Joe Carnahan Says His DAREDEVIL Pitch “Went Up in Smoke” [Updated]

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Last week, we reported the exciting news that Fox was looking at director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) to reboot Daredevil.  The studio needs to get a reboot of the Man without Fear into production by October 10th or else the rights for the character will revert to Marvel Studios.  There was even word that Fox, in order to hold onto the rights a little longer, was willing to make a trade with Marvel.  This report was later denied, and we learned that Fox was still lukewarm on rebooting Daredevil.  Carnahan was still involved, but now that may have changed as well.

Hit the jump for more including two very cool updates:

DAREDEVIL Reboot May Land Director Joe Carnahan; Marvel and Fox Swap Comic Book Characters

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With the rights to Daredevil set to revert to Marvel on October 10th, 20th Century Fox is anxious to start production on a reboot.  With director David Slade having exited, Fox is now looking at Joe Carnahan (The Grey) to helm.  While solidifying a director is a step in the right direction, the deadline still looms.  Luckily, Fox has been in talks with Marvel for a character swap of sorts, an arrangement that, if both studios agree, could keep the “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller” version of Daredevil at Fox while bringing some big players back to Marvel.  Hit the jump to find out who.

Joe Carnahan’s CONTINUE Moving Forward at Fox

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Though it’s still a little hard to believe, director Joe Carnahan’s The Grey remains one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year.  The “Liam Neeson fights wolves” movie blindsided me as a surprisingly introspective and meditative look at survival, life, and death, anchored by an emotionally gut-punching performance from Neeson.  The film did well at the box office for an R-rated survival pic, taking in over $75 million.  Hot off the film’s commercial and critical success, Carnahan committed to directing a remake of the 1974 action pic Death Wish, and it now looks like another one of his passion projects is moving forward: an action spin on the Groundhog Day premise called Continue.  Hit the jump for more.

Joe Carnahan Talks DEATH WISH Remake; Says His Version Is Set in Contemporary L.A. in the Vein of COLLATERAL

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Just the other day, we reported that The Grey director Joe Carnahan was set to helm a remake of the 1974 actioner Death Wish. The revenge pic kicked off a wave of actions films and catapulted Charles Bronson to stardom. Very little was known about Carnahan’s version at the time we heard about his involvement, but the director recently took to Twitter to talk about his vision for the pic. He says it’s set in present day Los Angeles, and his goal is to capture an unseen version of L.A. a la Michael Mann’s gritty 2004 thriller Collateral. Hit the jump to hear more from Carnahan.

THE GREY Director Joe Carnahan Set to Helm Remake of DEATH WISH [Updated with Comments from Carnahan]

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As Joe Carnahan’s latest directorial effort, The Grey, is poised to be the number one film at the box this weekend, the director has now landed another high-profile project. Carnahan is being hired to write and direct a remake of the 1974 action pic Death Wish. The original served as the breakout film for star Charles Bronson, and kicked off a wave of action movies. The story was loosely based on a novel of the same name and centers on a liberal architect who sets out for vengeance after his wife and daughter are attacked. It’s basically a one-man revenge tale, and Carnahan seems an absolute perfect fit for the material. Hit the jump for more. [Update: Carnahan recently commented on his vision for the project. His thoughts are included after the jump]

Joe Carnahan Talks THE GREY, Deleted Scenes, Liam Neeson, The A-TEAM Sequel, KILLING PABLO, Mark Millar’s NEMESIS, and More

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Joe Carnahan THE A-TEAM Sequel slice

With director Joe Carnahan’s (Narc, Smokin’ Aces, and The A-Team) awesome survival-action flick The Grey now playing, I recently got the chance to talk with the cast and Carnahan about making the movie.  Starring Liam Neeson, Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, Nonso Anozie, and Joe Anderson, The Grey is about a group of oilmen who have crash landed in the hunting zone of a rogue pack of wolves in the Alaskan tundra.  If you’re a fan of the cast, Carnahan, or just well made movies, The Grey will not disappoint.

