THE SMURFS Writers Return for THE SMURFS 2

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Never underestimate the power of kids. While all eyes were on Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens, Sony’s The Smurfs ended up being the film that brought audiences in in droves this July, raking in $35 million in its first weekend. Suffice it to say, kids the country over were begging their parents to take them to the movie with the little blue guys, and a large number of parents acquiesced. We reported last week that Sony had already slated The Smurfs 2 for August 2, 2013, and now THR reports that the first film’s writers have just turned in a draft for a sequel.

Writing teams David Stem and David Weiss and Jay Scherick and David Ronn began working on the sequel’s story back in the spring (a bit confident, eh Sony?), and Stem and Weiss then went off to write the actual script, which director Raja Gosnell and producer Jordan Kerner told Steve about in their interview back in June. So it sure sounds like things are off and running for the follow-up.

Sony Sets THE SMURFS 2 for August 2, 2013

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After managing to almost beat out Cowboys & Aliens at the box office a couple weeks ago, The Smurfs now qualifies as a “surprise hit” even though it was marketed to death and aimed squarely at young children who are worth the price of two tickets since at least one parent usually has to tag along.  Sony has now given the go ahead to The Smurfs 2 and will release the film on August 2, 2013.  Back in June, Steve caught up with The Smurfs director Raja Gosnell and producer Jordan Kerner during which the pair talked about how they had already began penning The Smurfs 2.  You can click here to check out his video interview with them and rest assured knowing that two years from now we’ll be getting more tired jokes about how the word “smurf” can be used as a substitute for swear words. [Box Office Mojo]

Friday Box Office – RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Dominates with $19.7 Million Debut

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Looks like the marketing got it right: this weekend the apes will rise.  Fox’s modern entry in the classic Planet of the Apes franchise – Rise of the Planet of the Apes – opened on Friday with $19.75 million from 3,648 locations.  That puts the prequel /remake /reboot on track for a three day estimate of between $45 and $50 million.  Not only is that significantly above early projections for the film, but it is also well over what last weekend’s higher-budgeted Cowboys and Aliens pulled in for its (just barely) number one debut over The Smurfs.  After missing out on that top spot, the family film went on to beat the smurf out of Cowboys and Aliens all week long; including Friday where The Smurfs placed second.  Though statistically tied for third place, the weekend’s second new release is a big disappointment no matter how you slice it.  The R-rated comedy The Change-Up opened with an estimated $4.7 million from 2,913 locations and is not expected to make even the modest mid-teens that Universal projected.  Details and analysis tomorrow.

  Title Friday Total
1 Rise of the Planet of the Apes $19,750,000 $19.75
2 The Smurfs $5,950,000 $61.1
3 Cowboys and Aliens $4,749,000 $56.3
4 The Change-Up $4,748,000 $4.78
5 Captain America $3,800,000 $134

Weekend Box Office – It’s a Draw. COWBOYS AND ALIENS Tie THE SMURFS with $36.2 Million Each

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At the moment the estimates for the weekend’s two top films are dead even: a box office rarity.  Both Cowboys and Aliens and The Smurfs are claiming estimates of $36.2 million – a figure that is slightly embarrassing for one film and a near miracle for the other.

Title Weekend Total
1 Cowboys and Aliens $36,200,000 $36.2
2 The Smurfs $36,200,000 $36.2
3 Captain America $24,900,000 $116.7
4 Harry Potter 7b $21,900,000 $318.4
5 Crazy Stupid Love $19,300,000 $19.3
6 Friends With Benefits $9,300,000 $38.2
7 Horrible Bosses $7,100,000 $96.2
8 Transformers 3 $5,970,000 $337.8
9 Zookeeper $4,200,000 $68.7
10 Cars 2 $2,300,000 $182

Alan Cumming Interview THE SMURFS

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Alan Cumming THE SMURFS interview slice

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) for The Smurfs. The film follows the adventures of six Smurfs who are accidentally transported to modern-day New York City. In the film, Cumming voices Gutsy Smurf. I had a lot of fun with this movie and I know kids are going to absolutely love it.

During my exclusive interview, we discussed Cummings’ excitement at finally playing a Scottish character, wearing kilts, the voice-acting process and much more.  Hit the jump for the interview.

Friday Box Office – What the Smurf? THE SMURFS Edge Out COWBOYS AND ALIENS On Opening Day

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Smurfs-movie-image slice

This week the box office gave us Cowboys and Aliens: a huge action movie directed by Jon Favreau, written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman and produced by Steven Spielberg. It also gave us The Smurfs: a movie about tiny, animated blue creatures from the eighties which was supposed to play as family-friendly counter-programming to the would-be summer blockbuster. So what’s with that chart?  Opening in 3,750 locations, Cowboys and Aliens was projected to take the weekend with $45-$50 million to The Smurfs $20 million from 3,395 dates.  With Friday’s estimates, however, it now looks like Cowboys will be a first-place disappointment with $40 million while The Smurfs will overperform in second place with at least $30 million.  Meanwhile, the third new release of the week, Crazy Stupid Love, opened in 3,020 locations, taking in an estimated $6.6 million for a weekend projection of $20 million.  Full details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 The Smurfs $13,300,000 $13.3
2 Cowboys and Aliens $12,990,000 $12.9
3 Captain America $8,000,000 $99.8
4 Harry Potter 7b $6,625,000 $303.1
5 Crazy Stupid Love $6,600,000 $6.6


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Sofia Vergara SMURFS, MODERN FAMILY interview slice

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) in anticipation of her family film, The Smurfs. The film follows the adventures of six Smurfs who are accidentally transported to modern-day New York City. In The Smurfs, Vergara plays Odile, an executive at a cosmetics company who is the boss of Neil Patrick Harris’ character. I had a lot of fun with the movie and kids will absolutely love it.

