New Trailer for RIDDICK Starring Vin Diesel

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Universal Pictures has released yet another trailer for director David Twohy’s upcoming sci-fi sequel Riddick.  The film finds Vin Diesel’s titular character being hunted by mercenaries, and once again, they’re hopelessly outmatched by the anti-hero who can see in the dark.  But the mercs and their bounty are forced to team up when lethal alien monsters attack.  Everything we’ve seen from the film thus far hints at a movie closer to Pitch Black than The Chronicles of Riddick, and this trailer is no different—though it covers much of the same ground as the restricted trailer that was released during Comic-Con.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and if you missed it, click here to check out the motion comic prequel to Riddick.  The film also stars Katee SackhoffDavid BautistaJordi MollàMatt NableBokeem WoodbineRaoul TrujilloNolan Gerard Funk, and Karl UrbanRiddick opens September 6th.

Motion Comic Prequel for RIDDICK Starring Vin Diesel

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When we last saw Riddick (Vin Diesel) at the end of The Chronicles of Riddick, he had stumbled into being the ruler of the necromongers.  As we’ve seen from the trailers for the sequel, Riddick, he’s now fighting against mercenaries on a desolate planet populate by monsters.  So what happened in between?  A new motion comic prequel doesn’t fill in the gap completely, but it does pick up a little after Riddick was crowned the necromonger leader.  It also reminds us that Vakko (Karl Urban) is in Riddick even though he’s been notably absent from the film’s marketing.

Hit the jump to check out the motion comic prequel (slightly NSFW for violence and language).  Riddick opens September 6th.


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There were so many panels in Hall H last week that we had to break them up into smaller articles to bring them all to you.  In this batch, you can check out the panels for The World’s End, Kick-Ass 2, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Riddick.  The footage we were shown from Kick-Ass 2 and Riddick was immediately released by Universal following the panel, so you can check that out, and basically recreate the panel experience without the waiting-in-line-for-six-hours part.  If I had been waiting in line that long solely for those two panels, I would be so pissed.  For everyone else, enjoy!  As a side note, the most entertaining of these panels is The World’s End especially when Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost encounter “Button Lady”.

Hit the jump to check out the panels for The World’s End, Kick-Ass 2, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Riddick, and click on the corresponding links for our recaps, which includes our thoughts on the footage we were shown.  Click here to see all of the TV panels, and click here to see the panels for X-Men: Days of Future Past, RoboCop, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Godzilla.

Comic-Con: RIDDICK Panel Recap Plus New Restricted Trailer; Vin Diesel Says He Has Some Big News at the End of the Month Related to Marvel

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I like Riddick. He’s a gritty character but it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to sell gritty because he’s simply an unapologetic murderer with the superpower to see in the dark. A badass doesn’t have to tell you he’s a badass. It was a charming character in a cult film, and it didn’t translate to something epic in the studio-financed PG-13 sequel. But that flop only made me feel more protective of the character and hopeful that he would return in a better and more fitting story. Riddick looks like a response and a realization: a response to the flaws of The Chronicles of Riddick and a realization to play to the strengths of Pitch Black. While we didn’t see a lot of new stuff during the Comic-Con’s panel, writer/director David Twohy, and stars Vin Diesel and Katee Sackhoff provided a clear vision for the third installment and laying out why their characters are appealing. Unrelated to Riddick, Diesel got a Marvel question during the audience Q&A and gave a reluctant but interesting response.

Hit the jump to read the panel and check out a new restricted trailer. Riddick opens September 6th.

TOP 5: THE LONE RANGER, 15 Movies You May Have Missed in 2013 So Far, Christian Bale Not Involved with JUSTICE LEAGUE, THE WAY, WAY BACK, Our Most Anticipated Movies: July to September

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With a production budget in the neighborhood of $150 million and a worldwide pull of just under $50 million entering its second weekend, it’s probably fair to say that White House Down will ultimately be seen by the powers that be as a bust. Blame its proximity to the similarly themed Olympus Has Fallen (which, on the whole, received similar critical reaction but comparatively more box office success) if you will, but having watched and enjoyed the heck out of the film last night I believe at least some of the blame lies at the feet of Sony’s marketing. Whereas Fallen was packaged, and ultimately delivered, as a dead serious action/thriller, I don’t think White House Down marketing did enough to prep its potential audience members for the over-the-top, often times ridiculous, self-aware genre piece they would encounter. The best examples I can give to support this theory are the multiple scenes that left me laughing out loud while the majority of my fellow moviegoers sat quietly, unsure whether the movie was actually asking them to laugh with it or was just that silly and contrived. It’s possible that I’m going Roland Emmerich and co. too much credit, but I went with the former every single time and ended up having a great time with the film as a result.

