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Later this month, Warner Bros. will be releasing director Frank Coraci’s (Click) new comedy Blended into theaters.  The film stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as two single parents who, after vowing never to see each other following a disastrous blind date, end up booking the same African safari vacation and are forced to share a suite with each other’s families.  In anticipation of the film’s release, we’ve been provided with some Blended-related items to give away to a few of our readers including some apparel, a giraffe tote, binoculars, a Coffee Beanery basket, and more.

Hit the jump to find out how you can win the contest and to get a look at the items up for grabs.  Blended opens on May 23rd.

Enter Our GODZILLA Giveaway

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In the midst of the various superhero movies heading our way this summer stands one very large, very intimidating creature.  Director Gareth Edwards makes his studio debut on the new iteration of Godzilla, and everything we’ve seen from the film thus far has been excellent.  In anticipation of the pic’s release, we’ve got a bounty of Godzilla-related items to give away to some lucky readers including a Diablotek D2 tablet, gift cards, a messenger bag, a copy of the soundtrack, hoodies, t-shirts, and more.

Hit the jump to find out how you can win our Godzilla giveaway and to get a closer look at what we’re giving away.  Godzilla opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on May 16th.

Collider Giveaway: Win a Copy of the HARRY POTTER Hogwarts Collection Blu-ray/DVD Set

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Though the franchise came to a close a couple of years ago, the Harry Potter series will have a long, long shelf-life.  The films are endlessly rewatchable, and as such, the Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection (Blu-ray/DVD/UltraViolet) set is a great buy.  The price for the Blu-ray collection is fairly steep, but we’ve been provided with one copy to give away to a lucky reader.  The collection includes all eight films on Blu-ray, DVD, and UltraViolet, as well as a bounty of extras including the 8-part Creating the World of Harry Potter documentary series.  If you don’t own all the films on Blu-ray, this is a great way to complete your collection in one fell swoop.

Hit the jump to find out how you can win.


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Wally Pfister has done excellent work as a cinematographer on films like The Dark Knight, Inception, and Moneyball, but he’s making the move to the director’s chair with the ambitious sci-fi thriller Transcendence.  The film revolves around a group of scientists trying to build the first self-aware supercomputer, and when lead researcher Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) becomes the target of anti-technology extremists, he unexpectedly becomes a participant in his own transcendence.  In anticipation of the pic’s release, we’re happy to give away a few Transcendence-related items to some lucky readers, including a solar charger, T-shirts, passes to see the film, and more.

Hit the jump to find out how you can win and to get a look at the materials.  Transcendence opens in theaters on April 18th, following special 8pm screenings on April 17th.


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Opening exclusively in select IMAX and IMAX 3D theaters on April 4th is the documentary feature Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar.  Directed by David Douglas and narrated by Morgan Freeman, the film takes audiences deep into the remote and wondrous world of Madgascar, which is home to the highly endangered lemurs, an animal that first arrived on the island as a castaway millions of years ago before evolving into hundreds of diverse species.  The IMAX and IMAX 3D technology provides a fantastically immersive experience for audience members, transporting them to the titular island while also giving them a close-up look at this endangered species.  In anticipation of the film’s release, we’re happy to give away some Island Of Lemurs-related items to a few lucky readers, including a pair of IMAX tickets, plushes, t-shirts, and a limited edition Lemur SpiritHood.

Hit the jump to get a look at the items and to find out how you can win.

ENEMY Giveaway: Win the Soundtrack and a Poster Signed by Jake Gyllenhaal

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We have a soundtrack and a poster signed by Jake Gyllenhaal to give away before Enemy hits limited release on March 14.  Gyllenhaal reunites with Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve for the thriller about a university lecturer, Adam, who discovers an actor who looks just like him: “Consumed by the desire to meet his double, Adam tracks down Anthony, an actor living with his pregnant wife Helen (Sarah Gadon) and engages him in a complex and dangerous struggle.”  Mélanie Laurent and Isabella Rossellini also star.

Hit the jump to find out how to enter and more on the film.

Los Angeles Readers: Win Tickets to an Advance Screening and Director Q&A for THE RAID 2

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If you live in the Los Angeles area and are looking forward to director Gareth Evans’ action sequel The Raid 2, you might want to pay attention.  We’ve been provided with tickets for an advance screening of the film in Los Angeles to give away to a few lucky readers, which includes a post-movie Q&A with Evans.  The film picks up directly after the events of the first pic, as rookie cop Rama (Iko Uwais) must go undercover in the criminal underworld to protect his wife and infant son after his raid of a gangster-ridden high-rise has attracted the attention of some very bad and very powerful people.  Matt was effusive in his praise of the film after he saw it at Sundance, so if you liked Evans’ first pic and would enjoy seeing that type of martial arts prowess on an epic scale, The Raid 2 is unlikely to disappoint.

Hit the jump to find out how you can enter to win tickets for the screening on March 13th, but please be advised that this contest is only open to people that live in the Los Angeles area.  The Raid 2 opens in theaters on March 28th.

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE Giveaway

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Fans have waited a long time for the follow-up to Zack Snyder’s 2006 film 300, but the wait is almost over as director Noam Murro’s “inbetweenquel” 300: Rise of an Empire is poised to hit theaters in a matter of days.  For those unfamiliar, the film finds Greek general Themistokles attempting to unite all of Greece by leading the charge that will change the course of the way against the massive invading Persian forces, led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and Artemisa (Eva Green), the vengeful commander of the Persian navy.  In anticipation of the film’s release, we’ve got some fun 300: Rise of an Empire-related materials to give away to some lucky readers, including an Android tablet, a pair of IMAX tickets, gorgeous-looking coffee table book 300: Rise of an Empire: The Art of the Film, a mini replica of one of the ships, t-shirts, hoodies, a duffel bag, and more.

