear’s dead, taxidermist eyes, and slack gaze will haunt my nightmares.
    And that humor is disgusting. Absolutely low-brow tasteless garbage.

    • Eric Cormier

      Lol because this is the lowest of the low of humor used in children movie. Your comment would be appropriate coming out of the 1960′s watching this.

      • The Flobbit

        No, there are other films (Smurfs comes to mind) that have worse, or equally bad humor. That does not mean that it makes Paddington any better, nor does it mean that we shouldn’t care about the quality of kiddie-fare humor.

  • DNAsplitter

    Dafuq did I just watch?

  • Padding

    This will no doubt be a hit

  • Colin Christian

    Not the Paddington I remember.

  • Marissa Evans

    The most disappointing trailer I’ve seen in a while. Wow, and I was really looking forward to this one. Never mind a miss, they didn’t even swing.

  • Kyle Chandler


  • salfie

    I like it. I think Paddington looks cute, especially doffing his cap in the train station. I’m thinking they’re using Mr. Bean as inspiration.

  • Jamie Teller

    Yeah, no. I’m not especially familiar with Paddington, but this looks like a travesty.

    Also, wtf is up with that music choice? Nothing against the tune, just…what?

  • Kyle Chandler

    “Paddington has grown up deep in the Peruvian jungle”

    Then why the crap does he have a british accent voiced by Colin Firth?

    I’m already giving this more thought than the filmmakers, obviously.

    • salfie

      I believe his Aunt was British or taught to speak English by the explorer and she in turn taught Paddington. Similar to how Indian students who go to university in the UK have English accents.

  • Doug

    My god, there’s LITERALLY a toilet. Ugh.


    “dogs must be carried” that was funny.

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