First Teaser Poster for RED 2 Starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker

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Red 2 doesn’t even start filming until the spring, but a teaser poster for the film has gone online.  The first Red felt like an “almost” movie.  It could have been great, and it had the right cast, but direct Robert Schwentke‘s action felt a little lethargic and the script never quite hit all of its jokes.  Screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber are back to rewrite the script, and now Dean Parisot is in the director’s chair, so hopefully the sequel will be an improvement.  The film will also bring back Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, and Helen Mirren plus throw in some valuable new additions like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-Hun Lee.  There’s also the possibility that Anthony Hopkins and Neal McDonough might sign on, so there’s definitely a strong cast in the works for the sequel.

Hit the jump to check out the poster.  Red 2 is set to open on August 2, 2013.

Sequel Casting Call: Mike Epps Returning for THE HANGOVER PART III; Neal McDonough in Talks to Join RED 2

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We’ve got a couple of casting stories regarding sequels to share today.  First up, Mike Epps in negotiations to reprise his role as “Black Doug” from The Hangover in director Todd Phillips’ upcoming sequel The Hangover Part III.  Original cast members Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis are all set to return, and we recently learned that the debauchery will be taking place in Tijuana this time around.  Ken Jeong is coming back for an expanded role in the third pic, and Variety reports that Epps will be another returning favorite.  The Next Friday actor didn’t appear in The Hangover Part II, but he was great in his few scenes from the first film so this comes as welcome news.

Hit the jump for casting regarding the action sequel Red 2.

Lionsgate Looking to Turn RED, THE EXPENDABLES and STEP UP into TV Series

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With The Expendables 2 hitting theaters this summer, a fourth installment of Step Up arriving in July and a sequel to Red in development, Lionsgate is pretty well set for film franchises. But now it sounds like the studio might be looking to bring those properties to the small screen as well. Deadline has word from a meeting that CEO Jon Feltheimer had with Wall Street analyst this morning where he explicitly mentioned turning RED and Step Up into TV series, properties that come from the studio’s recent merger with Summit Entertainment. And while it wasn’t mentioned at this specific meeting, apparently The Expendables is also part of this endeavor to bring the films’ brand to TV. More after the jump.

Anthony Hopkins May Play the Villain in RED 2

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Earlier this month a major casting announcement for Red 2 was made.  We learned that Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker will all be returning for the follow-up to the 2010 hit, joined by newcomers Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-Hun Lee.  Now it appears that director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) has found his villain.  Heat Vision reports that Anthony Hopkins is in negotiations to join the cast as the film’s baddie, but he has a few scheduling issues to work out first.  He’s set to return as Odin in Thor 2, which is also shooting later this year, but the actor is apparently keen on taking the Red 2 role as well.  Hit the jump for more.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-Hun Lee Join Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Mary-Louise Parker in RED 2

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While we recently learned that Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot would be taking the helm of Red 2 (the sequel to the 2010 hit Red), we still didn’t know which original cast members would be returning for the follow-up.  Well Summit has made one big casting announcement today, confirming that Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Mary-Louise Parker will be reprising their roles from the first film alongside newcomers Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-Hun Lee.

The story for the follow-up will find the team of retired CIA operatives taking on a new set of enemies all across Europe.  The nature of Zeta-Jones’ role isn’t disclosed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she plays the film’s villain.  I have yet to see Red, but I love the hell out of Galaxy Quest and this is certainly an impressive cast so I’m definitely going to have to rectify that sooner rather than later. Hit the jump to read the full press release.  Red 2 opens on August 2nd, 2013.

GALAXY QUEST Director Dean Parisot to Helm RED 2

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About a month after getting confirmation from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura that Red 2 (the sequel to Summit’s 2010 hit Red) is a go, it looks like the project has found a director. Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) is in final talks with the studio to helm the follow-up to the $90 million domestic grossing original. Starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich, the original Red (Retired. Extremely Dangerous.) followed a retired black-ops agent (Willis) as he reassembled his former team in an effort to flush out an assassin. While the original writers Jon and Erich Hoeber are back for the rewrite, there’s no word on when (or if) the original cast could reunite for the sequel. Hit the jump for more on Red 2.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks MAN ON A LEDGE, LAST STAND, and FIVE AGAINST THE BULLET; Confirms RED 2 and TRANSFORMERS 4

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Since his days as president of production at Warner Bros., producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had wanted to turn the script for Man on a Ledge into a film. He felt there was an inherent drama to the idea and saw it as a movie where things keep turning on themselves. There was something gripping about the idea of a man on a ledge and whether he was going to jump or not. What attracted him to the script was the potential for impending catastrophe and the possibility for a strong interactivity between the guy on the ledge and the people down below on the ground.

