THE WALKING DEAD Unveils New Artwork Featuring Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs; Season 4 Is Set to Return to AMC Sunday, February 9th

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Now that 2014 is upon us, we can look forward to the return of AMC’s crowd-pleasing drama, The Walking Dead.  To celebrate that fact, the network has released a new poster featuring stars Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs.  Although the poster’s tagline says, “Don’t Look Back”, you can bet that viewers will be recounting the chaotic events of the mid-season finale before the second half of season four kicks off.  If you missed any of the episodes (or the New Years marathon), you can check out our recaps here.  AMC will be hosting another series marathon starting February 2nd, which leads up to the premiere of a new episode on Sunday, February 9th at 9pm.

Hit the jump to check out the new artwork.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Too Far Gone”

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It’s been a tale of two camps so far on this season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but tonight’s mid-season finale put a definitive end to one of them.  Fans of the series may have felt that the last few episodes have been a bit of a retread of previously explored plot territory.  While that may have been the case, the events of tonight’s episode will force the survivors out of their comfort zones and into some tough decisions in the second half of the season.  We also lost some characters along the way, one who was beloved by fans, and one of whom viewers simply loved to hate.  Hit the jump for my recap and review of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Too Far Gone”. 

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Dead Weight”

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On tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we spent the second straight week in the company of a new group of survivors, people who remain ignorant of the wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s lurking among the herd.  Luckily, this sidetrack only last two episodes as it looks like we’re in for a rematch of last season’s major aggressors on next week’s mid-season finale.  But before we get to the carnage to come, let’s take a look at the road that led to it.  Hit the jump for my recap and review of tonight’s episode, “Dead Weight”.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Live Bait”

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Last week on AMC’s The Walking Dead, we glimpsed a familiar foe waiting on the outskirts of the prison, but no one knew exactly what to expect from him.  Would he plot an outright attack on Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang?  Would he wait until the illness did its damage before making his move?  That’s yet to be seen.  What we saw instead was what The Governor (David Morrissey) did to occupy his time after the explosive events at the end of season three.  Hit the jump for my recap and review of tonight’s episode, and for the many uses of oxygen tanks.

THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff May Be a Prequel Series

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With ratings that continually rival even the network juggernauts like The Big Bang Theory, it was only a matter of time before AMC announced a spinoff of its zombie series The Walking Dead.  That’s just what happened a few months ago, when the network unveiled plans to develop a “companion series” that will follow an entirely new group of characters in the same zombie-infested universe that continues to plague Sad Rick, Maybe-Psychopath Carl, and the rest of the Georgia-based gang.  Comics creator and TWD producer Robert Kirkman is executive producing the companion series alongside fellow Walking Dead producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert, but beyond a 2015 premiere date details have been scarce.

Now a new report claims to have inside info on the possible premise of the new Walking Dead series, which may actually take place before the events of the current show.  Read on after the jump.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Internment”

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When watching AMC’s The Walking Dead, you know you’ll occasionally have to say goodbye to someone in what is often a gruesome or heartbreaking manner; much less often, a standout character actually returns to the show.  Tonight’s episode, “Internment”, featured both such events, along with a lot of character and heart amidst the chaos.  This mysterious disease is proving to be the group’s toughest challenge yet, but if the closing moments of this episode are any indication, things are about to take a turn for the worse.  Hit the jump for my recap and review, and to welcome back an old friend.

THE WALKING DEAD Producers Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple Comment on the Absence of David Morrissey’s The Governor

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david morrissey walking dead

While viewers watched Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group battle against The Governor (David Morrissey) all last season on The Walking Dead, audiences are now wondering where the antagonist has disappeared to this year.  The producers are well aware of that fact and have commented on the villainous character’s current whereabouts, how the fallout from season three has changed him, and if and when we can expect to see him again.  Hit the jump to find out more from Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple’s own words.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Indifference”

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Tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead took our survivors outside the relative safety of the prison gates, but not everybody would be returning.  We’ve bid farewell to characters for various reasons – Walker bites, friendly fire, and recently, illness – but tonight’s episode, “Indifference” featured a new method of departure never before seen on the show.  It remains to be seen how the events of this episode will impact the rest of the story arc in season four (or perhaps even the planned companion series), but things will certainly get interesting from here on out.  Hit the jump for my review, and to find out if hipsters have survived the apocalypse.