Hit the jump to find out how you can win and to get a closer look at some of the materials.  300: Rise of an Empire opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D in special 8pm screenings on Thursday, March 6th and starts everywhere March 7th.

Win Tickets to BAD WORDS Los Angeles Premiere

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One of my favorite films at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival was Jason Bateman‘s directorial debut Bad WordsAndrew Dodge’s awesome script centers on a high-school drop-out (Bateman) who uses a loophole to compete in an 8th grade spelling bee, enraging teachers and parents alike, but befriending an awkward young contestant along the way.  And while the film could easily be a family friendly, PG movie that plays it safe, I’m happy to report Bateman has crafted a wholly R-rated movie that’s loaded with inappropriate dialogue and hysterical situations.  It also explains why Focus Features quickly snapped it up during an all night bidding war following the world premiere.  Bad Words also stars Kathryn Hahn, Allison Janney, Ben Falcone, Philip Baker Hall and Rohan Chandz. 

With the film opening in limited release March 14 and expanding across the country March 21 and March 28, Focus is holding a Los Angeles premiere on March 5th and we’ve got five pairs of tickets to give away to some of our readers!  Hit the jump for details on how to win.


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Opening in theaters this Valentine’s Day is Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman’s directorial debut Winter’s Tale.  Based on the novel of the same name by Mark Helprin, the story takes place in a mythic New York City and spans more than a century, revolving around a thief (Colin Farrell) whose love appears to transcend time.  In anticipation of the film’s release, we’ve been provided with some Winter’s Tale-related materials to give away to a few lucky readers, including a heart pocket watch necklace, a plush blanket, knit gloves, and even a chance to name a star from the International Star Registry.

Hit the jump to find out how you can win and to get a look at some of the giveaway materials.  Winter’s Tale opens February 14th.

Exclusive Featurette from ENDER’S GAME Blu-ray Goes behind the Scenes of Asa Butterfield’s Zero-Gravity Training, Plus an ENDER’S GAME Blu-ray Giveaway!

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Gavin Hood’s sci-fi adventure Ender’s Game comes to Blu-ray February 11th, and we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look to share with you today.  This Blu-ray featurette takes a look at stars Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld going through zero-gravity training and shooting scenes for the Battle Room.  In addition to the actors’ commentary, director Hood and stunt coordinator Garrett Warren talk about the process of shooting realistic zero-gravity scenes, training the actors to simulate motion in zero gravity, and even inventing unique rigs to move the actors around on set.  It’s a cool look behind the scenes of Ender’s Game’s movie magic.  Hit the jump to watch, and for how you can win a copy of Ender’s Game on Blu-ray.

Win a Limited Tom Whalen Poster for Game Show THE CHASE

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Last week we premiered Tom Whalen’s screen printed poster for The Chase (airing on the Game Show Network),and I mentioned in the near future we’d be giving away a few of the posters.  Today is that day.  The print features Mark Labbett and Brooke Burns from the set of the show and it’s limited to 100 copies with 25 variants using alternate colors. Thanks to some awesome PF folks, we’re giving away one signed poster and two unsigned posters for the runners up.  Hit the jump for how to enter.

You can watch The Chase on GSN Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT, with the season finale set to air February 4th.


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I am incredibly excited for The LEGO Movie.  Though big budget films based on popular IP normally result in fleetingly fun fare made to appeal to the widest possible audience, The LEGO Movie has me enthused because it has Phil Lord and Chris Miller—the brilliantly funny minds behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street—steering the ship as the film’s directors.  The story revolves around Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt), an ordinary construction worker who finds himself anointed “The Special”, a master builder who will lead a band of rebels to save the world from the evil President Business (Will Ferrell).  In anticipation of the film’s release, we’re happy to give away some great The LEGO Movie-themed prizes to a few lucky readers.  The prizes include t-shirts, LEGO kits, key chains, minifigures, and more.

Hit the jump to find out how you can win and to get a look at the prizes.  The LEGO Movie opens February 7th. 

VIKINGDOM Giveaway: Win a Copy of the DVD, a Poster and a Frickin’ SWORD!

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Well it’s not every day we get to give away a frickin’ sword here at Collider, but today is that day!  You can win an actual sword used in the production of director Yusry Kru’s Vikingdom, along with a poster and a copy of the movie on DVD.  Starring Dominic Purcell, Conan Stevens, Natassia Malthe, Craig Fairbrass, and Jon Foo, Vikingdom centers on the forgotten King Eirick (Purcell) as he battles his way from hell and beyond to retrieve the mystical artifact, Odin’s Horn, before Thor and his army can unleash its powers to conquer the world.

Vikingdom is available now on DVD and Digital Download by Epic Pictures Releasing.  Hit the jump to see how you can win!

Check Out THE RAID 2 Trading Cards and Enter to Win Tickets to the Sundance World Premiere

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the raid 2 cards

We have something cool for those looking forward to The Raid 2, and something even cooler for those looking forward to The Raid 2 who are currently at the Sundance Film Festival.  First, we have the exclusive premiere of new trading card images that list the bio and weapon of choice for Bangun, Prakoso, Ryuichi, and Baseball Bat Man (Brother to Hammer Girl).  FYI, Baseball Bat Man’s weapon of choice is Baseball Bat.

Second, if you’re at Sundance, we have two tickets to give away for the world premiere of The Raid 2 on January 21 at the Eccles Theater in Park City.  Find out how you can win the tickets and check out the trading cards after the jump.

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