Starz’s Limited Series THE MISSING Will Get a Sequel

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Today, Starz has announced that its limited series The Missing, which first aired on BBC One in the U.K, will get a sequel series.  It will again be an eight-part series, and also again written by brothers Harry and Jack Williams.  Like this first run, the story will be told over two time frames, but will focus on a new case, a new location, and new characters.  Hit the jump for why you should approach this news with cautious optimism.

Allison’s Top 12 New TV Series of 2014

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Top 10 lists are tough.  The top TV shows this year, and in the last several years, have been difficult to contain in just one short list.  That was true so much so last year that I had to make three lists; this year, I’ve done that and expanded from ten to twelve.  But these are less rankings and more guides to what was the best that television had to offer in 2014, and what you should definitely catch up on if you haven’t (this being said with the full knowledge that there are still several series I haven’t caught up on, either, like The Honourable Woman, in this category).  Hit the jump to see a list of new series from this year that could one day become classics.

THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff Setting Revealed to Be Los Angeles

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AMC has been rather secretive when it comes to its potential The Walking Dead spinoff.  Given that the original series is the most watched show on all of television, we knew some sort of brand extension was coming sooner or later.  Comic book creator and TV show executive producer Robert Kirkman is executive producing the potential spinoff, which is currently in the pilot stage, but details regarding how the show relates to the original have been few and far between.  We do know that the new series focuses on an entirely different group of survivors and we presumed that it would also take place in an entirely new location.  That suspicion has now been confirmed, as a new report reveals The Walking Dead spinoff setting as Los Angeles.  More after the jump.

Christina Hendricks to Star in Cameron Crowe’s Showtime Pilot ROADIES

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While Christina Hendricks just recently wrapped shooting the final episode of Mad Men, the actress has already lined up a prestigious follow-up project.  Hendricks has joined the cast of the new Showtime pilot Roadies, which was created, written, and will be directed by filmmaker Cameron Crowe.  The show follows the day-to-day life of a successful rock tour as seen through the eyes of music’s unsung heroes, the crew members who make each show happen.  Hendricks will play a character named Shelli, the band’s production manager, who is described as “ingenious, tough, but privately emotional, married to her job… and scary-good at it.”  The cast was already filling out quite nicely with Luke Wilson, Imogen Poots, and Rafe Spall onboard, but Hendricks makes a positively excellent addition.  More after the jump.

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Miniseries Moving Forward at Netflix

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Netflix has two bona fide original series hits on its hands with House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, but the streaming service is also very much in the business of “adapting” existing IP.  Netflix gave us the fourth season of Arrested Development, it premiered the fourth and final season of The Killing, and it’s also home to the sixth season of The Clone Wars.  While it continues to develop its own original programming in-house (including The Wachowski SiblingsSense8 and a slate of Marvel shows), it appears that Netflix is set to continue another existing property: Wet Hot American Summer.  We heard earlier this year that discussions were taking place to produce a TV series continuation of David Wain’s star-studded 2001 cult comedy, and now word comes that Netflix is indeed moving forward with a sequel miniseries.  More after the jump.

ASCENSION Review: Syfy’s Newest Series Goes Retro

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Imagining the Syfy pitch meeting for Ascension writes itself: “Mad Menin spaaaaaaace!“  It’s an easy sell.  Ascension follows the crew of an American space ark, sent on a 100-year journey in the 1960s, to find and populate a new planet.  In this telling, President Kennedy thought the Cold War might get hot, and wanted Americans to be able to find a way out.  The program was designed for sacrifice — it would be the grandchildren, or beyond, of the original crew, who would end up on this new world, but it was all for the ultimate support of the mission.  Now, 51-years into the journey, the ship has its first murder, and the cracks in the ship’s idyllic, Truman Show-esque setting are starting to show.  Hit the jump for why, “we don’t have infinity, we have the ship.  We were born in it, and we will die in it.”

HOMELAND Recap: “Krieg Nicht Lieb”

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Has any show had such a complete turnaround like Homeland has this season?  It has been unafraid to raise the stakes to the highest possible degree throughout the season, and yet, all of it has connected intimately with the overall idea of (as Dar Adal says in the promo for the finale) questions of “moral clarity.”  In “Krieg Nichy Lieb” (roughly translated to something to “War not Love”), Homeland is also seeming to consider the idea that maybe the bad guys win; and maybe that’s because the good guys let them.  Hit the jump for why,”there was a Taliban flag hanging over my head. I can’t let that go.”

Danny Huston Says We May See Him in More Episodes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW

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Danny Huston made quite the impression on American Horror Story: Coven.  The Axeman had a brilliant blend of slasher and supernatural qualities and then Huston gave him this wonderful mix of charm and menace, making the character a blast to track.  It was a bit disappointing to hear that Huston would not be joining the ranks of the American Horror Story veterans by taking a key role in season 4, but we did get to see him briefly in episode 8 of Freak Show.

“Blood Bath” made it abundantly clear that Huston’s Massimo Dolcefino has a profound effect on Elsa’s (Jessica Lange) life, so I got the impression that he’ll be back and, sure enough, Huston himself told me, “You may see me in following episodes.”  Hit the jump for more.  (Warning: There are some minor American Horror Story: Freak Show spoilers in this article.)

THE AFFAIR Recap: “9″

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The Affair is trying to break us.  That’s been it’s point all along, right?  To emotionally devastate viewers so intensely that it’s impossible to bounce back?  The show has always been heavy.  It’s has portrayed difficult themes with an unflinching honesty.  It’s not that Noah or Alison are heroes (in fact, much of how Noah especially conducts himself is repugnant), but there is still a magnetism to their relationship and the show that keeps bringing us back to the wreckage.  Hit the jump for why “your pride cost you his life.”

