THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG Fan Event Set for November 4th, Featuring Peter Jackson, Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly, Andy Serkis and More

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The second installment in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy may not hit theaters until December 13th, but fans around the world will be able to see the cast, crew and new footage from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug during a fan event on November 4th.  In addition to the debut of some first-look footage, the event will include a Q&A with Jackson and stars Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, and, of course, Andy Serkis.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper will host the event kicking off Monday, November 4, at 5:00 pm EST in New York, with live satellite feeds from Los Angeles, London and Wellington, along with an online stream accessible to fans around the world.  Check out all the details after the jump.

Comic-Con: DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Panel Recap; Matt Reeves and Andy Serkis Talk Caesar’s Story, Moving Towards PLANET OF THE APES, and More

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The Planet of the Apes franchise was successfully rebooted a couple of years ago with director Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  The undisputed standout of the film was Andy Serkis’ brilliant portrayal of the ape Caesar, gorgeously brought to life by the people at Weta.  Fox’s sequel to that film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, is one of the big summer tentpoles of 2014, and the film debuted some footage at Comic-Con in Hall H earlier today.  During the panel, director Matt Reeves (Let Me In) and cast members Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, and Serkis talked about focusing the story on Caesar, moving forward with a series in which the final outcome is already known, and much, much more.

Hit the jump to read my full recap of the Comic-Con panel for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Caesar Rides a Horse in First Official Image from the Set of DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES

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Production is currently underway in Canada on the sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and director Matt Reeves (Let Me In) has now shared the first official image from the set.  While we’ve previously seen Andy Serkis in his performance-capture gear for his work as lead ape Caesar, this image reveals that in the sequel (which takes place 15 years after the events of Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Caesar and his brethren have mastered the art of horseback riding.  It’s a nice nod to the original series of films, and I really can’t wait to see what the very talented Reeves brings to the new franchise.

Hit the jump to take a look at the image.  The film also stars Jason ClarkeKeri Russell, Gary Oldman, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Kirk Acevedo, Toby Kebbell, Enrique Murciano, and Judy GreerDawn of the Planet of the Apes opens on May 23, 2014.

First Set Photos from DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Featuring Andy Serkis, Keri Russell, and Jason Clarke

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dawn of the planet of the apes set photo andy serkis

Production has begun on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and now we have the set photos to prove it.  Dawn is set 15 years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which means a new cast of humans led by Keri Russell, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, and Kodi Smit-McPhee.  The one constant is Andy Serkis, reprising his lead role as Caesar the ape.  Judy Greer is the major addition to the motion-capture crew, playing a potential love interest for Caesar.

The story jumps back and forth between Caesar’s new kingdom and a small human colony in San Francisco.  Caesar fights to maintain dominance over his subjects; the colony fights to survive.  Directed by Matt Reeves (Let Me In), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opens May 23, 2014.  Check out the set photos featuring Serkis, Russell, Clarke, and a band of motion-capture apes after the jump.

Judy Greer Set as Female Ape Lead in DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES

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Director Matt Reeves (Let Me In) has added yet another cast member to his sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but this time it’s on the side of the apes.  Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) and Keri Russell are already set as the human leads in the follow-up, which takes place 15 years after the events of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but now Judy Greer (The Descendants) has been tapped to play the female ape lead opposite Andy Serkis’ Caesar.  Greer’s character, Cornelia, was briefly introduced in the first film as a potential love interest for Caesar, but it’s been expanded for the follow-up where Greer will handle the performance capture duties.  Hit the jump for more.


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Before I dive headfirst into what could be considered overselling to the “nth degree”, I have a disclaimer: I’m a total sucker for nostalgia-inducing, high school-centric, coming of age films. With that out of the way, I cannot recommend enough that you watch author/writer/director Stephen Chboksy‘s adaptation of his own novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, as soon as possible. The pic hit Blu-ray/DVD this past week and over the course of 24 hours I rented it, watched it, loved it, returned it (yes, somehow late fees are still a thing…), and purchased it for my own collection. I could go on and on about the emotional note the movie hit for me at every turn but I’ll spare you the fanboy torment. Suffice to say that I’ll be looking back fondly on this one for quite a while.

My “Blu-ray/DVD pick of the week” aside, this week’s installment features a week of Die Hard that includes Matt revisiting the entire franchise and A Good Day to Die Hard interviews with Bruce Willis and more, coverage from Steve’s visit to the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, a slew of video interviews from this year’s VES Awards including talks with Ang Lee and Wally Pfister just to name a few, Beautiful Creatures interviews with Emmy Rossum and more, and a healthy amount of images from the floor of Toy Fair 2013. Yep, you guessed it, a brief recap and link to each of the above can be found on the other side.

Andy Serkis and WETA Digital’s Joe Letteri Talk THE HOBBIT, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, Whether Performance Capture Will Ever Be Recognized by the Academy, and More

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At the VES Awards last week, I was able to get a few minutes with Andy Serkis and Weta Digital’s Sr. Visual Effects Supervisor Joe Letteri.  During our red carpet interview we talked about the audience reaction to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the sequences that were the most challenging to get right, how far along they are on the sequels, and more.  In addition, Serkis talked about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and they both talked about the perception of performance capture and why it seems to be overlooked by the Academy.   Hit the jump to watch.

