DREDD 3D Unveils First TV Spot and New Viral Site

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It’s exactly one month until Dredd 3D blasts onto screens, so now seems like a good time to roll out their first TV spot and a new viral site.  The thirty-second spot does a decent job at summing up the trailer while establishing the tone of the picture and giving you a listen to Karl Urban’s affected Judge voice. The viral site, called “Dredd Report,” is a decent satire of the “Drudge Report,” but as far as marketing goes, it’s not all that appealing.  There are a host of real-life links to news stories on legitimate sites, which makes it difficult to hunt down the movie-related content.

Also starring Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby, director Pete Travis’ Dredd 3D opens in theaters on September 21st.  Hit the jump to watch the TV spot and for links to the viral site.

Exclusive: Awesome Graffiti-Style Poster for Pete Travis’ DREDD 3D Starring Karl Urban & Olivia Thirlby

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One of the big surprises at this year’s Comic-Con was Dredd.  For those unfamiliar with the film, Dredd is an adaption of the 2000AD comics character Judge Dredd, and it stars Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and Lena Headey.  The film follows Dredd (Urban) and rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson (Thirlby) fighting through a tower that’s crawling with thugs in their attempt to bring down drug overlord Ma-ma (Headey).  Lionsgate premiered the film in San Diego, and it’s pretty great.  Unlike a lot of films that get an R rating due to one violent scene, Dredd is borderline NC-17 due to tons of blood and violence.  Trust me, Dredd is going to surprise you and it’s definitely worth checking out when it premieres on September 21.

Lionsgate has just released a very cool graffiti-style outdoor billboard for the film and they’re letting us premiere it online.  If you live in New York City, you might have noticed it when riding the subway.  Hit the jump to check it out, and here’s my recent interviews with Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby.

First Wave of Fantastic Fest 2012 Line-Up Announced; Includes DREDD, ROOM 237, and THE SHINING

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I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to attend Fantastic Fest this year, because it’s one of the most exciting film festivals around.  We previously reported that this year’s opening night flick would be the stop-motion animated adaptation of Frankenweenie, and now the full line-up is starting to be announced.  Fantastic Fest usually announces its line-up in waves, and wave one has already got some big highlights for genre fans.  There’s the hard R-rated Dredd, Quentin Dupieux‘s hilariously bizarre Wrong, and the excellent documentary Room 237, which is about The Shining.  Oh, and they’ll also be showing The Shining (a movie that doesn’t need a prequel).  Room 237 and The Shining would be a kick-ass double-feature, and I hope those movies will be played together (although I’m not sure which one I would choose to go first; probably Room 237 since it would cause the audience to start combing through the screening of The Shining).

Hit the jump for the first wave of announcements.  Fantastic Fest 2012 runs from September 20 – 27th.

Red-Band Clip for DREDD; Plus Fans Have a Chance to Win a Trip to London to See the Film

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As Steve is taking part in the Masters of the Web panel this year at Comic-Con which is being hosted by Dredd star Karl Urban, we’ve been provided with an exclusive red-band clip to share with our readers.  I saw the film last night and let me first warn you: this film is absolutely brutal.  Director Pete Travis‘ Dredd is 100% a hard R with incredibly graphic violence throughout the film’s entire runtime (as taste of what’s to come is on display in this clip).  This movie couldn’t possibly be more different from Sylvester Stallone’s iteration of the character, and I think fans of the comics and/or Judge Dredd character will really be happy with this pic.  That said, be prepared for a lot of violence.  You can read Matt’s review here.

Though most of you wren’t lucky enough to catch the film at Comic-Con, fans have the chance to win a trip to London to screen the film there.  More details can be found at JudgementIsComing.com.  Hit the jump to check out the clip.  The film also stars Olivia Thirlby and Lena HeadeyDredd opens in 3D on September 21st.

Free Screening of DREDD 3D Wednesday Night at Comic-Con; Plus Karl Urban Moderates the Masters of the Web Panel Thursday

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If you’re going to Comic-Con next week and looking forward to director Pete TravisDredd 3D, which stars Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey, I’ve got some great news: Lionsgate has partnered up with the sites on the Masters of the Web panel (which we’re a part of) for a free screening Wednesday night at 10pm!  In addition, Urban will introduce the screening, and he’s also going to moderate the Masters of the Web panel the following day.

For info on the Masters of the Web panel and how to get free tickets to the screening, hit the jump.

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