We sat down with di Bonaventura at a roundtable interview recently to talk about how he came aboard to help produce this film. He told us about the similarities Man on a Ledge shares with Red, why it’s dangerous to make movies that have disparate tones, why he would not have made the project without Sam Worthington, and why he enjoys making both smaller, intimate films like this and huge, spectacular films like Transformers. He also confirmed there will be a Red 2 and a Transformers 4, discussed his Arnold Schwarzenegger project, Last Stand, which South Korean director Jee-woon Kim is currently filming, and revealed his plans to make a Western with Bruce Willis entitled Five Against the Bullet.

Exclusive: Summit Hires Jon and Erich Hoeber to Write Sequel to RED

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Summit Entertainment landed a hit last year with the action-comedy Red.  The Bruce Willis film was the highest-grossing picture for the studio outside of the Twilight franchise and has currently raked in $164 million worldwide.  Also, while you and I know that the Golden Globes are meaningless, the nomination for “Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical)” helped raise the movie’s profile.  With all that in mind, sources have told us that Summit has hired screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber to write a sequel.  It’s worth noting that commissioning a script is not the same thing as a giving a green light.  However, it is an important first step and if Summit is happy with the Hoebers’ screenplay, then I would expect the studio to hit the gas on what they’re probably hoping will be a new franchise.

Hit the jump for more on the Hoebers and my thoughts on a potential sequel.

2011 Golden Globe Nominations Announced; THE KING’S SPEECH Leads with 7 Nominations

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Oh, the Golden Globes: the most popular awards show where nominations and victories are bought and paid for.  While the Globes have a modest reputation as a good indicator of what will be getting Oscar nominations, this year’s list of nominees features a solid, respectable Best Drama category and a laughably terrible Comedy/Musical category.  Nominated for Best Drama, you have likely Oscar contenders Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The King’s Speech, and The Social Network.  But fighting for Best Comedy/Musical you have the critically panned Alice in Wonderland, Burlesque, and The Tourist.  You also have Red and then the only film that deserves to win, The Kids Are All Right.

Hit the jump for the full list of nominees including my thoughts on the TV shows which received nominations.

Peter Jackson to Shoot THE HOBBIT Films in 3D with 30 New RED EPIC Cameras

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Though I’m remiss to say it for fear of jinxing the project, it looks like Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit films really are moving ever closer to production. With the issues over filming in New Zealand settled and a great deal of casting recently confirmed, filming is gearing up to begin at last. And now, Jim Jannard, the owner and founder of RED DIGITAL CINEMA, has announced that Jackson will be using the company’s soon to be released EPIC digital cameras to shoot the two film adaptation in 3D.  Engadget reports that the new camera has 5k resolution, is able to shoot up to 128 frames per second, and has a new HDRx mode “for the highest dynamic range of any camera ever made.” All this is to say that RED has produced a camera that is considerably smaller, lighter, and more powerful than any on the market today.  Jackson had this to say about using the cameras:

I find the picture quality [of RED cameras] appealing and attractive, and with the Epic, Jim and his team have gone even further. It is a fantastic tool, the Epic not only has cutting edge technology, incredible resolution and visual quality, but it is also a very practical tool for film makers. Many competing digital systems require the cameras to be tethered to large cumbersome VTR machines. The Epic gives us back the ability to be totally cable free, even when working in stereo.

Jackson will reportedly be using at least thirty of the new EPIC cameras on the production. For more on the technology, and what we know about The Hobbit so far, hit the jump.

Weekend Box Office – MEGAMIND Leads Strong Weekend with $47.7 Million; DUE DATE Second with $33.5 Million

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Hollywood finally got some box office results worth celebrating as all three of this weekend’s major new releases performed at or above industry projections. The combined grosses of Megamind, Due Date and For Colored Girls made this the most lucrative early November frame since 2003 and promises studios glad tidings for the 2010 holiday season to come.