During the press junket I got to talk to Carnahan twice. The first time was just about making The Grey.  However, when we spoke the second time, we talked about deleted scenes, what his friends and family screening told him about the movie (especially what he learned from Warrior director Gavin O’Connor), why Liam Neeson is a great action star, what’s up with Mark Millar‘s Nemesis (and how Neeson would be a perfect Blake Morrow), Killing Pablo, and reveals that he’d written the opening of the The A-Team Sequel that he planned had the first film done better commercially.  Hit the jump to watch.

TOP 5: 2012 Oscar Nods, CHUCK Series Finale Interviews, THE GREY, MAN ON A LEDGE, 2012 Sundance Coverage

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So, after two weeks of talking about it, I finally caught Steven Soderbergh‘s Haywire. My thoughts? I was satisfied. Not blown away. Not shaking my head in disappointment. Satisfied. Soderbergh’s fight scenes were as beautifully executed as can be reasonably expected. In my opinion, though, there just weren’t enough of them. David Holmes’ score was fantastic when set behind said fight/chase/action sequences so, by default, there just wasn’t enough of it. The same could be said for much of the ensemble cast. In large part, their screen time was time well served. There just wasn’t enough of it to go around. So, do I recommend Haywire? Sure. As long as you go in with the expectation of seeing a slick action/thriller that is somewhat light on action and thrills. Now, onto business…

…After the jump, you’ll find that this week’s “Top 5″ is comprised of the 2012 Oscar nominations, interviews from our Chuck series finale set visit, a number of interviews for both The Grey and Man on a Ledge, and an ode to all of our 2012 Sundance coverage. A quick recap and link to each follows.


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The world really couldn’t care less. That’s the opinion of Joe Carnahan’s The Grey, a bleak and gritty look at survival in the middle of Alaska’s harsh wilderness. This is man versus nature to an extreme extent, and there exists few gimmicks. Carnahan seems to have taken a back to basics approach and delivers the goods. Considering his past few films and their loud, cartoonish ways, there is an odd confidence that the course he is on is something worth sticking with. Liam Neeson is a standout among his fellow survivors, but everything works towards a common goal that doesn’t feel hampered by conventions. While it may be bleak, the journey is entertaining because of all the surprises and the sheer quality of the product. Hit the jump for my full review.

Director Joe Carnahan THE GREY Interview

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Joe Carnahan THE GREY Interview slice

With director Joe Carnahan’s (Narc, Smokin’ Aces, and The A-Team) awesome survival-action flick The Grey opening this weekend, I recently got the chance to talk with the cast.  Starring Liam Neeson, Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, Nonso Anozie, and Joe Anderson, The Grey is about a group of oilmen who have crash landed in the hunting zone of a rogue pack of wolves in the Alaskan tundra.  If you’re a fan of the cast, Carnahan, or just well made movies, The Grey will not disappoint.

During my interview with Carnahan we talked about the challenges of making the film, how quickly the project came together and arrived in theaters, did he have to cut anything out on set due to the hazardous conditions, and does he read what people say online.  Hit the jump to watch.

Red Band Trailer for THE GREY

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Director Joe Carnahan’s survival thriller The Grey opens this weekend, and a last-minute red band trailer for the film has been released online. The pic stars Liam Neeson and centers on a group of plane crash survivors who have landed in the hunting zone of a rogue pack of wolves in the Alaskan tundra. As you can expect, Neeson goes all badass on the wolves, and that’s on full-display here in this new trailer. I think this is the best look at the film we’ve seen yet, as it gives both a sufficient plot setup and a nice tease of the intense action to come.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer. If you missed it, be sure to check out Steve’s interview with Neeson. The film also stars Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale, Dermot Mulroney, and Frank Grillo. The Grey opens this Friday, January 27th.

What Could Have Been: Director Joe Carnahan Describes the Opening of THE A-TEAM Sequel

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Joe Carnahan THE A-TEAM Sequel slice

Director Joe Carnahan is currently doing the press rounds for his new survival thriller The Grey starring Liam Neeson. Steve recently got the chance to sit down with the director for an extended exclusive interview, and while we’ve already shared what he had to say about the Nemesis movie and his long-gestating Pablo Escobar drama Killing Pablo, today we wanted to share a few tidbits on what Carnahan had planned for the opening of The A-Team sequel.  While the director’s feature film version of the popular 1980s television series opened in 2010 and did fair business at the box office, it unfortunately wasn’t popular enough to warrant a sequel.