All White House drama aside, this week’s Top 5 includes a slew of interviews from The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and more, a list of 15 movies from the first half of 2013 that you may have missed but definitely deserve a look, Christian Bale insisting that he is not involved with the Justice League movie in any way, The Way, Way Back interviews with Steve Carell and more, and a look at our most anticipated movies from July to September.

Comic-Con 2013 Schedule for Friday, July 19th Includes THE WORLD’S END, THE WALKING DEAD, ROBOCOP, GAME OF THRONES, & SPIDER-MAN 2

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Yesterday we got a look at the rather tame Comic-Con 2013 schedule for Wednesday’s Preview Night and Thursday, and today SDCC has unveiled the full panel lineup for Friday, July 19th.  Last year was the first year that Comic-Con moved TV panels into Hall H for days other than Sunday, and after getting a look at Friday’s lineup, the Con is starting to look more and more like a TV convention.  While there are first-looks at The World’s End, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Kick-Ass 2, and Riddick to look forward to, the entire convention is packed with TV panels on Friday, including Hall H panels for The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and the Veronica Mars movie.

I’m baffled by the fact that the panel for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Joss Whedon is being held in Ballroom 20 and not Hall H, and at the same time as the Walking Dead panel no less.  Hit the jump to take a look at the highlights from Friday’s schedule.  Comic-Con 2013 runs from July 18th – July 21st.

First TV Spot for RIDDICK with Vin Diesel and a New Featurette for R.I.P.D. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges

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Today’s slow news flow brings us a new TV spot for David Twohy’s Riddick and a behind-the-scenes featurette for Robert Schwentke’s R.I.P.D.  This thirty-second spot for the third film in the anti-hero trilogy features a frantic look at stars Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista and Katee Sackhoff, along with a host of particularly nasty-looking alien creatures.  On the more informative end of things, this featurette for R.I.P.D. has stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges walking audiences through everything they need to know about the upcoming action-comedy.  Co-star Marisa Miller also stops by for a quick word and we get new looks at Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker and James Hong.

Riddick opens September 6th and R.I.P.D. opens July 19th.  Hit the jump to watch the new TV spot and featurette.

Collider’s Most Anticipated Movies: July to September

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We’re smack dab in the middle of the summer movie season, and while we’ve already seen our fair share of hits and misses, it’s time to take a look at what the second half of of the summer has in store.  There are plenty of high-profile releases heading our way over the next three months, with big tentpoles like Pacific Rim and The Wolverine, more comedic genre fare like Kick-Ass 2 and The World’s End, and even character-driven indies like The Spectacular Now and Prince Avalanche.

In the latest installment of our Most Anticipated series, Matt, Adam, and Dave run down what films they’re most looking forward to from July to September.  Hit the jump to read on.

New Posters for PACIFIC RIM and RIDDICK

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New posters have been released for Pacific Rim and Riddick.  The Pacific Rim posters are following the same pattern as the rest of the marketing by emphasizing the scale of the robots and monsters, but this is the first time a monster has gotten a poster.  We’re getting very close to the film’s release date, but I’m curious if Warner Bros. will be releasing more posters focusing on the beasts.  In the meantime, you can create your own jaeger poster by clicking over here (hat tip to my friend Dan for leading me to it).  It’s a fun time waster.  As for Riddick, the poster is pretty bland, and it leads me to wonder if the movie will draw in anyone other than those who liked Pitch Black and weren’t completely turned off by The Chronicles of Riddick.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  Pacific Rim opens in 3D on July 12th.  Riddick opens September 6th.


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In anticipation of checking out Monsters University later today, my wife and I and two of our nephews rewatched Monsters, Inc. last night. It had been probably 10 years or so since I last watched Inc. and all I can say is shame on me for forgetting how good it is. Within the first 15 minutes of the film, during which I had already laughed no fewer than five times, I was reminded why Pixar (if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Brendan’s Pixar by the Numbers editorial) is held to such a high standard: because they set that standard for themselves first and, in doing so, conditioned us to expect nothing less than spectacular. Do I prefer it when the studio introduces new characters, stories, and worlds over sequels and spin-offs? Sure. Still yet, they could never release another movie I care about (which won’t happen) and would still have done enough for the medium to deserve my eternal appreciation and respect.

