Confirmed: THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN is Filming in Louisiana and Vancouver

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A few weeks ago we broke the news that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn would be filming in Louisiana and Vancouver as producer Wyck Godfrey told us during an exclusive interview.  Well, it seems that Summit Entertainment has deemed the news press release worthy, as they just sent out a wide blast telling everyone the same news.

If you missed the interview with producer Wyck Godfrey, it’s a really great interview as he talked a lot about Breaking Dawn and what fans can expect.  Check it out here.  Otherwise, you can read the press release after the jump.

Exclusive: Producer Wyck Godfrey on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWN, Other Projects, Ultimate Twilight DVD Box Set

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Producer Wyck Godfrey slice

With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finally in theaters, it’s time to post my final interview and it’s with producer Wyck Godfrey.  As the producer of all the Twilight movies, Godfrey is in the unique position to be able to talk about the franchise in a way the actors and even the directors can’t. After all, while an actor might be able to talk about filming a certain scene or what it was like for them working with the director, Godfrey is the person who can explain why they chose to film a certain way or why they wanted a certain actor or director to be a part of the franchise.  To put it simply: producers are the ones with all the answers.

Anyway, during the interview Godfrey talks about making Eclipse and what fans can expect on the DVD/Blu-ray.  We also talked a lot about Breaking Dawn including how they’ll be filming it in Louisiana and Vancouver, how long does he expect the movies to be, how did they get Bill Condon to direct them, and a lot more on the next two films.  We also talked about the eventual ultimate DVD/Blu-ray box set for Twilight, his other projects with Channing Tatum and Amy Adams, and way more than I can put in this intro.  It’s a great interview so take a look:

7 Movie Clips and 33 High Resolution Images from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE

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With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse junket this weekend here in Los Angeles, Summit Entertainment has released seven clips from the movie and 33 high resolution images from the David Slade directed film.  The other big news I’m happy to report is Summit is going to let reporters film the print portion of the junket, which means instead of having to read what Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson says about Eclipse, you’ll be able to watch the video.  I’m doing interviews this Saturday, so you can expect tons of Twilight news later that day.

Hit the jump for the clips, images, and more details on the junket.

BREAKING DAWN, the Conclusion to the TWILIGHT Saga, Likely to Film This Fall Without NEW MOON Director Chris Weitz

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Twilight Breaking Dawn slice.jpg

Vampirical heartthrob Robert Pattinson confided in Steve before the November release of New Moon that the tentative plans were to film Breaking Dawn, the final chapter of Stephenie Meyer’s popular Twilight saga, in the fall of 2010.  Sure enough, the LA Times reported further confirmation from Wyck Godfrey, a producer on the Twilight films.  Though it is still unsure if the 756 page novel will be made into one film or two, Summit is looking to film in Vancouver this fall.  Godfrey also mentions that, although all involved would love to have him back, New Moon director Chris Weitz likely won’t return to helm Breaking Dawn.  In terms of looking for a new director, Godfrey said, “It’s such a complicated book because you have the emotions and the intensity of the love story — so you need somebody who’s just a wonderful director of actors — and yet it’s really complicated from an action and visual effects standpoint.”

Find out why the length of the book or the absence of Weitz is the least of Summit’s worries after the jump.

Summit to Create Star Vehicle for Taylor Lautner

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Summit Entertainment, in conjunction with Temple Hill and Taylor Lautner’s father Dan, is producing a star vehicle for the 17-year-old The Twilight Saga: New Moon werewolf.  The film, which Variety describes as “a teen-aged Taken meets Die Hard,” tells the story of an elite soldier-to-be who drops training after he becomes injured and goes off to college instead.  On a spring break trip to Cancun with some friends, however, he’ll have to bust out the combat training when his travel mates are held hostage by a drug cartel kingpin.

The project is the first to be produced under Taylor Made Entertainment, a company Dan Lautner formed to develop film and TV vehicles for his son.  Temple Hill producer Wyck Godfrey says he hopes to start production by June, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Max Steel (a project Lautner’s signed onto at Paramount) permitting.

THE NUTCRACKER, Now With Explosions

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Darren Lemke, writer of the upcoming Shrek Forever After and Jack the Giant Killer, has a new action-adventure fairytale adaptation in the works: The Nutracker. Yes, based on the ballet. According to Heat Vision, New Line has picked up the project, which is being produced by Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill Entertainment (New Moon, the upcoming adaptation of the popular video game Gears of War).

For those not up on their ballet, The Nutcracker follows a 12-year-old girl who receives a nutcracker doll as a gift from her godfather on Christmas Eve. But as the night wears on, the doll comes to life and becomes involved in a war against a Mouse King with seven heads. This won’t be the first time the story’s been turned into a film, but perhaps the first time on this large a scale. It’s unknown as of now exactly what form the adaptation will take–live action or animated.

Exclusive: Producer Wyck Godfrey on DEAD SPACE, GEARS OF WAR, and Will Ferrell’s EVERYTHING MUST GO

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During last weekend’s junket for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, I got to speak with Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey for an extended amount of time.  Since we covered not only the Twilight franchise, but some of the other major projects he’s developing, I decided to break the interview up into two parts.   I felt this news was worth a separate article since we talked about D.J. Caruso’s adaptation of the video game Dead Space; developing Len Wiseman’s adaptation of the video game Gears of War; and writer-director Dan Rush’s Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell.

The big news is Everything Must Go starts filming March 1st and he calls the project Leaving Las Vegas with the humor of Bad Santa!  Also, for fans of Gears of War, he says Wiseman is working on a script and “we’ve done a ton of visual references and he’s sort of put together a whole presentation, so we should know pretty quickly if this version is going to move forward or not.”  What he said about all three projects after the jump:

Exclusive: Director Chris Weitz Says Expect 10 Minutes of Deleted Scenes on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON DVD

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director Chris Weitz Twilight New Moon.jpg

When you attend a press junket, you never know where and when you’re going to land a scoop.  Sometimes you get a great story during a roundtable interview, and other times you’re sharing an elevator ride with the director of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and you ask him about the DVD.  Which is what happened to me today.

On my way to do an interview with producer Wyck Godfrey, I happened to run into director Chris Weitz.  Since I didn’t have a chance to ask a question during the press conference, I used my shared elevator ride to find out what extras would be on the DVD and how many minutes of deleted scenes “Twilight” fans could expect.  While he confirmed the usual stuff like a commentary with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, the big news is he told me there would be around ten minutes of deleted scenes.  More after the jump:

Halle Berry Wades Into DARK TIDE

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Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry is negotiating to star in a new thriller from “Twilight” producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey.  Titled “Dark Tide”, the film would star Berry as a dive instructor who returns to the sea after a near-fatal incident with a great white shark.  To discuss who is giving Halle Berry career advice these days, hit the jump.

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