Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Training Compound in THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Exclusive Blu-ray Bonus Features Clip

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Available today on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download is director Francis Lawrence’s sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  While some were wary about a new director taking over the insanely popular franchise from Gary Ross, Lawrence turned in a pleasantly surprising and thrilling feature that stood head and shoulders above most of the big studio tentpoles released last year.  In anticipation of the film’s home video release, we here at Collider are happy to debut an exclusive clip from the bounty of bonus features included on the Blu-ray.  This particular clip focuses on how the Catching Fire team turned a parking garage into the impressive training compound in the film.  The sequel stars Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland, Liam HemsworthJosh HutchersonJena MaloneSam Claflin, Elizabeth BanksWoody Harrelson, Philip Seymour HoffmanStanley TucciJeffrey Wright, and Amanda Plummer.

Hit the jump to watch the bonus features clip. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is available on home video now.


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This week’s new Blu-ray releases includes the most recent winner of the Best Picture Oscar, the highest grossing film of 2013, an American remake of a South Korean revenge classic, a few older titles, and more.  Briefly:

Blu-ray Deal: THE WIZARD OF OZ: 75th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition for $54.99 (48% Off)

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Today, Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day is the giant box set, The Wizard of Oz: 75th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition, which is the definitive edition of the Hollywood classic.  It contains the 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultraviolet copy as well as a 52-page hardcover photo book, ruby slippers sparkle globe, collectible award pin set, a journal, and a map of Oz.  There’s also a 4GB “Wicked Witch of the East” flash drive for people who like their flash drives to look like severed legs.  If you’ve been waiting to add The Wizard of Oz to your collection, this is the edition to have, and this is the day to do add it since it will be $54.99 for today only.  Click here to buy it.

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New to Blu-ray: GRAVITY, HARRY POTTER Hogwarts Collection, THOR: THE DARK WORLD, and More

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This week’s bounty of new Blu-ray releases includes a couple of prestigious Oscar nominees, a new box set version of the Harry Potter series, Marvel’s latest superhero pic, and some truly great Criterion Collection additions.  Briefly:

ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES Blu-ray Will Have 3 Versions of the Film and 90 Minutes of Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scenes

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If you’re a fan of the Anchorman series, you might want to take a few days off starting April 1st.  That’s because Paramount has just announced the Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Blu-ray and it’s loaded with awesome extras.  While I knew we’d get some cool stuff based on what director Adam McKay included with the first Anchorman Blu-ray, the sequel lifts the bar to another level.  Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • Three versions of the film—the original Theatrical Version, the Unrated Version and the Super-Sized R-Rated Version with 763 new jokes (the super-sized edition plays in theaters for one-week starting February 28th. More details here)
  • More than 90 minutes of deleted, extended and alternate scenes
  • Commentary by Adam McKay, Judd Apatow, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner
  • Line-O-Rama, Parts 1 & 2—Non-stop alternate lines from the film
  • Welcome to the Dolphin Show—Ron Burgundy takes on the crowd
  • Kench-O-Rama—Mashup of Kench Allenby’s most Australian moments
  • Cast Table Read
  • Anchorman 2: The Musical—A look at the musical sequel that almost was
  • Auditions—Featuring Meagan Good, Dylan Baker and Amy Poehler

And this isn’t everything, as the Blu-ray includes 4 hours of bonus content.  While Paramount has screwed the fans over a number of different ways with their recent home video releases (look at what they did for Star Trek: Into Darkness), I’m happy they’re including all these extras in the same place.  Hit the jump for the full list on the press release and click here to get it for $19.99 (which is 50% off on Amazon).


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Paul Greengrass has thread the needle with Captain Phillips.  The director has achieved box office successes with his Bourne movies (Supremacy and Ultimatum), but with this film he is able to incorporate his “you are there” faux-documentary approach to a real life story in a way that was appealing to the masses.  Perhaps it helps that Tom Hanks is his star, as there is no greater everyman working in cinema today.  My review of Captain Phillips on Blu-ray follows after the jump. 