Title Weekend Total
1 Megamind $47,700,000 $47.7
2 Due Date $33,500,000 $33.5
3 For Colored Girls $20,100,000 $20.1
4 Red $8,850,000 $71.9
5 Saw 3D $8,200,000 $38.8
6 Paranormal Activity 2 $7,290,000 $77.2
7 Jackass 3D $5,000,000 $110.8
8 Hereafter $4,020,000 $28.7
9 Secretariat $4,000,000 $50.9
10 The Social Network $3,600,000 $85

Weekend Box Office – PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 On Top with $41.5 Million

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It’s another weekend for the box office record books. Sort of. One week after Jackass 3D claimed the month’s highest opening weekend with $50.3 million, Paranormal Activity 2 has scored the highest opening ever for a supernatural horror flick. In terms of general horror titles, PA2 now ranks third.  First or third, with an estimate of over $41 million, the sequel is opening scary-huge.

Title Weekend Total
1 Paranormal Activity 2 $41,500,000 $41.5
2 Jackass 3D $21,600,000 $87.1
3 Red $15,000,000 $43.4
4 Hereafter $12,000,000 $12.3
5 The Social Network $7,200,000 $72.8
6 Secretariat $7,000,000 $37
7 Life As We Know It $6,300,000 $37.4
8 Legend of the Guardians $3,100,000 $50
9 The Town $2,700,000 $84.6
10 Easy A $1,700,000 $54.7

Running Dialogue #17: JACKASS 3D, RED, and CATFISH

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In the latest installment of our ongoing podcast series, Running Dialogue, we talk about two new films and one that’s been out for a few weeks but is worth some discussion.  When it comes to Jackass 3D, we had a fun conversation since I was new to the series and Russ and Curt had seen the movies and the show.  We all tried to muster some enthusiasm for Red, but each had our own problems with the film.  Finally, although Russ hadn’t seen it, he was cool with Curt and me discussing Catfish.  We save that discussion for the end since we go into heavy spoilers and you should try going into that film knowing as little as possible (but do go into it since Curt and I agree that it’s a great movie).

Click here to listen to the new episode.  Also, you can hit the jump for a list of all the movies we’ve recommended so far. Finally, click here to add Running Dialogue to your RSS feed.

Weekend Box Office – JACKASS 3D Sets Records with $50 Million Debut; RED Strong with $22.5 Million

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On Friday we told you that Jackass 3D had secured fall’s single-day debut record with over $21 million and that the sequel seemed destined to become one of the season’s all-time weekend champs with a projection of over $40 million. Turns out that the Jackass boys were destined for bigger things. With an estimated $50 million from 3,081 locations, the third installment in the franchise now holds both the October and the all-time fall weekend record – eclipsing Scary Movie 3’s $48.1 million set in 2003.

Title Weekend Total
1 Jackass 3D $50,000,000 $50
2 Red $22,500,000 $22.5
3 The Social Network $11,000,000 $63.1
4 Secretariat $9,500,000 $27.5
5 Life as We Know It $9,200,000 $28.8
6 Legend of the Guardians $4,325,000 $46
7 The Town $4,040,000 $80.5
8 My Soul to Take $3,160,000 $11.9
9 Easy A $2,650,000 $52.3
10 Wall Street 2 $$2,350,000 $47.8

Friday Box Office – JACKASS 3D Has Giant $21.7 Million Debut; RED in Second with $7.1 Million

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Jackass 3D movie image Johnny Knoxville slice

Who knew? Ten years after a group of bleary-eyed dreamers with nothing but a shopping cart, a staple gun and a complete lack of social boundaries found their way to MTV on the series Jackass, it looks like the market for watching men perform their own vasectomies has only grown. And I mean seriously grown. The third installment in the Jackass cinematic dynasty, Jackass 3D, has debuted with a staggering $21.7 million from 3,081 locations. Not only does that give Jackass 3D the biggest debut of the entire franchise it also makes it, by far, the biggest debut of the fall – outstripping the 3D Resident Evil: Afterlife by more than $10 million. In fact, you would have to look all the way back to Inception last July to find a film that matches Jackass 3D’s opening day. At this point it looks like Jackass 3D could realize as much as $40 million through Sunday. I repeat: who knew?  Summit’s DC comic adaptation Red came in second with $7.1 million from 3,255 locations. That is just over the debut of Wall Street 2 which means that, finally, fall 2010 may have a weekend that doesn’t fall short by 2009 standards.  We’ll update you tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Jackass 3D $21,700,000 $21.7
2 Red $7,100,000 $7.1
3 The Social Network $3,300,000 $55.4
4 Life as We Know It $3,000,000 $22.6
5 Secretariat $2,800,000 $20.8
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