DIE HARD 5 to Be Titled A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD; Plus More Details on the Upcoming Sequel

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Fox Filmed Entertainment Co-Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman went on Jim Rome this morning and since Rome is a big fan of the Die Hard franchise, Rothman answered some questions about the upcoming sequel.  Rothman told Rome [via /Film] that the official title is A Good Day to Die Hard, because I guess John McClane (Bruce Willis) is now a Klingon.  Shooting is set to begin in January 2012 for a February 14, 2013 release (President’s Day weekend, but it may also be a nice date flick).  The story will have McClane traveling to Russia to save his son John McClane, Jr., “but nothing is what it seems.” (Russia’s been dead the whole time!)  They’re still casting for John McClane Jr. and they’re not sure if the film will be PG-13 or R.

Hit the jump for more details on the sequel.

John Moore to Direct DIE HARD 5

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The search for a director for Die Hard 5 may finally be over. After Noam Murro left the project to helm 300: Battle of Artemisia, a number of names were thrown around as possible replacements, including Fast Five’s Justin Lin and Attack the Block helmer Joe Cornish. Ultimately, it looks like Fox settled on John Moore, a director whose credits include such underwhelming fare as Max Payne and Flight of the Phoenix. Fox was apparently keen on Moore from the get-go, but Bruce Willis took some convincing. Willis was won over by Moore’s “love for the John McClane character” and grasp of how to shoot stunts practically with minimal CGI. Hit the jump for more, including my thoughts on this decision.

Shortlist for DIE HARD 5 Directors Includes Joe Cornish, Nicolas Winding Refn and Justin Lin

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It appears that Fox is eager to get Die Hard 5 going as quickly as possible. Just the other day we reported that Noam Murro is no longer attached to the project (he’s busy with the 300 prequel 300: Battle of Artemisia), and Fox is on the lookout for a new director for the Russian-set sequel. Now a short list of directors Fox is interested in has appeared and it includes: Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), Justin Lin (Fast Five) and John Moore (Max Payne). Hit the jump for more details, as well as my personal preference.

DIE HARD 5 Goes to Russia and Seeks New Director

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There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the sadly inevitable Die Hard 5 over the past few years, from Bruce Willis claiming it would be a worldwide undershirt adventure to talk that it might inexplicably be called Die Hard 24/7. The most recent bit of news to sneak out of the endless Die Hard 5 rumor treadmill was that the new film would weirdly be directed by award-winning commercial helmer Noam Murro of Smart People fame. Franchise fans struggled to imagine what an indie quirk comedy version of Die Hard could possibly be, with guns removed in favor of manic-depressive deadpan comedy. Fortunately we won’t have to worry about that any longer as today it’s been reported that Murro has left the project. However, Willis and the studio are still determined to milk a little more cast out of the Die Hard brand name and plan to search for a new director for the latest franchise entry that will apparently send John McClane to Russia (we’re as confused as you are by that one). Hit the jump for more info on the endlessly delayed five-quel.

Fox and Paramount Buy Sci-Fi Pitches from Peter Buchman and Brian Miller

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A brief report on two sci-fi pitches that found studio homes tonight.  20th Century Fox has picked up a pitch by screenwriter Peter Buchman (Che) with John Moore (Max Payne) attached to direct.  The logline is under wraps, but THR suggests there could be a science fiction element.  Moore will produce with John Davis (Predators).

Across town, Paramount Pictures acquired an untitled sci-fi thriller based on a pitch from Brian Miller.  According to Deadline, Miller pitched the “bid idea” movie with a budget under $30 million during a general meeting with Brad Weston (Bad Santa), who will produce.  Miller launched his writing career with Apollo 18, a similarly small-scale sci-fi concept that caught the eye of producer/director Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted).  Apollo 18 opens on April 22.

McG and Breck Eisner Vie to Direct OUIJA

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Though many have been considered, Universal’s Ouija adaptation is still without a director.  McG (Terminator Salvation) and Breck Eisner (The Crazies) are the latest to vie for the job, having presented their cinematic take on the supernatural board game to Universal executives over the past two weeks.  The studio still has time to be choosy, with a script in place from Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (Tron: Legacy).  There is an implicit deadline to pick a director, though, with a set release date of November 9, 2012.

Hit the jump for some background information on the board game and how Universal intends to make it a movie.

Fox and MAX PAYNE Director John Moore Set Sights on ICE ROAD TRUCKERS 3D

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One of the many perks of 3D technology is being able to truly convey the experience of grizzled semi-truck drivers as they bravely cover 350 miles of ice-covered terrain. While the validity of the previous statement is up for debate, the fact that 20th Century Fox and director John Moore (Max Payne) are currently thinking along similar lines is not. Today, Deadline is reporting that the man who helmed a less than impressive video game adaptation and the studio who brought the world X-Men Origins: Wolverine (I’m still waiting to wake up and realize it was all a bad dream…or that the otherwise great Hugh Jackman was actually dead the whole time) are in talks to create a 3D film based on The History Channel’s highly successful, albeit not completely historic, program Ice Road Truckers.

If the thought of heavily bearded men (yes, I’m just guessing they will have beards) jumping out at you from a giant screen seems exciting, hit the jump to find out more about the project.

Taylor Lautner and Tom Cruise to Co-Star in Flyboy Movie NORTHERN LIGHTS — UPDATED

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According to Deadline, Taylor Lautner and Tom Cruise will be co-starring in a film called Northern Lights, with filming set to start on April 1st.  David Ellison’s Skydance Productions is behind the film, and John Moore of Max Payne fame will be directing. This film makes Lautner now the highest paid teenage star with his salary for the role rumored at $7.5 million, though that salary does not include countless tween-girl screams.  And no, Lautner won’t be playing a shirtless werewolf.  Sorry to get your hopes up, but you’ll have to wait until Eclipse for more of that.

The plot of Northern Lights sounds an awful lot like Top Gun, but if you ask me that’s not a problem since it’s easily the best airplane-based homoerotic American action movie other than Con-Air.  The film is about “a gifted, young aerobatics pilot who faces off with his controlling, billionaire father and falls in love with a gifted female pilot” according to the logline.  There is as of yet no word as to whether there will be a gifted rival pilot ala Val Kilmer or any shirtless volleyball playing, but we can all hope for both.  Lautner’s career is definitely growing quickly following his turn in Twilight, with this new film as well as Max Steel, Paramount’s latest announced Lautner star vehicle.  Lautner’s career is growing fast, with his recent SNL hosting gig showing off his comedic timing and his crazy martial arts skills, and the Twilight films making massive bank, and it’ll be interesting to see how he does carrying a film alongside a huge (and controversial) star like Tom Cruise. [UPDATE: We've received word that Tom Cruise is not in the film and there is no "billionaire father" in the story]

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