Teaser for IRON MAN 3 Super Bowl TV Spot

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Disney will be showing off a 60-second TV spot for Iron Man 3 at some point on Sunday during Super Bowl XLVII.  Like they did for The Lone Ranger and Oz the Great and Powerful, the studio has released a trailer for their trailer.  Judging by this brief teaser, it looks like the Super Bowl spot will be just as grim as the first trailer.

Hit the jump to check out the teaser.  The film opens in 3D on May 3rd, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Ben KingsleyRebecca HallGuy PearceJon Favreau, and James Badge Dale.  In other Iron Man 3 news, check out new images of toys for the film.

Teaser for THE LONE RANGER Super Bowl Spot plus New Poster

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Super Bowl XLVII is nearly upon us, and even though my beloved Falcons aren’t playing (10 yards shy of victory!), it will still be worth watching for both the football (Go Niners!) and for the ads (Go consumer culture!).  Studios will be showing ads for their biggest movies, and yesterday Disney showed off a teaser for their Oz the Great and Powerful ad.  Today, Disney has released a brief teaser for the Super Bowl spot for The Lone Ranger.  What’s weird about the teaser is that to watch the whole thing, you have to tune into the pre-show, and that’s never going to happen.  Adtime during gametime is running between $3.7 million and $3.8 million, so I can’t help but wonder if Disney is trying to save money by running their Lone Ranger ad before the game.  That seems like a wasted half-measure because the pre-game show lasts about 39 hours.  It would be better to air the ad during Puppy Bowl.

Hit the jump to check out the Super Bowl teaser along with a new poster.  The film stars Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale, Ruth Wilson, and Helena Bonham CarterThe Lone Ranger opens July 3rd.

Teaser for the OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Super Bowl Spot

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The original Daily Show wasn’t very good, but it had a joke I’ll never forget: “The Super Bowl is two hours of commercials occasionally interrupted by football.”  Even people who don’t care about football tune in to see the commercials, and the cost of airtime grows every year.  Plenty of studios will be paying to get TV spots in front of the year’s biggest audience.  We know that Fast & Furious 6 will be premiering its first trailer during the Super Bowl, and now Disney has released a sneak peek at what they have in store for Oz the Great and Powerful.  Hopefully, it’s better than what Disney did last year with John Carter where they just stuffed the movie inside the film’s title.  That’s how you throw away $2 million on a TV spot.

Hit the jump to check out the teaser, and come back Thursday when we’ll be posting Steve’s visit to the set along with interviews with director Sam Raimi and the cast.  The film stars James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, and Rachel WeiszOz the Great and Powerful opens in 3D on March 8th.

STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS App Promises Content Starting During the Super Bowl

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star trek into darkness zachary quinto

At CES 2013, Paramount and Qualcomm announced a Star Trek Into the Darkness app they claim is “unprecedented”.  That may or may not be true, but regardless it looks to be the offer some nice Star Trek content.  Starting in the second quarter of the Super Bowl, users will be able to unlock videos, images and wallpapers.  Bonus: If you download the app at StarTrekMovie.com/CES, you are automatically entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a VIP trip to the U.S. premiere.

Hit the jump for the press release with all the details.  Star Trek Into the Darkness opens May 17, 2013.

CBS to Air ELEMENTARY After the Super Bowl

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elementary lucy liu johnny lee miller

CBS announced today that their modern day Sherlock Holmes series Elementary will be airing in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot next February.  The spot directly after the most-watched television event of the year can serve as a great launching pad for new series, giving them a boost in viewership—NBC famously aired a Super Bowl episode of Friends in the timeslot, launching the already popular show into superstardom.  Last year NBC aired The Voice after the big game, and recent years have seen shows like House, Glee, The Office and Undercover Boss enjoy the ratings bump.  Hit the jump for more.


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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I can’t help but think that Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum’s The Vow is Hollywood’s way of saying, “We know you suck at planning romantic Valentine’s dates, so why not pay us to take care of that for you?”. And you know what? They’re right. I’ve already reserved a couple of tix for the pic and, just like that, I’m basically a romance deity (Note: “Romance deity” may be a slight exaggeration”).