However, when speaking with Steve, the director revealed his detailed plan for a pretty ambitious opening to the sequel, and talked about why he thinks the first film didn’t meet box office expectations. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

THE GREY Unleashes New Clips and Poster Featuring Liam Neeson

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Pop quiz, hot shot: you have a choice between facing a pack of hungry wolves protecting their territory in the Alaskan wilderness or Liam Neeson armed with broken-bottle glass-knuckles. Before you answer, you should check out these new clips from Neeson’s upcoming “man vs nature” flick, The Grey. In it, Neeson leads a crew of oil rig roughnecks in a race for survival after their plane crashes in the barren north. We’ve previously brought you two different trailers and even marked the film as one of “Collider’s Most Anticipated” of early 2011. What else do you want from us? Oh, right. The clips.

The Grey, by director Joe Carnahan, also stars Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, Joe Anderson, James Badge Dale and Nonso Anozie. It opens in theaters January 27th. Hit the jump to check out the clips and a new banner poster.

Director Joe Carnahan Talks Mark Millar’s NEMESIS and KILLING PABLO; Says Liam Neeson Would Make Fantastic Blake Morrow for NEMESIS

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Joe Carnahan Nemesis killing pablo interview slice

After 2010’s feature film adaptation of The A-Team, director Joe Carnahan is back on the scene with his action-survival flick The Grey. The pic is garnering some pretty great advanced buzz, especially for the bad-assnes of star Liam Neeson, and Steve recently sat down with the director to talk about the film. While we’ll have the full interview up soon, we wanted to share a few interesting tidbits that Carnahan revealed regarding a couple of his upcoming projects.

The director spoke a bit about his adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic Nemesis, revealing that he and Millar have talked about the possibility of Neeson playing Blake Morrow in the pic. Additionally, Carnahan spoke at length about his Pablo Escobar epic Killing Pablo, saying that it’s the film he hopes to make next. The director also talked about dropping out of Umbra, the happy coincidence of The A-Team not being a big hit, and more. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

Martin Campbell to Direct Conspiracy Drama UMBRA; Paul Haggis Rewriting Screenplay

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Just as director Joe Carnahan (The A-Team) exits the drama Umbra, the project gains a new director and screenwriter. Deadline reports that Casino Royale director Martin Campbell has been set to helm the pic, which centers on “a business man who gets a mysterious package in the mail and gets caught up in a government conspiracy.” In addition to Campbell jumping onboard, Paul Haggis (Crash) has been brought on to rewrite the screenplay. Haggis previously did rewrite work for Campbell on Royale, so the two have a rapport. Deadline’s report says Carnahan’s exit from the project was amicable, as The Grey director dropped out for personal reasons.

The original draft of the script was written by Steven Karczynski and Carnahan had done some rewriting before he left. There’s no word on the extent to which Haggis will rework the script, but production is set to begin in the spring so I presume it’s fairly minimal. Campbell is coming off of the less-than-stellar Green Lantern, and was recently tapped to helm the pilot for ABC’s thriller series The Last Resort. While Green Lantern was a giant misstep, I’m usually a fan of Campbell’s work so I’m excited to see him move back to more dramatic material.

New Trailer for THE GREY

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A new trailer has gone online for Joe Carnahan’s survival-action flick The Grey.  Once again, Liam Neeson plays a man with a very special set of skills, but this time it’s about surviving against the wild rather than surviving Paris.  Neeson’s character must help a group of oil-rig roughnecks after their plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness.  I’ve enjoyed all of Carnahan’s previous movies (Narc, Smokin’ Aces, and The A-Team) and I can’t remember the last time we saw a solid men-vs-wild movie (maybe The Edge?  It has Anthony Hopkins rasslin’ grizzly bears).  I continue to hope that this movie delivers with the force of broken-bottle knuckles.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film also stars Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, Joe Anderson, James Badge Dale, and Nonso AnozieThe Grey opens January 27, 2012.

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