Entertainment Weekly Lists the 25 Best Soundtracks from the Past 25 Years

by     Posted 5 years, 20 days ago


I’m no music expert what with their fancy degrees and ability to appreciate music beyond “This sounds good.”  But I do know lists and lists generate controversy and controversy equals traffic!  And with their patented “slideshow” format which creates more hits based on an itemized story, EW.com has a real racket going!

Well, we just listed it like normal people after the jump.  Take a look, see if you agree, and scream your disbelief at how a certain album you love wasn’t included.  Also, remember that this is a list of soundtracks which are usually a collection of songs used in a movie as opposed to a score which is usually the instrumental accompaniment to the film created by a single composer (although there are obviously scores created by more than one composer).

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