All romantic escapades aside, this week’s “Top 5″ brings you all of our John Carter set visit coverage, a plethora of Star Wars items, a new trailer for director Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man, the first trailer and poster from Jeremy Renner‘s The Bourne Legacy, and all of Super Bowl XLVI’s movie ads in one place. You can find a brief recap and link to each after the jump.

Check Out 2012 Super Bowl Ads Directed by Peter Berg, Todd Phillips, David Gordon Green, and More

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The ratings are in, and Super Bowl XLVI just barely edged out last year’s game to rank as the most watched program in television history. Nearly 111.3 million people tuned in to watch the Giants vs. Patriots match-up and, subsequently, a whole lotta advertising. Last night we brought you a compilation of all the movie-related spots that ran during the game (including an extended version of The Avengers ad, which is fantastic), and today we’d like to bring your attention to the actual commercials. While most of us are looking for the cleverest or most laugh-inducing spot when judging these super-sized budgeted ads, quite a few notable filmmakers were actually behind many of last night’s spots.

After the jump you’ll find a compilation of ads directed by Peter Berg, Todd Phillips, David Gordon Green, Craig Gillespie, Bobby Farrelly, Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., Lance Acord, Joe Pytka, Jake Scott, Fredrik Bond, Chris Smith, Miguel Arteta, Wayne McClammy, and Noam Murro.


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Now that we’ve seen the Giants get the W and Madonna DJ the halftime show, it’s time to revisit the most important aspect of the Super Bowl: advertising. We saw a handful of movie trailers during the most watched television event of the year, with spots for everything from The Avengers to The Lorax to Battleship. I think it’s safe to say that The Avengers spot was far and away the best of the bunch; it was certainly the most anticipated. While many were wondering just how much of Joss Whedon’s all-star superhero pic we’d see, I think Marvel nailed the ad. It teased just enough to appease fans familiar with the comics, and highlighted the right aspects to appeal to the general moviegoing public (Iron Man and Captain America are gonna be in a movie together? Neato!). If you thought that trailer was cool, Marvel has released a full one-minute extended version of the spot with 100% more Hulk that we’ve included after the jump.

I was pleasantly surprised by Disney’s John Carter spot, but I’m still not convinced that the general audience has a handle on what the film’s about. Battleship still looks ridiculous, but selling it as the next Transformers is a wise business decision. After the jump we’ve compiled all the movie trailers that ran during the big gamel, including extended versions of the John Carter and The Avengers spots. Hit the jump to check ‘em out.

Watch a Teaser for the BATTLESHIP Super Bowl TV Spot

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Continuing with this year’s tradition of releasing every commercial online before it airs during Sunday’s Super Bowl, a teaser for the Battleship TV spot has gone online. The spot is a bit different from the previous trailers we’ve seen in that it’s incredibly sci-fi-y. Realizing that they’ve made a movie out of a board game, Universal really seems to be playing up the Transformers comparisons. Essentially, aliens decide to attack Earth at sea. The whole “Battleship” aspect comes into play as a giant forcefield appears around a group of naval ships and the alien attackers, locking everyone into a confined area in which to fire away. I’m really hoping that the tone of Peter Berg’s flick is cheeky and fun, but I’m not entirely sure that’s what we’re getting.

Hit the jump to check out the teaser. You can read our Battleship editing room visit here. The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Liam NeesonBattleship opens May 18, 2012.

Watch the Super Bowl Spot for G.I. JOE: RETALIATION; Plus New Action Figures Give Us a Look at Cobra Commander

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Continuing on with the barrage of Super Bowl spots landing online today is the 30-second preview for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. I’ll admit I had absolutely zero interest in seeing this movie; that is until the first trailer was unleashed. Though I know relatively little about the Joe universe, Retaliation looks incredibly cool. This Super Bowl spot gives us a great deal of new footage, including a look at Cobra Commander, as well as some eloquent Jay-Z citation by Dwayne Johnson. I’m fairly certain the overriding theme of Retaliation is simply “badass.” In addition, we’ve got a few images of the movie tie-in action figures set to be released in anticipation of the sequel.