Now that I’m finished vouching for a studio that requires zero support from me in order to stay relevant, I can get to the reason we’re all here. In this week’s Top 5 you can find a possible casting breakdown for Star Wars: Episode VII, our Pacific Rim set visit, the excellent first trailer for Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s The Wolf of Wall Street, our Riddick set visit recap, and what may very well be the final appearance that Man of Steel ever makes in this weekly feature (no promises, though). Read on for a brief recap and link to each of the above.


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We’ve got a few new posters to share today.  Briefly:

  • Riddick – A new IMAX poster for the Vin Diesel-fronted sequel, which opens on September 6th.
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – The gang’s all here in the new poster for the fantasy/adventure follow-up, which opens on August 7th.
  • Runner Runner – Another pretty generic poster for the otherwise promising thriller starring Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, and Gemma Arterton.  The film opens on September 27th.
  • Fruitvale Station – A new poster for the Sundance tearjerker puts the focus on star Michael B. Jordan.  The film opens on July 12th.
  • Prince Avalanche – Ahead of Monday’s new trailer debut, we’ve got a new poster for the low-key dramedy starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch.  The film opens on August 9th.

Hit the jump to take a look at the posters.

40 Things to Know About RIDDICK from Our Set Visit

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As a big fan of both Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, I always hoped Vin Diesel would somehow find a way to get another sequel made.  But as the years passed and no sequel was announced, I figured the Riddick franchise was done with the exception of video games.

Thank you Fast and Furious fans.

With the popularity of the Fast and Furious franchise, Diesel was able to get Universal onboard with another sequel and unlike the last one that had to go PG-13 due to budget, Riddick is hitting theaters rated R!  In addition to the landing the rating the franchise needs, since Diesel and writer-director David Twohy made the film for a lean budget, they have creative control and what you’ll see in theaters this September should be exactly what they set out to make.  As a fan of the franchise and character, I’m so happy this all came together.  When the movie was shooting in Montreal last year, I got to visit the set with a few other reporters and put together a list of forty things to know about the film.  Hit the jump for more.

15 New High-Resolution Images from RIDDICK Featuring Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Bautista, Jordi Molla, and More

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As you can probably see from the abundance of Riddick coverage today, Universal has lifted my set visit embargo and I can finally talk about what I saw and learned on the Montreal set last year.  In addition to being able to share my thoughts, Universal has provided us with fifteen new high resolution images featuring Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff, Dave Bautista, Jordi Molla, Bokeem Woodbine, and many more from the cast.  Hit the jump to check out the images as well as links to all my set visit coverage.

Vin Diesel Talks Finally Getting the Sequel Made, Going “Bare Bones” for Creative Freedom, and More on the Set of RIDDICK

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When Riddick was filming in Montreal back in March 2012, I participated in a fantastic group interview with Vin Diesel.  The interview took place in the middle of the night after he’d been filming all day.  But when he sat down to talk us, he couldn’t have been more excited to give us updates on the film and his plans for future installments.  He also talked about how happy he was to be making an R-rated sequel, the challenge of getting Universal Studios onboard, taking the franchise back to a smaller, self contained story, how he enjoys playing an antihero, the action scenes, collaborating with director David Twohy, and so much more.  If you’re a fan of Vin Diesel, I promise you’ll love the interview.

Katee Sackhoff Talks How BSG Prepared Her for the Role, Her Peculiar Casting Process, and More on the Set of RIDDICK

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During a group interview on the set of Riddick last year in Montreal, Katee Sackhoff explained the differences between her character Dahl, and Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica:

“There’s a lot of big differences between Starbuck and Dahl.  Starbuck is extremely juvenile and she was very immature and she kind of grew up in that show.  Dahl is very mature, very much a woman.  She’s kind of been taking care of herself for a while and she’s extremely confident.  Starbuck was confident to mask her insecurities, there’s not an insecure bone in Dahl.  She’s by far the toughest, most deadly character I’ve ever played.”

During the rest of the interview, Sackhoff talked about filming the action scenes, being the only woman in the cast, interacting with creatures that’ll be added in later using CG, how she got cast, and so much more.  Hit the jump for what she had to say.

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