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Visual and Sound Effects Featurettes Go Behind the Scenes

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Say what you will about the merits of high frame rate, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has provided some amazing visual and sound effects achievements. Now, two new featurettes have been released that take you behind the scenes of Peter Jackson’s epic adventure film and show you how much effort went in to those creations. Whether it’s the practical costumes and make-up of the Hobbit, Dwarf, Elf or Wizard characters, or the purely digital creations of Trolls, Orcs and Gobilns, the visual effects continue to exist on the leading edge of technology. And while Adam Chitwood, Matt Goldberg and I disagreed on the effectiveness of some of the visuals in The Hobbit, each of us was on board with the score, musical cues and sound effects in the film. Hit the jump to check out two featurettes that delve into these arts (presuming you’ve seen the film already). 


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I offered a similar sentiment following the tragedy at Aurora, CO back in July and I’ll do the same today: the event that unfolded yesterday in Newtown, CT is inexcusable and genuinely heartbreaking, even from a distance. The optimist in me wants to believe that any negative situation can be used to educate and improve the world we live in going forward. In this case, I’m hopeful but unsure that’s possible. On behalf of everyone here at Collider, I want to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of those who were lost yesterday.

As petty as it may seem, I feel fortunate to be able to offer a bit of diversion to your day with this week’s Top 5. Included in a trailer-heavy rotation this week is a new cut from Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, The Hobbit interviews with Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis and more, the first trailer for Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim, Andre’s coverage from his Gangster Squad set visit, and the first look at Will Smith and Jaden Smith gallivanting across the human unfriendly Mother Earth found in M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth. A brief recap and link to each will greet you after the jump.


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Technology will march forward.  That march usually involves something getting trampled along the way.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is underfoot of  horrible 48fps 3D, also known as HFR 3D (High Frame Rate 3D).  Billed as a technology to sharpen 3D and reduce the headaches it can cause, HFR 3D has crippled Peter Jackson‘s return to Middle-earth.  Without the atrocious visuals, Jackson’s film is still slightly repetitive and bloated, but the magic mostly remains intact.  But under HFR 3D, the journey looks like a cheap soap opera on fast forward with crappy digital effects.

New Clip from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Featuring Gollum

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Peter Jackson has released a new clip from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on his Facebook page.  The clip is from the best scene in the film, which is the game of riddles between Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and Gollum (Andy Serkis).  It’s a scene that makes you wish Gollum were in all three movies, and in a movie filled with gigantic set pieces and a huge cast, it’s the most intimate, funny, and sad part of the movie.  I even forgot how bad the HFR 3D was when I was watching this scene, and this clip shows off the scene’s beginning as Gollum meets Bilbo and Bilbo learns about Gollum’s schizophrenia.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  The film also stars Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Hugo Weaving, and Cate BlanchettThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens December 14th.


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With Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opening this weekend, I recently got to interview some of the cast and filmmakers in New York City and everyday this week I’ll be posting an exclusive interview.  Up first is Andy Serkis.  If you’re not aware, not only did Serkis reprise the role of Gollum in The Hobbit, he was also the 2nd unit director on the entire Hobbit trilogy!

During the interview Serkis talked about his reaction to seeing The Hobbit for the first time, how he collaborated with Jackson as a director, how technology has changed the way he brought Gollum to life since Lord of the Rings, and more.  In addition, with Matt Reeves directing the sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) next year, we talked about how excited he is to play Caesar again and whether he has been talking to Reeves about the role.  Hit the jump to watch.

Watch: 13-Minute Preview for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Loaded with New Footage and Interviews

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Our return to Middle Earth is now just over a week away, but if you can’t wait that long a 13-minute preview/featurette for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has landed online to quench your thirst for all things Tolkein.  The preview boasts a great deal of new footage and interviews with the cast (including Elijah Wood) and director Peter Jackson.

Hit the jump to watch the featurette, and click here to read Dave’s review of the film.  The pic stars Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett and Andy SerkisThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in 3D December 14th.

New TV Spot for THE HOBBIT; Plus Images of Entertainment Weekly’s Collector’s Issues Promising a Look at THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG

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As the release date for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey draws ever nearer, more and more content is being released to remind you of that fact. In addition to a new TV spot that shows off a bit of how Dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) got his name, Entertainment Weekly has also released four collector’s covers featuring the film’s major stars. The new issue, which will be available starting December 7th, also promises a look ahead at the next installment in the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Starring Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett andAndy SerkisThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in 3D December 14th. Hit the jump to check out the new TV spot and magazine covers. 

20 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Footage from the Making of THE HOBBIT

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With Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey set to open worldwide later this month, Warner Bros. has just opened the floodgates of Hobbit footage by releasing six clips and now they’ve provided us with twenty minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the film.  If you’re curious what it was like on set, the footage is loaded with some awesome stuff including Peter Jackson directing Andy Serkis as Gollum with Martin Freeman, all the dwarves with Bilbo in Bag End, Elijah Wood and Ian Holm in Bag End, Jackson directing Ian McKellen as Gandalf as well as Jackson directing Christopher Lee!  Trust me, if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you’re going to love this footage.

Obviously, if you’re trying to stay spoiler free, I advise you skipping this footage until you’ve seen The Hobbit.  Hit the jump to watch and here’s Dave’s review (he thought it was great).

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