Hit the jump to check out the Super Bowl spot and action figure images. The film also stars Channing Tatum, Adrianne Palicki, D.J. Cotrona, and Bruce Willis. G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens June 29th.

Super Bowl TV Spot for THE DICTATOR Starring Sacha Baron Cohen

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The advertising for the ads during the Super Bowl are almost getting more marketing than the actual game itself. We’ve already seen previews from a bevy of the commercials set to debut during the big game, and today you can add The Dictator to that pile. The Super Bowl spot for the film doesn’t contain any new footage besides the intro (with a nice nod to NBC), but this will most likely be the first time many people hear about the new pic from Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen reunites with Borat director Larry Charles for The Dictator, and the film looks to be sufficiently ridiculous. He’s assembled an impressive cast here and I’m excited to see what else Cohen has in store besides gun-infused track races and sex with Megan Fox.

Hit the jump to check out the Super Bowl spot. The film also stars Ben Kingsley, John C. Reilly, and Anna Faris . The Dictator opens May 11th.

Tack on a Mos Eisley Cantina in Volkswagen’s New STAR WARS Super Bowl Ad

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Last year, Volkswagen released on the most popular Super Bowl ads by dressing up a kid in a Darth Vader outfit and have him try to use force powers on various items.  So what’s they’re Super Bowl ad strategy in 2012?  Star Wars plus dogs.  It’s quite ingenious since everyone loves dogs (unless you’re one of those wretched “cat people”) and we’ve already shown you one of the company’s Star Wars/dog ads.  Now the other one has gone online and it doesn’t seem like they were even trying.  They basically had a 30-second spot featuring a dog, someone came along and said, “Add Star Wars“, and this was the result.

Hit the jump to check out the TV spot.  We’ll be posting all of the ads from this year’s Super Bowl, which airs this Sunday at 6:30pm EST.

Check out the Extended Version of the Ferris Bueller-Inspired Super Bowl Ad starring Matthew Broderick

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A few days ago, we showed a sneak peek at the Honda CR-V Super Bowl Ad featuring Matthew Broderick playing off his Ferris Bueller role.  Directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover), the ad is pretty cute and funny, although it has a notable lack of Alan Ruck.  The ad would be perfect if the CR-V belonged to Alan Ruck’s dad, they took it, and then Ruck destroyed it in a fit of cathartic rage at the end.

Hit the jump to check out the ad.  A shorter version will play during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Marvel Announces Twitter Q&A with THE AVENGERS Director and Cast; Super Bowl TV Spot Confirmed

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The way of the future indeed. As more evidence that Twitter is becoming the glue that holds all forms of media together, Marvel has announced that director Joss Whedon and cast members from The Avengers will be participating in a live Twitter Q&A. The “Global Twitter Chat” will take place on Tuesday, January 31st at 11am PST and will include Whedon and stars Tom Hiddleston and Clark Gregg. As if the chance to ask Joss Whedon questions wasn’t enticement enough, fans will also have the opportunity to answer Avengers trivia for a chance to win Avengers prize packs. It’s an Avengers extravaganza! Hit the jump for more, including confirmation of at 30-second TV spot for the film during the Super Bowl.

Matthew Broderick Reprises His Role as Ferris Bueller in Super Bowl Commercial; Watch a Teaser for the Spot Now

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Some of life’s greatest nuggets of wisdom come from the Philosophy of John Hughes.  One of the writer-director’s best works (and one of my all-time favorite movies) is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s one of the most re-watchable movies in history, and Matthew Broderick gives a spot-on performance as the coolest teenager to grace the screen. Who didn’t want to be Ferris Bueller growing up?

For a commercial during the upcoming Super Bowl, Broderick is apparently reprising his role as Bueller. I have no idea what the product is, but I’m beyond excited to see the full spot. A 10-second teaser has been released and I guarantee that it’ll put a giant smile on your face. Hit the jump to check it out, and watch the full commercial during Super Bowl XLVI on February 5th. [Update: Jalopink reports that the ad is actually for Honda and the company hired Todd Phillips (The Hangover) to put the ambitious piece together. The spot will mimic much of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, except it will (obviously) feature some Hondas.]

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