SCANDAL Recap: “Inside the Bubble”

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With “Inside the Bubble,” Scandal began laying the groundwork for the season’s biggest arcs, including another round of battles between Rowan and Jake, as well as an attempt to take down Cyrus from the inside (of his throat, apparently).  The love triangle between Olivia, Fitz and Jake won’t really heat up until next week, but meanwhile, there was some filler about Quinn and the remnants of her love triangle.  The most promising thing Scandal has going for it this season, though, are the journeys of two women: Mellie and Abby.  Both are finding their footing, and in a best case scenario, they may even become allies.  Hit the jump if you’re thirsty.

FOLLOWING FREAK SHOW: Episode 1 – AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 4 Premiere “Monsters Among Us”

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Welcome to the very first episode of Following Freak Show, a show that’s all about discussing the crazy things that go down on American Horror Story: Freak Show.  In the premiere episode, “Monsters Among Us,” we get an introduction to Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities via Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson), conjoined twins that might just give the business a fighting chance in Jupiter, Florida.

You can catch new episodes of Following Freak Show right here on Collider each week the day after a new episode of American Horror Story airs.  And if you’d like to follow the panelists in between new releases, here’s everybody’s Twitter handles: @PNemiroff@AlexisSaarela, @djSheSay and @ActuallySasha.  Hit the jump to check out this week’s Following Freak Show.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW Season Premiere Recap: “Monsters Among Us”

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The moment the American Horror Story season 4 circus/freak show rumor started circulating, it was obvious; it’d be a genius new setting for the series.  The show isn’t really known for its sound storylines, but if you let loose and embrace its dedication to going bigger than big, taking eccentric characters and throwing them into wildly bizarre situations, it’s an endlessly entertaining watch.  If Murder House, Asylum and Coven were too much for you, you’d better change the channel, cancel your DVR recording or delete the digital copy immediately.  But, if you dug the first three seasons and have your fingers crossed for even more over-the-top behavior, deeply disturbing scenarios and highly unusual characters, you’ll likely get your wish because based on the premiere episode, it looks as though American Horror Story: Freak Show is going to exceed all hopes and expectations.

Hit the jump for my American Horror Story: Freak Show recap.

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: “Making Friends and Influencing People”

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Welcome back, true believers!  Recapping from last week’s episode: Fitz is still crazy, Coulson’s still busy, May’s still fighting, Ward’s still in lockdown, and yet Simmons was still nowhere to be found.  Tonight’s episode, entitled, “Making Friends and Influencing People”, will show us what has become of Agent Simmons and her apparent heel turn against the team to join the ranks of Hydra.  Also in this episode, the return of one of the super powered baddies from the first season, Blizzard.  Is Simmons really an agent of Hydra?  Will the team be able to talk some sense into her?  Will Spider-Man really be brought into the Avengers movie franchise?  Two of these questions will be answered once you hit the jump…

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Recap: “King of Norway”

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The woman who feared the bodies under the boardwalk said it all: there are “all manner of dark doings” happening on Boardwalk Empire.  “King of Norway” found all of its characters in deep turmoil, except perhaps Margaret.  Flashbacks to Nucky’s young adulthood — a move forward in that timeline — are also starting to show a more complete picture of who and what Nucky is, or at least, who he thought he should become.  That confusion has caused him a lifetime of heartache, but what he is defined by now just the same as he was then is resilience.  Hit the jump if you know that you can tune a piano, but can you tuna fish?

HOMELAND Season 4 Premiere Recap, Part 2: “Trylon and Perisphere”

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The second hour of Homeland‘s new season didn’t let up at all from the powerhouse nature of its first.  It did, however, focus more on its characters, while also setting up the season-long arc (which is finding out who Sandy’s asset was, and unraveling that treasonous cluster).  One that that hasn’t changed since Season Three is the head of the CIA, Lockhart, being a total dickhead.  After the horrorshow in “The Drone Queen,” Lockhart recalled Carrie and wanted her grounded back in the U.S. as part of “accountability” (also known as scapegoating).  But nothing in Kabul could frighten Carrie as much as confronting her life back home.  Hit the jump for why “now, I fulfill freedom of information requests from conspiracy nuts in Ohio.”

THE STRAIN Season One Finale Recap “The Master”

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There are some season finales that require threads to be tied up, because there are clear arcs that need to be completed before moving forward.  Others spend most of their time dealing with either the fallout from a climactic penultimate episode, and/or setting things up for the next season.  Very few essentially act just as a regular episode that then introduces a lot of new items to be addressed next year; and often when they do, things feel unfinished.  In the case of “The Master,” though, it was perfect.

The Strain‘s entire first season has felt like a prologue, setting up this strigori-ridden world, building up the mythology of the vampires, and assembling our band of heroes to help fight them.  Because of that, “The Master” did exactly what it needed to do to make viewers want to return for the next chapter, without feeling like we wasted time on the first.  Hit the jump if you are planning on eating Mexican tonight.