Blu-ray Deal: Warner Bros. 50 Film Collection for $178.99 (70% off); Includes CASABLANCA, THE SHINING, GOODFELLAS, and More

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Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day is a doozy if you want to beef up your Blu-ray collection with classics.  For today only, Amazon is selling Best of Warner Bros 50 Film Collection on Blu-ray for 70% off.  The set is loaded with classic films from 1932 to 2010 including Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in the Rain, Bullitt, Dirty Harry, Superman, Unforgiven, Goodfellas, The Shining, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  At $179, you’re basically getting each movie for less than four dollars.  For the number of must-own films in this collection, that’s a pretty great deal.  The set also includes two documentaries about Warner Bros.

Click here to buy the set, and hit the jump for a full list of the titles.  [Note: Collider earns a small referral fee when our readers purchase something on Amazon through one of our links. The money generated helps pay our staff and keep the site running. Thank you for reading and supporting Collider.]

New to Blu-ray: GAME OF THRONES Season 3, FANTASTIC MR. FOX Criterion, AFTERNOON DELIGHT, and More

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This week’s new Blu-ray releases are higher on quality than quantity.  Briefly:

ABOUT TIME Blu-ray Review

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Time travel is a tricky concept to pull off in any medium, especially film.  If the movie is “about” time travel, it can easily get bogged down in trying to explain the mechanics and paradoxes involved in said time traveling.  The best time travel films (like Back to the Future and Looper) aren’t really about time travel at all, but instead put the focus on the characters and story so that any specifics regarding how it all works become secondary.  This is true of writer/director Richard Curtis’ third directorial effort About Time, which is a surprising turn from the director behind Love Actually and Pirate Radio that manages to balance humor, heart, and time travel in equal measures, resulting in an effectively emotional gut punch.  Read my review of About Time on Blu-ray after the jump.

New to Blu-ray: THE JUNGLE BOOK, SHERLOCK Season 3, ENDER’S GAME, and More

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This week’s new Blu-ray releases include a Diamond Edition of Walt Disney’s last film, the latest season of one of the most engrossing shows currently on television, a Best Picture winner, a current Oscar nominee, and more.  Briefly:


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It’s a shame that some still feel like animated films are primarily made for children.  The advent of Pixar and films like Shrek and The Fantastic Mr. Fox have more than proved otherwise, and in 2009 directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller delivered a wonderfully goofy animated take on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs that appeals to adults and kids alike.  That film reveled in its offbeat sense of humor, and while Lord and Miller stepped back into executive producer roles for the sequel, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is a worthy follow-up that delivers a hefty dose of adorable buoyed by colorfully inspired designs and a heartfelt theme of friendship.  Read my review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Blu-ray after the jump.


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If you simply can’t wait to see DC’s most famous superheroes team up to do battle on the big screen, then you’ll want to check out Justice League: War, the latest effort from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment.  The animated feature adaptation of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s 2011 “Justice League: Origin” storyline finds the famous heroes battling crime separately before they officially team up.  When a powerful new threat invades the Earth, the heroes must put aside their differences in order to work together and save the world.  It’s a worthy addition to the series of animated features, and a great place-holder between live-action movies.

Featuring the voices of Alan Tudyk, Jason O’Mara, Michelle Monaghan, Christopher Gorham, Justin Kirk, Shemar Moore, and Sean Astin, Justice League: War is now available on Blu-ray.  Hit the jump for my review.

JOBS Blu-ray Review

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Biopics are tricky beasts.  At their best, they can provide deeper insight into their protagonists–even when certain details are combined, eliminated or otherwise fictionalized.  On the other end of the spectrum lie a plethora of problems, such as blasé regurgitation of known facts, focusing on either too much or too little of someone’s life, and/or reducing the subject’s life to a highlight reel show with no real substance.  One would hope that a movie such as Jobs, about one of the great creative visionaries of our time, would be inspired by the same creative spark.  Alas, that hope is sadly not realized.

Hit the jump for my review of Jobs on Blu-ray.


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This week’s new Blu-ray releases include a serious Oscar contender, an emotional father-son story, an 80s throwback, and more.  Briefly:

MARY POPPINS 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

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Practically perfect?  Not quite.  Mary Poppins stands as one of the shining jewels in Walt Disney’s crown, and considering the recent release of Saving Mr. Banks, you’d expect the company to throw everything and the kitchen sink at its new 50th anniversary Blu-ray edition of the film. Instead, you can see the signs of cutting corners. It’s not a bad rendition of the movie, but if you own any previous copies, the added benefits are rather thin.  Hit the jump for my full review.

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