Watch: Tilda Swinton Talks BOYHOOD and the Appeal of Independent Films in Exclusive Clip from EPIX’s HOLLYWOOD SESSIONS

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As you may have noticed recently, a number of roundtable discussions featuring actors, filmmakers, writers, etc. have been making the rounds.  With Oscar season comes roundtable videos, and while it’s absolutely part of certain studios’ awards campaigns, it’s actually a benefit for all as it allows us to get glean some fascinating insights from some of the best people making movies today.  One such outlet putting together roundtable interviews is the cable channel EPIX (in concert with the LA Times) with the “Hollywood Sessions” series, and we here at Collider are happy to debut an exclusive clip from the show’s upcoming Supporting Actress roundtable.  The clip in question features Snowpiercer actress Tilda Swinton considering Boyhood and why audiences connect with independent films, and she’s joined in the discussion by Patricia Arquette, Laura Dern, and Emma Stone.

Watch the clip after the jump and tune into “Hollywood Sessions: Supporting Actress” tomorrow night on EPIX at 8pm ET/PT.  For more on the Best Supporting Actress race, be sure to check out our latest Oscar Beat column.

Watch: Martin Freeman Stars in SNL’s Fantastic THE HOBBIT/THE OFFICE Crossover Short

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When Andy Samberg and the rest of The Lonely Island left Saturday Night Live a few years ago (Samberg as a cast member, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone as writers), it signaled the end of the show’s fantastic run of Digital Shorts.  While those offbeat, incredibly funny videos are certainly missed, SNL has actually done a swell job of creating different, worthwhile pre-taped content in recent years.  Last week’s episode gave us the SNL gang’s take on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and during last night’s Martin Freeman-hosted episode, we got possibly one of the best pre-taped segments yet: a crossover between The Hobbit and the British version of The Office.  Freeman plays Bilbo/Tim in the video, with Bobby Moynihan filling the role of Gandalf/David Brent and Taran Killam giving us an unforgettable portrayal of Gollum/Gareth.  This whole thing is executed to perfection, and fans of either The Hobbit or The Office aren’t likely to be disappointed by the results.

Watch the Hobbit/The Office crossover video after the jump.

THE MISSING Recap: “Molly”

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In its fifth episode, The Missing revealed so many things that it felt like the investigation was really getting somewhere.  And yet, by the end of the hour, there’s a cold realization that (for the most part), further knowledge of Oliver’s disappearance has not really gained any ground.  That realization is also in line, though, with how The Missing has always approached its story.  Though the search for Oliver drives it, it is really about the effects of the case on those around it over the course of 8 years.  And in “Molly,” we’re finally starting to see how some of those characters are finally letting go and moving on.  Hit the jump, because “until death us do part.”

TOP 5: EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS, Insane MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Trailer, INHERENT VICE, INSIDE OUT Trailer, Golden Globe Nominations

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The opening paragraph is typically a space occupied by movie recommendations and, in a way, today is only a minor deviation. I was recently gifted a hardcover edition of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons‘ comic series Kingsman: The Secret Service and I enjoyed it enough to not only throw a book recommendation your way but to also say I’m firmly on board for Matthew Vaughn (who earned a co-plotting credit on the comic) and Jane Goldman‘s movie adaptation due out in February (see the latest Red-Band trailer here). Embedded in Millar’s hyper-violent action are noble lessons about the value of public service, remembering where you came from, and the importance of recognizing stereotypes while having enough self-esteem to avoid letting yourself being defined by them. As for the movie, the bits I’ve seen look to be just as entertaining as the book albeit with more parkour action. After the work Vaughn and Goldman did on X-Men: First Class, I have every confidence that it’s going to be worth checking out.

Recommendations aside, this week’s Top 5 features interviews for and Matt’s review of Exodus: Gods and Kings, an insanely cool new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, Matt’s review of Inherent Vice to go along with a new trailer for the film, the first full-length trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out, and a recap of the 2015 Golden Globe nominations. Keep reading for a brief recap and link to each of the above.

CONSTANTINE Recap: “The Saint of Last Resorts”

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And then there was one!  NBC’s Constantine is the sole comicbook adaptation on the airwaves this holiday season.  Tonight’s “The Saint of Last Resorts” was the first part of a two-part mid-season finale.  The strengths at the core of this show – creepy creatures, dark motives, and heartfelt character connections – continue to deliver, but I fear that the show’s occult focus prevents it from finding a broader audience.  If you enjoy Constantine like I do, and if you like its exploration of religious mythologies from various cultures, then make sure to talk it up while you have the chance.  I mean, where else do you get to see human fruit bleeding as it hangs from a tree, and an ancient vampire demon fleeing into the sewers with a blood-filled chicken?

Hit the jump for our Constantine recap.

FX Orders Donald Glover’s Comedy Pilot ATLANTA

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FX has finally ordered a pilot for Donald Glover‘s comedy series Atlanta.  We first heard about the project over a year ago, and it looks like there’s finally some forward motion. The show will center around two cousins on their way up in the Atlanta rap scene. Glover will serve as Executive Producer, along with Paul Simms (GirlsFlight of the Conchords), and Dianne McGunigle.

Glover got his start as a writer on 30 Rock, and after a three year stint on that show he certainly has the experience to pen his own sitcom.  As Troy Barnes on Community, Glover played one of my all time favorite sitcom characters and demonstrated preternatural comedic skill – from timing to physical gags, Glover was always on point.  Just last Friday he scored his first Grammy nominations as Childish Gambino.  Basically this sounds a series fine-tuned to Glover’s talents and sensibilities, and I couldn’t be more excited. Hit the jump for more.

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