Greg Nicotero Talks Special Effects Documentary NIGHTMARE FACTORY, His Career, THE WALKING DEAD, the Companion Series, SIN CITY 2, and More

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Directed by Donna Davies, the EPIX original documentary Nightmare Factory, premiering quite fittingly on October 30th, is about the acclaimed Oscar-winning Hollywood special effects house KNB, which is responsible for creating The Walking Dead zombies and the make-up effects for close to 1,000 feature films.  More specifically, the story follows how Greg Nicotero’s boyhood fascination with monsters drove him to have a hand in creating (along with Howard Berger and Robert Kurtzman) one of the most prolific make-up effects studios in the world.  The film features George A. Romero, John Carpenter, John Landis, Tom Savini, Frank Darabont, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and Laurie Holden, and Elijah Wood, along with some incredibly cool behind-the-scenes footage.

During this recent exclusive interview with Collider, Greg Nicotero talked about how his career happened completely by chance, letting his parents know that he was leaving med-school to get into the movie business, what it’s been like to see how popular zombies have become, thanks in large part to the success of The Walking Dead, the challenges of working on a TV show for an extended period of time and always having to come up with new things, what makes this season of The Walking Dead its best, doing Mickey Rourke’s Marv make-up again for Sin City 2, and spending his upcoming hiatus working on vampires for Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk ‘Til Dawn TV show.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

THE WALKING DEAD Renewed for Season Five

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In a surprise to absolutely no one, AMC has renewed the ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead for a fifth season.  This year’s season four premiere drew an insane 16.1 million viewers, making the show not just a force of nature on cable TV but also a serious threat to network TV; we’re talking Big Bang Theory numbers, people.  The show has continually risen in the ratings since its debut in 2010, and it appears that no amount of showrunner changes or character deaths will deter viewers from watching.  Creatively, the current fourth season has been a mostly positive mixed bag as the series’ focus has turned to various tensions within the ever-dwindling group of survivors (catch up with Dave’s recaps here).

Hit the jump for more on the renewal, including some behind-the-scenes news for next year.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Isolation”

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While last week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead dealt with the initial shock of a new and deadly illness spreading amongst the survivors, tonight’s episode dealt with the ramifications of the disease.  Like the title suggests, certain groups of people are being isolated into different areas: the young and most vulnerable are under strict quarantine, while those showing signs of illness have been separated from the rest.  Some of tonight’s best performances were turned in by actors playing characters who were isolated in an emotional sense, a strong theme that continues to form the backbone of this season.  Hit the jump for my recap, and to find out what happens if we don’t get a tomorrow.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Infected”

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Last week, the fourth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead debuted to a record number of viewers.  Some 16.1 million people caught up with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors occupying the prison, and were introduced to this season’s “Big Bad”.  Rather than a mustache-twirling villain like last year’s Governor (David Morrissey), this year’s challenge is an even bigger threat despite its microscopic size.  If the title of the episode didn’t already give it away, the survivors are now facing a disease of unknown origin.  Hit the jump to see why I’ve got you under my skin.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Premiere Destroys Previous Ratings Record with Hefty 16.1 Million Viewers

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Showrunner changes be damned, audiences love themselves some The Walking Dead.  Last night’s season four premiere of the AMC series drew a whopping 16.1 million viewers, which smashes the show’s previous record of 12.4 million viewers for the season three finale.  That’s an astonishing number not just for cable TV but for all of television in general, as it’s just shy of last week’s numbers for The Big Bang Theory (17.64 million viewers), which is consistently one of the biggest performers on the tube.

The episode itself seemed to be met with a somewhat mixed response overall (read Dave’s recap here), but there was still plenty of promising material to be found in Scott Gimple’s debut as the series’ new showrunner.  AMC must be thrilled, as the network just recently announced a new Walking Dead companion series to debut in 2015 in an effort to soften the blow of losing Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Premiere Recap and Review – “30 Days Without an Accident”

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Tell-tale signs that autumn is here: football takes over your entire weekend, pumpkins are everywhere, and The Walking Dead returns to Sunday nights on AMC.  Last season’s ending paid off with the promised showdown between Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group of survivors taking shelter in the prison and the followers of the overzealous Governor (David Morrissey), but for many, the season three finale’s open ending did not bring the definitive closure that fans many fans were looking for.  Will season four attempt to right those perceived wrongs while still staying true to the story they’ve created so far?  Well, the premiere, “30 Days Without an Accident” certainly stays honest with respect to the events of last season and isn’t afraid to move forward by exploring a new deadly threat.  Hit the jump for my recap and review.

Over 50 High-Res Pictures from THE WALKING DEAD Hero Complex Gallery Show

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Tonight, Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles opened its doors to their new show celebrating AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Featuring tons of great work by over seventy artists, the show is not to be missed if you live in the L.A. area.  However, since I know most of you won’t be able to attend the show, right before the doors opened, I snapped high-res pictures of everything on display.  In addition, Hero Complex Gallery will be releasing everything online tomorrow, so if you see something you like, make sure to pick it up quick before it sells out.  Hit the jump to check out some great art.

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