HOMELAND Season 4 Premiere Recap, Part 1: “The Drone Queen”

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Everyone knows the story of Homeland‘s ups (its fantastic first season) and downs (the last two seasons), but its fourth season remained a big question mark.  “The Drone Queen,” the first of a two-episode premiere, should have assuaged any concerns.  The Brodys are gone – completelygone — and the show has found a way to totally revamp itself moving forward.  It may not capture the brilliant struggle of its inaugural season, but it may have just made a turn to being another kind of very compelling drama.  Hit the jump for more on Homeland 2.0.

SCANDAL Recap: “The State of the Union”

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For a little while, Scandal‘s “The State of the Union” felt kind of like old-school OPA.  Sure, it was only Huck and Quinn in the OPA War Room putting up glossy photos and freestyin’ their clients’ history, but this Case of the Week seemed poised for something particularly scandalous.  Had the golden couple, the Elliots, been abducted?  Was this a B6-13 op?  Why weren’t they answering Cyrus’ phone calls, and missing flight after flight?  Hit the jump “because we’re Republicans!!”

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: “Heavy is the Head”

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Welcome back, true believers!  When last we left our band of wayward agents, the hidden artifact known as the Obelisk had been taken by Avengers-villain, Crusher Creel (aka the Absorbing Man).  The team lost one of their newest members apparently as Lucy Lawless’ Hartlay bit the bullet and was killed in the final minutes of the season premiere, though this is the Marvel universe and resurrections are fair game for any character.  Tonight, we’ll see the return of the mysterious “woman in the flower dress”, Raina, apparently seeking to help the team rather than inhibit them.  Will the team join their old foe in attempting to reclaim the Obelisk?  Will Fitz go even crazier in this episode?  Why oh why didn’t I make a joke about the Absorbing Man not being played by Nick Nolte during the last recap?  All this and more in the recap for the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Heavy is the Head”….


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The past is coming alive on Boardwalk Empire, and not just through Nucky’s flashbacks.  As things begin to take a turn towards the end for the series, Nucky is confronted not only by how his experiences and choices as a young boy shaped his future, but how things like his relationship with Margaret also changed him.  The business of being a gangster is changing, too, with the new guard (led by Lucky Luciano) is looking to squeeze out the old, one way or another.  As Lucky tells Al Capone, his vision is to have the Italians unite and run things.  “Nucky Thompson ain’t Italian,” Capone opines regarding Atlantic City.  Lucky assures him: Nucky is being taken care of.  Hit the jump for what that means, and why “I haven’t blushed in 40 years.”

THE STRAIN Recap: “Last Rites”

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One of the problems with The Strain is that for every step forward, it then takes a leap back.  Last week’s “The Third Rail” was a great hour that worked on all fronts, particularly when it came to its monsters.  While “Last Rites” had some great creepy moments (including an always welcomed appearance by the Master), it floundered — as it often does — when it revolves around anything deeper.  But, it also teased the cloaked man/vamp again, as well as some other dark portends for the finale.  Hit the jump to answer the ad for antisocial anarchists.

RAY DONOVAN Season Two Finale Recap: “The Captain”

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What a strange, rushed, and very open-ended finale for Ray Donovan‘s second season, written by departing show runner (and series creator) Ann Biderman.  “The Captain” was an odd way to end things, and didn’t feel at all like a goodbye until next season.  Hit the jump for why hitting people who don’t deserve it, for money, is the story of Ray’s life.

BROOKLYN NINE NINE Recap: Season 2 Premiere “Undercover”

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and, aside from the fact that it’s now on Sunday nights, it hasn’t really missed a step.  The amazing cast of supporting players keep the show in the “must see” zone while Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta still drags things down a bit with his ham-handedness.  Don’t get me wrong, Samberg’s a big talent and is quite capable in the role, it’s just that his part is routinely written to be dumber and slightly less functional than his colleagues.  Granted, this is an imbalance that has improved vastly since the first few episodes of Season 1, but it still remains (albeit at a much more tenable level).

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Premiere Recap: “Shadows”

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We’re back, true believers!  The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have returned with a new purpose and some new cast members to lead the way. Following the dismantling of S.H.I.E.L.D., during both last season and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its up to Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and the rest of his team to pick up the pieces.  The team however now finds itself without the extensive resources of S.H.I.E.L.D. at its fingertips and must battle old foes, and new, in order to carve out a new place for themselves, and their new organization.  Along with the old teammates, the team is joined by Hartley, Lucy Lawless, as well as the returning Patton Oswalt as Agent Koenig.  What new threats face the team this season?  How many Marvel characters will make their first televised appearance?  Who will survive?  Hit the jump for our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 premiere recap entitled, “Shadows”….

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