During my exclusive interview, we discussed bossing around Harris, Sofia’s earliest memories of the Smurfs, and her upcoming work in Happy Feet Two, New Year’s Eve and, of course, The Three Stooges. I also got a brief update on the next season of Modern Family.  Watch the interview after the jump.

10 Interviews You May Have Missed: Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson TINTIN, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Marc Webb THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, More

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As you may have noticed, we’ve been a bit flooded with content for the past week thanks in no small part to Comic-Con 2011. We’ve been posting our full-scale coverage from the convention (I’m still trying to catch up on sleep), which has included a large number of interviews. We know some of you might have missed a few of these interviews, so we’ve compiled a sort of “catch up” list of 10 that we thought you might enjoy.

Not all of the interviews are Comic-Con related, but we’ve got conversations with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, Damon Lindelof, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Marc Webb, Steve Carell, Patrick Stewart, Don Cheadle, Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays, Nicolas Winding Refn, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, Don Cheadle and Kate Beckinsale. Hit the jump for some quick recaps and links to the full interviews.

Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays Talk THE SMURFS and A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS

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Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays THE SMURFS, A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS interview slice

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Jayma Mays (Glee) for their upcoming film The Smurfs. The film follows the adventures of six Smurfs who are accidentally transported to modern-day New York City. In The Smurfs, Harris and Mays play a married couple with a baby on the way who find and watch over the lost Smurfs. I actually had a lot of fun with this film and I know kids will definitely love it.

During my exclusive interview, we discussed their early memories of the Smurfs, building chemistry after working together during guest stints on each other’s TV show and feeling crazy acting opposite imaginary Smurfs. Harris also teases his role in the upcoming A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. The Smurfs hits theaters this Friday, July 29.  Hit the jump to watch.

New Trailer for THE SMURFS

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Is there only one joke in The Smurfs?  We get it: the Smurfs use the word “Smurf” as a substitute for other words and that can be applied to swearing.  And while I love Neil Patrick Harris, this looks like an absolutely terrible movie.  But I’m not going to fly into a rage over it.  I’ll just calmly acknowledge this movie wasn’t made for me but for gullible children and their nostalgic parents.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The film also stars Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara, Anton Yelchin, Jonathan Winters, and Hank Azaria.  The Smurfs opens in 3D on July 29th.

Theatrical Trailer for THE SMURFS

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The trailer for Columbia’s 3D family flick The Smurfs has landed online and has no problem using “smurf” as an interchangeable verb. Directed by Raja Gosnell (Beverly Hills Chihuahua), The Smurfs stars Neil Patrick Harris, Glee‘s Jayma Mays, Hank Azaria, and voice acting from George Lopez, Jonathan Winters, Alan Cumming, Paul Reubens, Kenan Thompson, and Katy Perry among others. Considering there is a great chance I’m nowhere near the target demographic Columbia is aiming for, I’ll simply say that the trailer makes the film look like it could be a good time for kids a la 2007′s Alvin and the Chimpmunks.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer for yourself. The Smurfs hits theaters this summer on August 3.


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New posters have been released for Duncan Jones’ Source Code, Jake Kasdan’s Bad Teacher, Justin Lin’s Fast Five, Raja Gosnell’s The Smurfs and Rob Marshall’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  Some are international posters and some are domestic.  Hit the jump to check them out:

100 Pictures from Toy Fair 2011

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100 Pictures from Toy Fair 2011 slice

Earlier today I finally attended my first Toy Fair in New York City.  As a former toy collector, I’ve always wanted to check out the biggest toy show of the year.  While I thought the aisles would be decorated with action figures and super heroes, the reality is, most of the toys on display are aimed at little kids.  However, even though I was a bit let down by Toy Fair, I did manage to snap 100 pictures.  Included are all the movie related toys that were on display (minus Hasbro as they were off site).  So if you’d like to see toys for Green Lantern, Happy Feet 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Gremlins, the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future, The Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, Batman, Justice League, and tons of other random things, hit the jump!

New High Res Image from THE SMURFS

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Sony has sent over a new high resolution image from The Smurfs movie and you can get a close up look at Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Smurfette, and a few others. The Smurfs is, of course, the feature film based upon the pint-sized blue creatures from the comic and television series of the same name. Directed by Raja Gosnell (Scooby-Doo), the film stars Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays (Glee), and Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), and includes the voice talent of Katy Perry, Fred Armisen, Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman), BJ Novak (The Office), and Alan Cumming (X2).    Hit the jump to get a look at the new image in high resolution.  The Smurfs invades your local cinema in 3D on August 3rd, 2011.

Alan Cumming Exclusive Interview THE TEMPEST; Plus an Update on THE SMURFS Movie

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Having worked with director Julie Taymor previously on Titus, Alan Cumming signed on to be a part of her vision of Shakespeare’s The Tempest because he was excited to share scenes with acclaimed actor Chris Cooper, as well as the rest of the film’s amazing cast, which includes Helen Mirren, Djimon Hounsou and Russell Brand. In the film, the Scottish actor portrays Sebastian, part of the royal court that finds themselves shipwrecked on a magical island and who, along with Prospera’s (Helen Mirren) brother Antonio (Chris Cooper), plots to kill the grief-stricken King Alonso (David Strathairn) and overthrow him.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, done during the film’s recent press day, Alan Cumming talked about not really seeing his character as a bad guy, being a giggly schoolboy around Chris Cooper, working in the crazy heat of the lavic wasteland in Hawaii and better navigating Julie Taymor’s filmmaking style, this time around. He also gave an update about how his voice work on The Smurfs movie was going, in which he is playing Gutsy Smurf. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

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